Guns of Infinity



For the evidence towards Elson, if you look at the code…

There’s an elson_rom stat. Elson could very well be a gay option, but… he/she could also be a crossdressing Dragoon. Or Cataphrak is trying to mess with us by embedding red herrings in the code itself.

Those hints could just be coincidences, though.

Why’d he need the vinegar? Maybe one of his men saw something he shouldn’t?

His closeness to Welles? Childhood friends, as she says.

His random disappearances? He seems to work for RTI. Perhaps he’s reporting on the Disgraced Dragoon’s actions?


@Haresus Not exactly, in the code there is a Elson_Rom value, and while Cata has said that Elson’s role in the story is over, he also said that we would not meet a certain Captain Lebfreve…And if Elson was pretending to be someone they are not, then their role as “Elson” would be over.

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Here are my main points on Elson being a crossdressing Dragoon.

  1. He wanted to be a Knight of The Red. The official reason why he couldn’t is because his family is too poor. Fair enough. But what if it is also because she is a woman? Think about it… a woman who already has dreams of becoming an officer - why not dream of becoming a Knight of The Red as well?
  2. He’s horrible at riding horses. From what I can tell, many nobles are given some basic horsemanship, marksmanship, and swordsmanship training. Especially Cunarians. And Elson wanted to be a Knight of The Red. Why did he not receive any of this training? The answer: Elson was a woman, and was not provided any.
  3. His family connections. They probably have the resources and ties to skirt around whatever background check and medical examinations are required to join the army. The cross-dressing dragoon has to be someone with excellent connections… only Garret and Elson appear to fulfill this criteria.
  4. If you have a high relationship with Elson, some of his interactions appear a little… intimate? This could point towards him being a gay option, but it could also point towards her secretly being a woman who is developing a crush on the MC. Of course, he could also just be sensitive and into really forward gestures of friendship, which diminishes this particular point.
  5. The other point I mentioned above in the spoiler tag.


This is Cata we’re talking about, the guy with a sadism level high enough to potentially be an effective officer himself, therefore it certainly wouldn’t be entirely out of character for him to do things like embedding false leads in the code. :sweat_smile:


Sure, but at least there ARE hints. Like actual in-text/story hints. Not some throwaway code.


Given that Cataphrak knows we read the code, sadism might have nothing to do with it.

I’m not speculating one way or another on Elson as a crossdressing dragoon, at least in saying this much.


Every CoG author probably knows the code is easy to read and back in the time of Google Chrome apps it used to be easier still, that’s how I got my start.


You didn’t.

You met Lieutenant Colonel Lefebvre.


Those hints are pretty easily debunked, though. And if Cataphrak is tricky enough to insert some false code for the few people who actually read the code, why wouldn’t he be tricky enough to reveal the existence of the cross-dressing Dragoon to the few people (in comparison to how many have actually purchased the game) on this forum and then insert some red herrings to fool them?

If you hadn’t heard that there was a crossdressing Dragoon, would you have even suspected Garret to begin with?


You fell for my trap card :smile: That’s exactly what I meant by the above, if Elson was pretending to be someone else then that role’s (By Which I mean the Male Elson, if it were true) part in the story would be over so to speak…That’s of course if it were true.

If I was pretending to be Tom, but was really Able, and Tom “died”, then you could say that Tom’s role in the story was over, especially if Able was to appear later.

Must admit Cata, even if it (The Theory) isn’t true, you have an knack for English answers


What was the exact wording in that quote where he said Elson’s story was over?


*if intelligence <25
"You know, Colonel, your name is suspiciously similar to that of a captain I knew…"

“It is?”

“Yes. And your appearance, too. And a bit of the way you act. But, I mean, you aren’t Captain Lefebvre, surely…”

“How do you mean?”

“Come now. Isn’t it obvious? You’re not a Captain!”


A person who gets strangely sick at inopportune times, has to clean up blood with no explanation, behaves like a stereotypical guy, is called “Addy” by her friend, has RTI contacts, and is generally seen hiding things the whole game, has a light voice…

Cazarosta notices that she drinks and gambles and “wouldn’t be surprised if he was also a womaniser”. Which means that he has never seen any actual womanising.

The hints add up.

But no, I would probably not connect the dots without the forum hints. However, I would suspect something. I would know that something was up with Garret. And some more alert people would definitely connect the dots and wonder if Garret was actually not a guy. Could you say the same about Elson, except for the possibility that he was not actually dead?


*If Chapter 10a =true
*If Intelligent >65
*If Idealism >80

“Are we the bad guys?”


It should be pointed out that Caz has a personal reason/ interest in us disliking and discrediting Garret


*If Chapter 10a = true
*If Intellect > 65
*If Idealism < 30

“Isn’t everyone in a war wrong? Isn’t everyone in a war a ‘bad guy’? The difference is that our evil deeds will save our lives and bring us victory, however much that counts.”


When does this happen?

We’re talking about a guy who has no qualms with child murder. You wouldn’t be surprised if he murdered a guy and had to cover it up?

Garret’s behavior would be considered indecent by the standards of almost any gentleman of the blood.

It’s almost as if Garret might be some ruthless schemer with grand plans and ambitions…

He could just be getting up to shady RTI business.

Or Garret could actually be womanizing. It’s not like he’d be doing it with another officer’s wife in the middle of camp, in full view during broad daylight.


I think the moral of the story is, Garret is just kind of horrible as a person, regardless of possible gender reveals.


I can promise you a Cazarosta romance.

The Kian dynasty are like the Bourbons.

Like which one?

Maniacal laughter


What would that be?

The PC either sees Caz in a relatively favorable light or doesn’t regardless of if Garret is anything worse than grass-green.

Stereotypical hussar behavior, if you ask me. In the light horse sense of hussars.

(S?)He’s just roguish enough to be a bad boy, and not roguish enough to actually get in trouble. It’s perfect.