Guns of Infinity



Gonna be honest, there’s also the possibility that they were on the Tierran mainland until the last part of the war and nobody realised it because there are ways to fool it.


Add in the fact the Dragoons are a nicely (At the start of the war) middling prestige regiment (so neither too expensive or too embarrassing), and well…

It seems to have paid off for some of them.



Wait a second.

There was one other Major back in Aetoria who missed out on most of the war, right?

Not the most satisfying possibility dramatically, but…


In a non-disgraced playthrough, Garret also missed out on most of the war.

But my mind is still set on it being Elson. Think about it. He’s MIA. Sure, it’s possible his body was so horrifically cut up and trampled that he was beyond recognition, and maybe his signet ring fell off…

…but, if he was captured, it seems likely that his true gender would have been discovered. The Antari might try to ransom back this Lady of the Blood anyways, leading to the Tierrans discovering the truth. Rather than cause an uproar and a potential embarrassment for the Dragoons, they kept the incident quiet and listed Elson as MIA, not returning her to service.


I mean elson’s story is ended.

That’s what @Cataphrak said.

Relatively cryptic one would say, but that would be a funny outcome considering, like Cazarosta, you’ve seen Elson in their night clothes.


List of possible candidates we actually know:

Sandoral - Short and stooping. Women have a tendency to be shorter than men, and stooping could be an attempt to hide their figure or face. And the salons held by Welles? I’d be surprised if the Circle wasn’t involved.

Elson - while Bryce brings up two good points, They Never Found The Body. Hunter is down for the count, but it’s possible thst Elson might not be.

Blaylock - Young and a relative latecomer to the war. The macho attitude could very well be overcompensation.

Garrett - Another latecomer, and a very close friend of Welles.

Least likely candidates:

Caz - Far too high profile, as the only Deathborn to ever be a Major. Also, unlike many other officers, he is far from a hidalgo rising out of obscurity.

Renard - like Caz, multiplied by 5000.


What about Garrett??


Do we actually know Garret?

Yes, I’m arguably splitting hairs, but…

We do have the least idea what Garret is up of almost any officer rank Dragoon.


Garrett, being a very close friend of Welles (thus likely acquainted with the Circle, and if a woman, possibly a member) throws up a few red flags. I just… barely remember Garrett.


Two things about Garret that raise my suspicion are the tent scene with Welles. Out of character for him, she implores to stay safe in the forthcoming battle of 2K. Second, is when he ask for the MC a bottle of vinegar in the disgraced play through.

It would also make sense that Garret would be better connected to the circle.


I’m almost thinking Sandoral is a red herring. With the slight stature and interest in Welles’ salons it seems like too obvious of a choice. Besides, since we do have the possibility of taking a conservative stance on these suffragettes, there should be at least one male sympathizer of their cause among the King’s officers. If that person turned out to be a woman it would undermine the significance of that sympathy.


I don’t think Sandoral is the disguised woman, but you could just as easily argue that Garret is meant to be the male feminist-sympathizer.

Also, I feel like there’s going to have to be some competition in marrying Welles.


Sure there is plenty of competition for Welles from plethora of second sons like Lord Marcus. Remember the Havenports need a cash infusion. Second, Palliser might have so much rep that military geek inside her might throw herself at him not care about his never getting around to endorsing female officers.


No reason any male feminist-sympathizer (if not the PC) has to be in the Dragoons, I’d note.


Don’t forget good ol’ Hawkin’s as a possible option as the Cross dressing Dragoon.
They are one of 3rd Squadrons lieutenants under Caz.

Edit: Secondly they are a “distant” member of a prestigious family, which would given them something of a cover, we don’t interact with them enough to draw much attention to them, unless you choose to watch Caz.

Officers of the Royal Dragoons:
The King, Cunaris, Baron Marr’s, Keane, Elson, Caz, The MC, Baylock, Sandoral, Renard, Garret, Hawkins, Butler, Unnamed Major, 2 unnamed Cornets


But I don’t see why Welles would be interested in any of them. Her father’s dead, so no one can force her to marry. From what I can tell, it’s her choice.

I think her plan is to wait until female officers are legalized before she decides to marry… Then find a husband willing to appoint her as Colonel-of-Regiment to the 5th of Foot. Garret doesn’t seem to take his military duties so seriously, and he isn’t the heir to his family, so he’d probably consider the 2000 crown yearly income and the political influence of being an Earl to be a more than fair deal.

I agree. I’m just saying if there is one, it could just as easily be Garret instead of Sandoral.

We don’t really know how far Sandoral’s interest in reform goes. The ideas he discusses with us have nothing to do with female officers.


Yeah, I’m leaning more to Garret but I don’t exactly feel committed to any theories.

As far as Sandoral and reform, if any of our lieutenants would support them, I’d bet on him being one.

Lord Renard is likely to at least need to be persuaded, and Blaylock seems like he’d regard “delicate lady” as redundant.

That’s not really proof he is interested, of course. But Welles’s opinions might not be a well kept secret, at least as far as officers-in-the-rear ladies in uniform.


Sandoral strikes me as being “radical” in the same way most intellectuals are: open-minded, and curious about the ideas of others. He’d at least entertain the possibility of female officers, even if he didn’t 100 percent support it. Garret has a bit more of a personal stake in the issue, however.


Honestly, I really hope Garret isn’t the cross-dressing dragoon.

I’d rather she be someone I’m not going to murder.


Garret not being the crossdressing dragoon would make her a massive red herring.

All hints point to her. All of them.