Guns of Infinity



If that is the case I hope we also have the option to finish our memoirs, I don’t want to be writing my memoirs for every available option again in lords.


Does anyone know which Duchy Elson is from? I think he’s either Cunarian or Aetorian, but I’m not sure.


He is Cunarian, but he’s a crappy equestrian.


I kind of want to a do a super patriotic Cunarian-centric playthrough.

High relationship with Duke Cunaris, mentor to Renard, and if Elson turns out to be the secret female Dragoon, marry her if that’s an option.



A few I’m sitting on:

  • Sabers and Souls: The Lives and Deaths of the Royal Dragoons
  • Who Are We: An Officer’s Guide to the King’s Dragoons
  • Felling the White Bear: An Account of the Dozen Years War


A Cunarian, an Aetorian (the PC), a Salt Coast bastard.

Together they kill Antari! Except for the together part.

I’m trying to think of a way to work “War makes strange bedfellows” into a conversation with Caz that breaks through him being the most iron stoic that ever stoic-ed into him going “Saints above, stop hitting on me you weirdo.” now.

We know somewhere underneath being the uberstoic is a young man with relatively grokkable emotions - not to say this is a good thing, but he’s not actually made of stone - and if anyone can get to Caz that way, the PC has known him long enough to try.


The Wulframites are the real enemy here.


I always thought it was strange that we didn’t see an Aetorian or Wulframite Dragoon officer (although Sandoral strikes me as Aetorian, and Blaylock may be from Wulfram. I barely remember Garrett).


Blaylock is an Aetorian, believe it or not.


Sandoral is a Cunarian, Garret Aetorian.

(and 4558)


Prince Khorobirit, My Part in His Downfall
Quartered Perilously Out Here
The Green and Red Devils
Generation Ransom: Sideburns, Deathborn, and the New Face of Tierran War
One Musket Ball Away


I take back what I said about Wulframites. Bloody Aetorians! Their influence reaches too far.


The Paths of Glory is circling my head, and I’m not sure how much of that is just to make an unsubtle reference to Kubrick.

Bonus points if you write it as an idealism 75+ Dragoon who wouldn’t be able to be jaded if he tried.


The one that I like is totally plagerized from author Robert Leckie: Helmet For My Pillow.

Also I will speculate if the cross dressing Dragoon also plans to write her own Memoirs. So I wonder if the Isobel Circle has a publishing arm. Publication of that book would a serious reputation hit to the Dragoons.


@unoriginal_username @Elfwine Guess that’s what I get for trusting national stereotypes to light my way.


Not necessarily. That depends on how it’s written. The Cavalry Maiden didn’t do the Russian Army any harm.


Not sure if it makes it better or worse that Hawkins is also Aetorian (of Warburtonian stock, for extra color), then.


@Elfwine Let’s split the difference: better in a worse way.

Also, @Cataphrak let me just say, you captured the tediousness of editing and the absolute irritation of writer’s block perfectly.


The fact that a cross-dressing Dragoon existed at all does paint the Dragoons as rather unobservant, though, considering they didn’t know that one of their own members was actually a woman.

Xenophobia Righteous Fury Intensifies


The large amount of Aetorian officers actually makes sense: the area outside of the capital is (relatively poor) farmland, and as big as the capital is, there’s only so many jobs in the Exchequer and Intendancy for a relatively destitute gentleman of the blood. It’s either picking apples in your family’s orchard or going to war.

And sure, picking apples is all well and good, but it’s not the best way to notoriety and wealth.