Guns of Infinity



And don’t forget the fact that so many marines are stationed there specifically to prevent any independent bid. Figuring out a way to neutralize them without tipping off the central government to your plans is much easier said than done.

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Butchering 300 men without Takaran help will be very difficult. Also doing it quietly without people finding out? Ha.

Not to mention I’m sure a cell of RTI is there not under the purview of Katarina. You can never be too careful.


Can’t Katarina be held in check in the short run by delaying her marriage plans? The Earl doesn’t have much time left. I realize that you are playing with fire, but it would be the crown that would do the dirty work for you.


Nah, they don’t need to do that, they just need to watch Leoniscourt like a hawk and be prepared to seize the island if anything goes wrong.


If I recall correctly, wasn’t it either the center or the left flank that was the most hard pressed throughout the battle? The right flank only came under really heavy attack towards the end, in a last ditch effort between the Hussars and Antari line infantry to break through the Tierran line.

Between the Dragoons, the Highlanders, and the Experimentals, Cunaris had enough veterans. Giving him more would have meant weakening another brigade.

The average Leoniscourt commoner might think that, but I think the Cazarostas would be far too cunning to fall for nationalism for the sake of nationalism. And considering how King Callum is still held in high regard by the Leoniscourt citizens, even when the rest of Tierra despises him, I think it’s fair to say that the people of Leoniscourt are ultimately loyal to the Cazarostas.


I didn’t mean giving him one more regiment; i mean swapping the 5th to somewhere else that is easy task for them while giving Cunaris the more seasoned 9th or 8th.


Why are you assuming that there were better regiments assigned to easier tasks?

Also, I’m not saying it would have given him one more regiment. I’m saying it would have deprived another brigade of its veterans by swapping them with Cunaris’s 5th.


For example, there are several foot regiments that had been through Blogia without substaining too heavy casualties like the 8th if I recalled correctly. Besides, does anyone know the regiment in the battle of Mhillanovil, there was a foot battalion that is well armed, well trained and are seasoned which the MC might know during the engagement. And one last point, is that Khorobirit although how blinded by his own grieve he could be, I will assumed that he will know that the best way to defeat us in 2K is to crush the flank, while buying them time by engaging the main body as well. But the other brigades can’t be as hard pressed as Cunaris’ position, as his flank is unguarded by the Northern Fleet, the centre had the Naval marine brigade looking after their backs, there’s nothing much to worry about the centre and Castermaine like I said, has the support of the Northern Fleet.
The 5th would be a bad choice, since at Blogia it loss it’s colonel: Earl of Welles and without the leadership the entire regiment was butchered down by the Church Hussars.


Okay. And? How do you know they weren’t assigned to a task that was even more vital than serving as the bulk of Cunaris’s brigade?

But if Khorobirit finds out the main body is weaker than it should be, what’s stopping him from pulling men off the right flank and redirecting them towards the weak point?

The fact is, Havenport had no idea where Khorobirit would direct the majority of his forces. He could only speculate, but Khorobirit has a knack for pulling off the unexpected.

I disagree with this. The centre is just as important as the left and right flanks, if not more so. If it falls, the left and right get cut off from each other. If one of the flanks fall, the centre is the last line of defense between the other flank.

Except it wasn’t a bad choice, because in the end it held. Also they didn’t really need a colonel, because I recall the Battlalions being split up to defend two separate crossings, and each battalion had its own Lieutenant-colonel.

As for it being butchered, their numbers were replenished. Sure, most of them were green, but that’s why they had artillery support, and if things got really bad they had the Dragoons - actual veterans - as back-up.


But still a slight problem: the new troops of the 5th have arrived to Antar for no more 2 months, with only the slight bit of very basic training and then must go on a great battle that none have experience on something like that? I would assumed that many of these lads would panic and might become " so frightened that they even discharged their ramrods into the enemies in the heat of battle, and getting themselves unable to keep firing a weapon. In which it means: losses will be higher than anticipated.



From the Duke of Havenport’s perspective, 5th is paired with the Highlanders because it makes sense to put arguably the most experienced and most dependable regiment next to the greenest battalion from the 5th. Further, Hartigan and Lord Marcus are friends and can work together.

In addition, it is a show of good faith that Havenport entrusts his most prized possession: the regiment to Curnaris.


And his brother, he also trusted his brother to the command of Cunaris.


And depending on the way 2K plays out, that can prove to be a grave mistake.


That’s…horrifyingly accurate.

Regarding Cunaris’ Brigade, the summary is he held with what he had. Any other combination of regiments in his brigade or the swapping of regiments could have altered the course of the battle entirely: either by having more Tierran casualties or simply being a pyrrhic victory.
Havenport put a lot of thought into the brigade planning, and with tacticians and men like Cunaris and Caatermaine at his back, he made the best plan possible given the resources at his disposal. Even using the Northern Fleet as fire support and co-opting marines and armsmen from the Navy as a brigade was complementary to the greater picture.
We’ll never know if any other plan or combination of brigades would have worked better.

Obviously unless Cata says so.


Well generally speaking maybe this is what we can describe Cunaris:" I saw a half-broken man with a half-broken body; and unbreakable pride. A man who had ride out in front of the 700 braves of the Royal Dragoons onto the fields of Blogia; standing against the thousands, who steadied the line. That’s him: general Sir Joahannes d’al Findlay: 5th Duke of Cunaris and colonel of the Royal Dragoons, that’s the man…"


Inspirations striking again. From the memoirs of Nicolas Diego d’al Ortiga, Baron of Sanloren (the version that was at 2K).

Here We Stood

We threw everything we had at Khorobirit that day. Every shot, every shell, every warm body in field dress. Here we stood, the few thousand merry gentlemen against the storm. Here we stood, some believing us already walking among the Sainted dead. Perhaps that thought went through my head on that hill. The thought that all of our accomplishments would lie bleeding on that field.

And regardless of this, here we stood. Here we would continue to stand. Nothing would bring us to heel, save the cold grip of death itself. Death dressed as a man named Prince Mikhail of Khorobirit. Death dressed as the Hussars that rode across hill and plain.

The distant crack of muskets signalled death was approaching, on majestic wings and clouda of powder smoke.

And here we stood.


I have to ask, is d’al pronounced dee-all? Or simply pronounced dall?


Earlier today I was thinking about potential titles for memoirs, and if we have the option to name them, I will call mine either:

A) From Cornet to Lieutenant Colonel: A Dragoon’s Story.
B) The Dozen Years’ War: A Dragoon Officer’s Perspective.
C) From Noringia to Octobirit: A Dragoon’s Journey
D) Sir [firstname] d’al [lastname]: Commander, Knight, Dragoon.

There were other titles I came up with as well, but I can’t remember them right now.


I don’t believe we will be able to cover the part of our life that is set within guns of infinity since the first memoir you do is 200 pages while the last is only 20. I think the memoirs will just cover the story of Sabres unless we have the option to continue our memoirs in Lords.


Well, for the third attempt, we were still in the editing process, and even though we finished we had to take a break.

Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that @Cataphrak was trying to get readers to empathize with him by giving the MC writer’s block.

I’m pretty sure we will.