Guns of Infinity



Yeah. “Perfectly fine.” is going to be running a little thin for a lot of people.

@Bryce_Kaldwin I’d believe it. Especially for someone who appears to take as much pride in being useful as Cunaris does.

He might not phrase it quite like that, but he seems like he’d be at a worse loss for feeling he can’t pull his weight than just for a mere physical limitation even more than average.


If Cunaris had been given command of the cavalry brigade, his role would have literally been to tell Palliser to charge, while Cunaris himself waits at the ships (a good way to get him captured since he would isolated and in the path of Khorobirit’s army when they inevitably retreat.) In which case, Cunaris’s role would be unnecessary and Palliser himself would still be the one actually commanding the regiment.

That isn’t just unique to this situation, either. If the cavalry commander always stays behind instead of charging into the heat of the fight, he is in no position to give them future orders. It’s not like an infantry army where the commander can send individual messengers on horseback between various regiments/brigades/companies.

While most of this is probably true, I say Cunaris’s is one of the best because again, the rest of the brigades are mainly just generic regiments of foot. The only brigades that seem better than his are Pallisers and maybe Castermaine’s. It might not be fantastic, but there really isn’t much that can beat it.

If I recall correctly, one of the brigades consisted entirely of sailors and marines who had been pulled directly from the navy.

I know this shouldn’t be such a big deal, but please say “6th and 3rd squadron.” Otherwise it sounds like you’re referring to the 6th and 3rd of foot.

Also, in addition to what Elfwine said about Havenport, are you going to tell Cunaris that his own regiment isn’t up to the task of acting on reserve duty of all things?


Generic foot make up - by the numbers - over half of Cunaris’s brigade, not counting the guns. So…I suppose it’s a matter of degree, true enough.

And yeah, one scratch naval brigade.


Since @Cataphrak is prescient it’s led by this universe’s Mattis.


I have a feeling the Marines might be mobilized for land action more often, at least when it comes to things like capturing ports or raiding downriver. Keeping them around specifically to defend ships is a waste of manpower in any engagement where we outclass the enemy’s naval power by a significant margin. Deploying them as a brigade due to desperate manpower shortages, nonwithstanding.


Marines should be the ones responsible for the task of beach landings and spear heading the coastal lines during invasions, after all, that’s what they’re capable of.

What I am trying to say, sir. Is that it will not be enough in terms of fighting capabilities especially when the 5th aren’t going to be in top fighting spirits, the 5th literally can put up a fight, but their abilities are not in the best shape to hold the flank effectively. That makes Cunaris’ brigade in 2450 men in numbers with perhaps only 2/3 of the fighting capabilities can rated as effective enough to hold the flank.


Assuming the 5th of Foot and 2nd Squadron/Dragoons are equivalent to half a veteran unit for math’s sake, that puts Cunaris as having equivalent to 1800 men before counting the guns.

Same as the other flank brigade under Castermaine, and more of it is troops counted as good troops.


At least Castermaine had the unstoppable 2nd battalion of the bearskin caps, the best of the best, besides that Cunaris’ flank was the one to be expected to take up most of the pressure, especially when his flank is the inland flank: no support from the Northern Fleet.


Belated consoderation on civil war. My main concern would actually be the complete fracturing of the Tierran tapestry and what new alliances that might create.

Suppose old Leoninscourt realizes that he has at his beck and call one of the best officers the last war has produced, a highly efficient and vicious spy and possibly by friendship or marriage the MC as well. Never mind a healthy amount of ships and marines. What is keeping him from divesting the entire island from the UK and seeking the patronage of a foreign power with an interest in seeing Tierra destabilized without flexing too much of their own muscle?

Moreso than any other part of Tierra, the island nature of Leoninscourt would make that relatively easy and place an enemy foothold at Tierra’s doorstep. Not that foreign powers wouldn’t seek to meddle in a possible civil war anyway. But Leoninscourt seems like the worst case scenario since it’d be effectively unassailable with even the theoretical support of another naval power.


I don’t see what the Cazarostas stand to gain from that. They already have a good deal with the UK, and as an Earldom are allowed a fair bit of independence and privileges. A nation like Takara or Kian would put them under far more restrictions.


And Cunaris had nearly twice as many veteran Highlanders, plus the Royal Dragoons as a rapid reaction force if the 5th began to falter. And it’s not like the 5th was a particularity bad regiment in the first place, they were just largely green. When supported by the steadier regiments around them there’s no reason to think Havenport didn’t think them up to the task.


Yeah, but Castermaine still have the edge over Cunaris: he has the supportive fire of the Northern Fleet.


Which means that Castermaine had the easier task. The fact that Cunaris had a more difficult task - holding the right flank - indicates a greater level of trust and respect.


It sounds like wanting Castermaine somewhere that he just had to hold like a bulldog, and regarding Cunaris as someone more able to adapt to whatever got thrown at the flank.

Could be read in other ways, but that’s my reading.


If anything, Leoniscourt will consolidate its pull with nearby baronies and counties and buckle down until Aetoria makes a move on them. They have an effective foreign trade stranglehold, which means if Aetoria really does tick them off, poof – no more bread, no more salt, no more fish.


Yes, I’d agree that, however do you ever think that Havenport should give Cunaris somewhat a regiment who had it’s own share of major engagements and not too depleted in numbers to be under his command rather than the 5th? You put a damned green regiment on the flank is just literally trying to destroy your own deployment, especially the flank will be the ones taking all the punishments.


Self-determination. Great Britain had nothing to gain from Brexit, but they went for it anyway. Same concept. Why should a strong, independent island nation be beholden to the nearest great landmass?


Which is what would make them really desirable to said imagined foreign power. If they wooed Cunaris they’d get… Horses. Woo Leoninscourt and you potentially have the run around the sea lanes around at least a quarter of the entire country.


Self-determination implies the idea that one does not want to be part of (in this case) Tierra.

Not sure where that’s going to come from.

Edited: Especially since Leoniscourt is not really that strong as an independent island. It’s long past the days of King Khalid Kasarojas, or even Callum.


Not to mention that their concessions and privileges are maintained by the RTN.

Also, don’t forget that Aetoria still doesn’t trust Leoniscourt and has 300 Marines stationed their at all times.

Just. In. Case.