Guns of Infinity



Strength, yes? And I think you’re overthinking on the issue. Yes, Cunaris is paraplegic, Cunaris is a Duke, Cunaris is a War Hero and Veteran and importantly he’s old. People are gonns give allowances. He’s the 2nd most Senior Person in the land after all.


Again, that’s what the Highlanders are for, as one of the best regiments Havenport has, the Dragoons are a unit I’m sure he’d swear by for steadiness (even 2nd Squadron can actually ride), and the Experimentals can shoot even if they’re poachers and skulkers.

I think you’re going too far the other way from “this was a great brigade”.


Yeah Arthur and Johannes are friends. They both just lost their tempers since Havenport was extremely stressed and Cunaris was in shock about what he believed was unfair treatment to him.


Yeah. Much as I hate to say it as someone who admires Cunaris, this just reflects on both of them being at that moment unable to just be calm and rational about it.

I’m pretty sure once the raw emotion wore off it’s just “Never speak of this.” to all the other people in the room.


They both apologised to each other once they calmed down like friends do.

Havenport probably apologised for his temper getting away from him while Cunaris apologised for acting like he did. Since it could be perceived as undermining the Lieutenant-General.


But some would instead use this matter to stir up chaos within the circle, I would imagine, since some of the noble houses who are bitter enemies of House Findlay, just like I said about supreme virtues.


They bonded with one another through hating the Ironrod.


What is the ironrod? Is it someone or something? Did I missed something again?


People will give allowances. Will Cunaris himself give allowances? Can he sit in front of others, with eyes on him? When people see him, they see a war hero and a Duke first, and a man in a wheelchair second. Is that what he sees in the mirror?

The fact that he’s been letting himself go appearance-wise tells me he’s been gripped by some sort of despair or depression, even if he’s the last one who would admit it. This malaise might lift when he gets back home, but I feel like something’s broken in him.


@lovinglydull Has he been letting himself go? I think the beard is before his injury as a general “I’m a duke, I can ignore fashion” thing.


He was bearded before even the war.


Hopefully Paul would let us know eventually throughout his soldier’s guide to know what Dukes looked like.


@Elfwine @PotionsMaster I remember a few lines hinting he was getting more dishevelled after Blogia, but I can’t quite recall them. It might honestly have been him not having enough time to trim his beard, but considering all he’s been through, I don’t believe that’s the case.


He also isn’t letting anyone push him around in his wheel chair. The Duke was a tall and powerfully built man before he lost his legs. He still moves himself around.

Physically he’s probably still healthy and he keeps his mind active so he’s fine. The Duke will last another decade or two before he passes and Renard takes up the Duchy.



Half of that is probably sheer stubborn pride, but that’s not actually the worst of possible reactions.


No, you want him to do that since once they start letting people push them around the inevitable decline starts to happen. I volunteered at a retirement home. The people who pushed themselves around tended to be sharper and more into caring for themselves.

He can still ride and stuff, he just can’t maintain a gallop or fight mounted like he used to.


I wonder if that’s cause or effect, but I’ll take your word for it.

I just meant that I’m not sure how much of it is “Cunaris is doing this because he’s actually perfectly fine, or because he’s trying his best to act like he is.”

Cunaris strikes me as fine as long as he doesn’t have to dwell on this (his disability) too, at least as much as anyone his age would be.

And he’s apparently an avid reader, so having something to do that doesn’t require strong legs won’t be hard for him just in getting through life.


Well this is what they would describe then:" I saw a half-broken man; with an unbreakable pride. A man who had ride out leading in front of 700 braves onto the open fields of Blogia. Standing against the thousands; who had steady the line. That’s him, general Sir Johannes d’al Findlay: 5th Duke of Cunaris and colonel of the Royal Dragoons, that is the man…"


To be entirely fair, there are plenty of people who never saw the battlefield once who are not “perfectly fine” by the time the war ends (see: Weathern). Cunaris just has far more tangible reasons for not feeling at his best.


The thing is, as long as he knows he isn’t a useless cripple and believes it, he’ll do fine. It’s when he gives into those thoughts that problems will start to occur. He just needs to keep doing stuff and keeping his mind and body active otherwise he might just become completely miserable.