Guns of Infinity



Fair has nothing to do with it, unfortunately. Nor does “war hero”.


He could theoretically have Renard or a servant on standby to lift him out of his chair, but considering the stigma he already has from being a cripple, that would turn him into a laughingstock.

… God. I didn’t think I could feel more sad for Cunaris.


Yeah, which is why I think it’s better to remain at home and send Renard. Maybe alongside a trusted relative or adviser.

Even if they provide special accomodations to let him vote, it’ll only draw even more attention to his crippled status.


Worst of all: The fiasco inside Havenport’s tent shall be the centre of the heat for sure, they would say that Cunaris as a cavalry commander leading a brigade of foot. Which is even more than just a laughing stalk, it’s an insult! BIG MISTAKE for them to do such insult!


That’s not even an insult… Havenport gave him one one of the best brigades and one of the most important positions to defend. Fact is, he can’t ride, and they needed someone who could. Cunaris was the one who pressed the issue.


Weren’t be surprised if he not having dark thoughts at night. He let his beard grow out, war over so now he has to go home and faced the looks of pity from people. He never feel the enjoy of bledding a woman, have to make his house wheelchair friendly for himself and never be able to ride a horse in a field with the wind hitting his face again. Poor guy… why couldn’t it be someone who got crippled


I wouldn’t quite call it one of the best brigades, but any insult was between a hot tempered duke and his older friend (close friends, from how Cunaris refers to “Arthur” apologizing before correcting himself), and anyone who has the gall to bring it up for the sake of controversy after Havenport has apologized deserves whatever you get for deliberately provoking a Kentauri.

Hell, they’ll probably get Cunaris more angry than embarrassed.


The scenarios pretty much play out like this:

Have Renard stand or sit while he supervises? Accused of sitting in the shadow of his barely-adult boy. Have someone get him out of his seat? An extremely pitiful sight that is sure to draw more than a few pained glances. Wheelchair path, or alternate method of voting like raising flags?

“Why in Montjoy’s name are we upending proceedings and adding expenses for the sake of a single cripple?”

I think the good Duke would prefer to stay home, over all these alternatives.


Who said that a commander of the cavalry brigade must always charge into the heat of a fight, bro! Besides, you call Cunaris’ brigade is one of the best?! HA, not funny. With the Highlanders as his best troops but with only 550 men in 2 battalions, the gallant 6th, mighty 3rd and fresh out 4th. Their good, but not enough: he needed one one battle-hardened regiment of foot to do the job.


Tierran military doctrine.


It had the Highlanders and the Dragoons, two of the five permanent regiments in Tierra. It also had the 5th of Foot, who served well at Blogia. Lastly, it had those guys.

Everyone else seemed to have been given generic Regiments of Foot, except Castermaine who I think had one Grenadier Battalion, and Pallister who had most of the cavalry.


Exceptions could be made in the chamber with Renard standing for the Duke. He can assist his dad on the Cortes floor. I mean there aren’t rules that prevent that. Only women are barres in the seating of Cortes.

Also, not only of his status as Duke, his War Hero creds work here. “I was in Blogia, Sir!”.


All of the cavalry Palliser had. Which I didn’t really wanted to mentioned.

Just no more than 300 men in the unstoppable 2nd, and I’m pretty sure that they’re all cadets from the 3rd.


Regardless of allowances, he walks away with more attention shown to his infirmities. In a society focused on strength and prowess in gentlemen of the blood, that’s asking for more pity, and in the case of those less generous, more disdain.


Oh, I’m not saying it’s a bad brigade - but I’m hesitant to say it was indisputably one of the best.

The Highlanders are very understrength and the 5th is mostly grass-green even if its dead died well at Blogia.

I suspect the “You’re assigned to hold the flank” is more flattering than the 5th of Foot.

I half suspect, though I’m not sure Havenport would describe it this way to anyone, he gave them to Cunaris more because he felt Cunaris could make anyone steady than because the 5th was a great regiment.


Question is if he is holding the flank, shouldn’t Cunaris be given at least one battle-hardened regiment of foot instead of the green 5th? Whenever you have to hold the flank, you needed all your best troops on those positions. I sense something fishy on this.


That’s where the Highlanders come in. And arguably the Dragoons.

I’m positive that Havenport would have described the Dragoons as a “steady regiment” even if Cunaris wasn’t his friend.


But it’s not enough: highlanders are down to just 550, it’s completely under strengthed.
Royal Dragoons: You only have gallant 6th and mighty 3rd as reliable troops, the 4th are damn green ones, which they would say:" I’d be damned if I weren’t allowed to charge on horse." And the worst part is that 6th and 3rd combined no more than 240 men.


Are you going to tell Havenport that 550 Highlanders aren’t worth twice their number in ordinary foot soldiers?

I’ll alert the coroner.

I’m uncertain of how much the green 5th counts as good compared to the other infantry regiments, but let’s not go to the extreme of “this brigade was a deliberate insult to Cunaris.”


What I am saying, sir. Is that Cunaris should be given some foot regiment more reliable than the 5th, something a bit bigger in fighting abilities than just numbers.

I would agree with that, but not to Cunaris I’m afraid: He was completely lost in his thoughts of being relieved from his command on cavalry…