Guns of Infinity



Alright, final question: do any Kentauri ever join regiments other than the Highlanders?

I’m mainly thinking about the ones not aligned with Clan Havenport who have been specifically excluded.



No Kentauri in their right mind is going to join a regiment run by a settler-lord, and no baneblooded lord is going to hire a Kentauri barbarian into their houseguard unless he is really good.


With such a…blunt attitude to diplomacy, I have to wonder how many clans are actually left in Kentaur. Is the duchy mostly made up of few mega clans that have absorbed their rivals, or are there more minor ones still kicking around? If so, how do they defend themselves from much larger rivals with the absence of allies to fall back on?


Antari barbarians are where it’s at.


Outright conquest is actually quite rare, since raiding and skirmishing is generally all that’s needed for the purposes of short-term diplomacy.

When a Clan tries to absorb another, they’re also rendered temporarily weakened as their efforts focus inwards on integration. It’s more common for one clan to conquer another, and then fall apart from a combination of internal unrest and external pressure afterwards than for the process to be successful.


Seems like the Kentari clans are more similar to Pashtun tribes than a Scottish clan. “Big Clan Havenport” is more like a familial confederation, right? I expect blood ties extent to the your first male oath holder who might even switch clans upon marriage?


Another argument why the US desperately needs a real third (and likely a fourth) party too. But in other news this is finally a sterling example of bipartisanship in the US, sadly it is also foreign policy insanity.

Lord Marcus is one damned cute “barbarian” then (probably more civilised then my impoverished Aetorian baron too).


there’s a reason Outlanders popular sir. I’m in the Highlander stud muffin it’s been around for ages. The reason are fantasy Scottish Clans are not playable Paul just can’t give us any ounce of power fantasy.


The +40 boost to soldiering would probably break the game.


That’s the thing at 40+ it’s just natural they could be the worst Highlandser at the sword and still better than all those settler Lord scum,



On the other hand, all evidence points to Kentauri PCs taking an Intellect penalty.


I will not take any lip from the some Settler Lords That spews false truth and terrible stereotype! Unless it’s about hated half settler lord clan McGregor know to bugger All the animals of burden.


The Havenport clan sounds an awfully close mirror image to the Cambell clan of the Scottish Highlands in the 1600’s. From being able to draw an army up as they do to the politics of splitting the other clans into clashing minor factions and exploiting them thus.


Of course, Kentaur being what it is, things like the Glencoe Massacre are not just “horrible atrocities which will be remembered and unforgiven for centuries to come” but also “every other thursday”.


The MacArthurs story is one of my favorite and I;ve even considered using it as a basis for a story or two :slight_smile:

Not that I want to further fuel your imagination but will Havenport still support the Crown during the upcoming Civil War (:wink: ) or will they be turning traitors and end up being beheaded too? :laughing:

The saddest thing about the historical Glencoe Massacre (If I am recalling correctly) their accusers based their accusations on a prior roll-call of those present instead of relying on who were actually there murdering.

Now, if you want to talk about the MacDonalds and even the MacArthurs … there are some true tragic Scottish tales of murder and mayhem between the clans. lol


You seem awfully convinced that there will be a civil war and not a swift coup-d’etat or anything like that.

And the Douglases! Don’t forget the Douglases! James II sure didn’t.


Didn’t Havenport marry Miguel’s aunt? Or was Miguel’s mother a Havenport? Either way I’m pretty sure I heard there’s a marriage alliance in there somewhere.

Also I’m not sure Havenport has anything to gain by potentially destabilizing the government. It only weakens his position because he can’t call on them for aid in suppressing the rival clans.

And as you said, if his chosen side loses he will get beheaded.

If it does come fo civil war, the anti-crown factions will probably be Warburton, Wulfram, and the Salt Coast Earldoms. Cunaris and Havenport are too dependent on Aetoria’s authority.

If this is a direct result of Miguel potentially dying heirless, why can’t people just be civilized about it and hold a Cortes vote on the various claimants?


Miguel’s mother, the Queen-Dowager, is from clan Havenport. I believe that she is the sister of the current Duke of Havenport. I think that it is also mentioned in Guns of Infinity that the Duke of Havenport’s wife is from the royal family, but it seemed to be a quick comment, and I can’t remember where they said it.

@cataphrak has mentioned that the heir to the throne of the Unified Kingdom always marries a member of the family of one of the Duke’s, as a way of tying them closer to the throne.

With Miguel’s mother being a Havenport, and current Councilor-Militant being the Duke of Havenport, it would probably be fair to say that they are the two closest noble families in the UK right now, and will probably support each other in a crisis.


How high could Caz rise despite his baneless status? Is there a point where his prowess in battle is no longer enough?


I think he already reached that point. Unless we can somehow, through some miracle, become Colonel of the Dragoons and sell him our Lt. Colonel commission.