Guns of Infinity



Warhammer 40K and associated stuff (eg. Space Hulk) has been around at least since the 80s, starting as a miniature wargame. It’s just gained a lot of traction due to some really good PC games released over the past decade or so.


Alright, speculation time:

I think that, with the Highlanders severely weakened from the war, some of the more independently-minded Kentaur clans are going to take advantage of the perceived weakness of Havenport’s military, and maybe attempt a coup or work to undermine HP’s power.

I predict that the rebellion will be crushed, but Old Havenport will somehow die in the process, conveniently freeing up the Councillor Militant position while also allowing Young Havenport to take over the Duchy,


Thus re-entering sections of modern youth culture, while I missed it the first time around, most likely due to not being a miniature war-gamer and maybe without the globalising influence of the internet today has it may not have been that popular in my neck of the woods in any case.


The Kentauri Highlands is a perfect test market for the deadbolt rifle. It should dramatically increase the Havenport’s firepower. Any massacres get attributed to clan violence. If successful, we can get the Duke to green light the government contract, this could really improve our cash flow. —Pauly


I think Cataphrak mentioned in one of the monthly articles regarding the home-front, that due to the 11 years war causing a severer shortage of grain in the Unified Kingdom, along with grain trade with Kian coming from the south, which is the direction that Kentaur is. That the entire region for the first time has had a chance at actual prosperity outside of Havenport…Which could be an issue, because that would mean that the Clans outside of Havenports control have grown more powerful, while the Dukes been at war.


But Havenport is still the largest port in Kentaur. Wouldn’t they benefit the most?


I think it depends on how bull headed the clans are feeling. After all, the highlanders might have taken a decent beating during the war, but they also are now the most experienced soldiers in all of Kentaur, not to mention that the reigning Duke is now both the King’s maternal uncle and the Counciler-Militant. It seems safe to assume Miguel won’t take any overt moves against Havenport lightly.

If you’re referring to Marcus, that’s probably not gonna happen. Arthur already has a few sons running around.


True, but I think any wealth gained from guarding and escorting grain shipments over land from Haveport would still be too much in the eyes of the Duke, especially when he’s not quiet liquid poor at the moment, but rather sapped of reliable, loyal manpower.


It’s like he has a special knack for taking any delicate, complex geopolitical situation, and picking the worst option possible.

It depends on how valid the Crown finds their grievances, and how well Clan Havenport has managed to stay on their good side. The Crown always has the option of throwing the Havenports to the wolves and picking another clan to rule Kentaur for them. There’s a reason why the Havenports try to keep the Crown so close.

And probably due to the absurd barrier to entry in terms of money and time. Unless you had a few hundred to blow on codices and miniatures, as well as the time to paint them all. I certainly didn’t.


But wouldn’t that run the risk of destabilizing the region? Didn’t the Havenports control nearly half of Kentaur before they joined the Unifed Kingdom? I can’t imagine it would be a smooth transition of power if they just approached one of the clans and said: “That’s all yours now.” (okay, I imagine it would be a lot better planned than that, but still, it doesn’t sound like it would be easy.)

Furthermore, wouldn’t the other Dukes and Earls get alarmed if another Duke is suddenly overthrown and the Crown just lets it happen?

More questions:

  1. You mention how they have these intense blood feuds and unwavering hatred towards rival clans. On the flip side, do they also have intense loyalty and respect to allied clans?
  2. Does the everyday Kentauri living in or around the city of Havenport itself actually have any strong feeling of love or loyalty to the Duke? Would they be bothered if a new Kentauri Lord was suddenly proclaimed Duke?
  3. If a rival clan did rise to power, would the duchy/city be renamed to suit that of the new rulers?


Only if things had gotten so bad that the Crown was even willing to consider the possibility. The main reason the Crown backs Clan Havenport is because they’re the easiest way to control all of Kentaur. If that situation changes, they have to consider alternatives.

Quite probably, but then again, they have the same concerns regarding their own vassals. If the Crown believes that a Duke of the Unified Kingdom was overthrown for a good reason, it’s entirely possible they’d throw their support behind the usurper. That’s the flipside of the Oath at Montjoy.


The “everyday Kentauri” in Clan Havenport’s holdings are either Havenports in their own right through blood or marriage, or various cadet branches. So they’d probably flip the table if that happened.

The duchy? Yes. The city? There’d be very little left of it, probably.


Unless something has changed, Lord Marcus is heir presumptive to the duchy of Havenport. I think there’s a decent chance of Marcus and/or Renard becoming Dukes in Lords of Infinity.


Havenport is far too manly and awesome to die. He’ll just glare at the rival Kentaur clans and they’ll die of heart-attacks at the pure-manliness that he exudes. I mean he’s the cover-guy of the Men of the Royal Army Dozens Year War’s special edition for a reason.


No alliances at all? What about truces, non-aggression packs, and so on? Do any of them at the very least have a relationship where they do not hurl insults and/or weapons at each other on sight?

Well, I was referring to peasants.

Are Kentaur’s baneless not considered Kentauri in the same way that Antar doesn’t consider its serfs to be citizens? Or is everyone within the holdings of Clan Havenport technically a Havenport?

Damn their barbaranism! To destroy such a flourishing city of culture and architectural marvels!

To be more serious, though, isn’t it situated on a highly strategic location? Would they at least build a new city over it?

Anyways, Kentaur sounds like a fun place. Will the MC ever get a chance to visit?

Also, how safe are the roads for non-Kentauri?


How good are you at fighting off groups of 20 people at once?

Second question, why would you go anywhere but Havenport.


Not really. You either conquer a clan entirely and forcibly join them to yours, or they’re an enemy.

The clan structure goes past distinctions of baneblood. The only difference is that only the baneblooded lines can aspire to chiefdom.



It sounds like “on good terms with Clan X” would best translate as “will not violate the laws of hospitality in order to injure, unless it’s a really good opportunity.”


What do they have as a substitute?

(I was about to ask how this Duchy even functions but then I remembered that it doesn’t. /s )


Most of Kentaur’s terrain is pretty bare and very uneven. Building flat roads would mean a lot of effort for a marginally better route than you were going to get anyway.


So I take it there’s no Black Watch going around and solving problems?