Guns of Infinity



Are their any titles below earl sworn directly to the crown? At what level do they stop having vassals of their own. The MC for example could be sworn to the earl of critteden I believe.


It’s just Earls at this point. Theoretically, the Marquesses could also be both independent lords and have vassals of their own, but are you really going to put that much trust in a Marquess?


Lefebvre seems like a nice enough guy.


How rare is it to have earls sworn to dukes?


Treason even when it is in your favor often has that effect…


It’s not common, but it happens, like with the Earldom of Welles.


Scribbles ‘Welles Independence’ on To-do list

I just don’t want to have to deal with a magistrate.

Also, I came up with a joke.

If the MC and Elenora have a wedding, you could say that the MC…

…married Welle.


Execute order P. Leave no survivors.


Questions on Kentaur!

  1. Are the Highlander Regiment’s subunits generally segregated by clan?
  2. Is Havenport strong enough that the other clans can’t raid them?
  3. When Havenport tries to enforce their power over the other clans, how much support can they count on from the Crown and the Highlanders? For example, if a clan successfully defeats a tax raid.
  4. Were the Orlanthi anywhere on your list of inspirations for Kentaur?


The Highlanders are all from Clan Havenport (Lord Marcus mentions that at one point). Why would they trust anyone else?

The other clans can and do raid Havenport holdings, it’s just that the Havenports tend to raid back.

The Havenports generally go for “overwhelming force”, and the network of feuds and vendettas works in their favour: the other clans might be able to stop them if they banded together, but that would mean being on the same side as the hated [INSERT CLAN HERE], so that would be unthinkable.

Not really, no.


The relation between the Tierran state and Kentaur is beginning to remind of The Imperium of Man’s policy on feral worlds.

“Let’s let them all fight each other and recruit the survivors. Whichever warlord is currently the strongest is officially the Planetary Governor.”


Any one seen what Trump just recently did with the status of Jerusalem, fires are breaking out all over the middle east and threats are flying.


Trump made a random policy decision on Twitter? How shocking.


Man making old Bush look better every week and pissing off North Korea… More than any recent presidents had lately. Calling their leader Rocket man and threating fire and blood on them.
It was funny at first watching him poke the fat Korean but now with that new missile they tested he needs to stop.


If things did progress to that point, though, would the Crown step in to help crush the rebellion? I imagine that would quickly reduce the odds, even if every other Kentauri clan could unite in the first place.

Or are you saying they might be able to stop the combined strength of Havenport and whatever Tierran reinforcements are send south?

I’m not familiar with whatever it is you’re talking about, but that quote doesn’t sound entirely accurate in regards to Kentaur. Aetoria has been directly backing the Havenports since the beginning of the Unification Wars.


My good sir he’s referencing 40K


I have no idea what that is.


It’s apparently another Sci-fi RPG setting and a particularly brutal/dystopian with elements of twisted horror at that. They needed to elucidate me on it too. As well as that Mount&Blade game.
This thread reminds me every time I get older and further removed from contemporary youth culture. :older_man:


I love 40k! God this is my dream. Favorite fantasy meets favorite sci-fi.


40k as its best is interesting, but at its worst it’s not a good parody.

Speaking as a fan of the novels, but with no experience playing tabletop (I sorta kinda know the rules - or at least an older edition of the rules - but I’ve never played).