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I don’t know how you picked that out of


All Lives Matter, if it actually were an organization attempting to fix things, would be doing things like fighting ardently against police brutality. It isn’t. Because it isn’t an organization in any way. It’s just a slogan used to make BLM seem like they only care about black people, even though the end goal of BLM (the end of widespread police brutality) benefits everyone.

Your argument there tried to put words where there were none, by claiming that I said that police officer lives were worthless, and that one group should be put above others.

A small minority of those claiming to be part of BLM taking advantage of chaos to hurt people is nothing like ALM. ALM exists as an excuse to do nothing. That is why it was created, to shut down the conversation.


If I may add something for emphasis to @Lotus’s comments:

If All Lives Matter genuinely felt that all lives matter, they would look at what groups aren’t reliably treated with human decency, aren’t reliably treated equally, and are deprived of the rights, privileges, and opportunities that are claimed to be something extended to “all Americans”.

“We need to promote the well being of everyone.” as a response to BLM is a very polite and very slick way of denying that that not all groups are treated equally fairly.


I think I’m arguing for the sake of arguing at this point, which is really stupid.

Anyhow, my point was that BLM, though having the noble goal of ending police brutality in America, a serious issue due to rampant crime, availability of guns and lingering vestiges of the old south. Has acted in bad faith, while certainly being less terrible than the sickos that ran that lady over in Charlotte, the methods they have used have evolved towards needless violence (Spurred on by corp sickos like George soros.), and their message has had the catch cry Kill all cops , “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now! added to it” added to it.

Its has been twisted in much the same way (Though perhaps it was always twisted.) as the Alt-Right, or WLM or any number of groups. And that wanting to treat everyone fairly shouldn’t be seen as wrong.
After all ending the needless violence committed by dirty cops helps everyone.

Anyway this all started because I thought the idea of All Lives Mattering being seen as a way to deny other groups their chance to speak as wrong .
Or perhaps I’m just upset that a group that I thought supported everyone doesn’t…(Thought it was WLM that was the crazies.)

Anyway that ends my trip through never-land thanks for talking, I don’t think I explained what I meant very well. But no matter


I once got called a Nazi for not making room for a bicyclist…
I was on foot. On the sidewalk. There was a bicycle lane the person calling me a Nazi wasn’t using.
Welcome to Berlin.

On a more useful note I read an article the other day about how we all as societies have pretty much abandoned enlightenment in favour of moralistic tribalism. The idea of questioning ourselves is dead or dying. Our left over here has pretty much made it its policy to be ‘in the moral right’ and the media and mainstream society is unquestioningly accepting their idea of right as at least an inconvenient truth. In this context, the term Nazi gets applied to people who want, say, controlled immigration as opposed to Merkel’s open borders nonsense. There’s no discussion with these people, no weighing of arguments. It’s ridiculous.

If this isn’t a thing yet elsewhere I’m sure you’ll get there eventually. The US is too far on the right for this to hit mainstream consciousness. But of course this is a country where you can get called a Nazi for espousing gun control.

Speaking of. My whole take on the readiness of US police to open fire on people is the lack of gun control or oversight. If I have to assume the person I’m talking to has a gun (legal or illegal) and might be tempted to use it I’ll automatically assume a more aggressive stance. Not that you can put that genie back into the bottle, but as far as I see it, US police are plain afraid, and with good reason. Almost all my interaction with European law enforcement has been relatively relaxed, and I’d at least partially chalk that up to them not having to suspect me of having a gun in my glove compartment or wherever.

But that’s just my view from the outside.


And they deserve your fucking respect for it.

Not if they themselves break the law, especially if they maliciously injure or kill people of course. But who cares what benefits cops get? At the end of the day, their job is to at least metaphorically take a bullet for you. There’s no amount of benefits in the world that can equalize that.

If it was up to me, cops would be legal to return fire with aimed live rounds as soon as the first molotov cocktail comes flying their way.


Oh don’t worry, that’s definitely a thing here.
All you need to do is see how long it takes for two right-wingers with slightly differing views to start calling each other a “cuck” for that to become evident.

For all that the far-right claims that they’re the ones in favour of “free speech” they seem desperately afraid of the mere existence of certain ideas, religions, and concepts, even though I’m pretty sure the fact that (for example) transgender folk exist isn’t going to put their lives in any danger.

That’s pretty much what you’re looking at in the US. If it weren’t for the fact that black men were being killed and then having guns planted on them, or that black kids were being gunned down more or less without warning for playing with a toy gun, and if weren’t for the fact that the police officers responsible are almost never indicted, and will get off with a slap on the wrist at most, BLM wouldn’t exist.

Which is antithetical to the whole reason a civil police force exists in the first place. A government cannot stand without the consent of the governed. Police exist as something outside of the concept of an army specifically because when a government continually goes to war against its own people, it loses because the less restraint that government shows in dealing with dissent - even unlawful dissent, the fewer people end up wanting to be earnestly complicit in that government’s actions. Sir Robert Peel understood that because he was in politics at a time when the army was being used against dissenters, and the result was a government that had a realistic chance of falling to a revolutionary mob.

Police cannot and should not act as if they are soldiers at war with their own people, because the police cannot win a war against the people who provide it with funding, equipment, legitimacy, and ultimately, its recruits.


Look, I can get behind protesting things that upset you. I can empathize with the violence of oppressed minorities. What I can’t accept is a 30 something college student living off of his parents money in the best case scenario or my money in the worst case (I’m exaggerating for emphasis; statistically a whole third of the Berlin left wing crowd is actually employed) building bombs to injure or kill someone whose actually decided to make it their job to protect others. In this situation the latter person should be allowed to aggresively protect their life.


I think there is a difference between protecting lives and feelgood “tough-on-crime” measures.


We had those once, (in the form of the FLQ), and as it turned out, responding with overwhelming force alone did absolutely nothing to stop newer and newer generations of felquistes from staging more radical and violent acts (culminating in the October Crisis).

However, pretty much the second the Parti Quebecois was formed as an alternative avenue for those who wanted to seek the same goals as the FLQ (Quebec sovereignty along socialist, or at least social-democratic lines), the terrorist movement sank without a trace.


Yes, but here we have a kid who was complying, who was in fact begging for his life, and they plain and simple executed him. That’s disgusting and it does carry an element of class based “justice” in it since, there’s no way this would probably have even happened to a rich kid and if it did the consequences would have been dire, instead of there being none at all.

It shouldn’t, but it is, at least that is the story of the gay community, though of course the disadvantage there was mostly economic (and religious bigotry based), as opposed to racial.

There is outrage towards them, it’s not for nothing that our first conservative government got away with passing most of their onerous anti-terrorism programme under a slightly different moniker: “the football (soccer) bill” designed supposedly to make it easier to track down and punish those rioting supporters.

Unfortunately true, most of them would prefer a negative peace.


And the difference is, the cleavage between “momentary unease followed by administrative inaction” and “the powers-that-be go thermonuclear” seems more likely to be racial here than class-based: there’ve been a few incidents of rather wealthy African-American citizens treated poorly by police.

In other news, the latest Patreon article is up for backers.
I hope you all like learning about Ducal Governance.


So the Intendency patrols Cunaris too?

How large are these patrols and how effective is their coverage?

Edit: And Wulframites are at the mercy of their local lord?

How can we exploit this?


So, we take Wulfram’s system… And move it over here. And here. Also there. And that bit too. That make sense?


What are you talking about, Warburton’s system seems totally fine, and not corrupt at all


Do not put words in my mouth. I don’t see what I’m doing that is making people assume what my message is out of words that don’t exist, but you need to stop. I never said not to respect cops, not once in any of my messages.

What I did say is that there is no remote comparison between someone born a certain race and a police officer. Police officers volunteer to risk their lives for the people. I respect them for that. In exchange, they receive plenty of benefits on and off the job. That is why Blue Lives Matter is so absurd to me. Black people don’t volunteer to be black, they were born black. To say that police officer lives should take precedence over the lives of innocent civilians in any scenario is absurd to me, because that is what officers signed up to do.


Wow they’re pretty much feudal lords in states with in states. Some very interesting government types example how does the magistrate work with the vassals are they there checking up on them breathing down their neck kind a vassal himself Ask to be made a magistrate. Going to the geographical differences in the cultural ones now there’s government differences this is very very interesting I cannot wait to see the local government one.


But you see, Germany already went through that process in the 80s with the ascent of the Green Party. A fight about expanding Frankfurt Airport at the expense of the nearby forest escalated into a siege by protesters and the whole thing only fell apart once two policemen were shot. I admit to having a conspiracy theory on that one but the nucleus of the Hessian Green Party took its momentum from there. The Green Party has entered the mainstream in the meantime of course but it still seeks the support of the left fringe.

Competing with them is the Left, the remnants of the former GDR unified party SED mixed in with the former left wing of the Social Democrats. These bastards actually not only court but actively support violent left-wing radicals and take part in their protests.

Together these two parties gained around 20% of the last electorate. This isn’t even including fringe parties like the Communist Party, the Animal Protection Party, the Marxist-Leninist Party, the Pirate Party or the Anti-Social Pogo Party which account for another hundred thousand voters or so in total. Which is to say the violent anti-fascist, anti-globalization etc. crowd is thoroughly represented in parliament and it isn’t stopping them.

To the point where after the Hamburg G20 riots a leftist lawyer came out and had to complain to his own people that they shouldn’t riot where he lives but go where the rich people are.

Worse there’s apparently evidence that these people are being supported by what I can only describe as professional rioters from Greece and elsewhere who bring a certain quality of organization and callousness to the party. I mean we always got ‘violence tourists’. One year they arrested an Italian police officer rioting through Berlin on May Day. As a singular occurrence it was a curiosity and little else.

But this is something else.


I can only imagine how much local government can differ depending on the region. Speaking of how much will this affect Lords this seem like a pretty big deal. And can really affect the protagonist relationship with their tenants for out about there could be a full on feudal lord to just a typical Gentry with a fancy title.


Sounds like being a tax collectors in Kentaur be interesting.
Surprise that no other clans have build any other ports there, is it a location problem, lack of funds or ahhh the Havenport clan?


The ones who live in the countryside are.

As mentioned, the Wulframite system is based on the Takaran system, with an office in every prefecture. The difference is that Takaran prefectures can generally be crossed in about six hours’ walk.

The fact that the police officers’ unions already do such a good job of protecting their own officers that they literally are allowed to maintain their own oversight and effectively acquit themselves in cases of egregious wrongdoing makes me think that the the Blue-Lives-Matter crowd doth protest far too much.

And as a result, they gain an overwhelming amount of social capital and legal protection for it. Beyond the rhetoric and the bluster, BLM’s basic argument is that given said police officers’ treatment of black people, maybe a good chunk of that may be undeserved.

They keep separate residences. A Magistrate doesn’t live in the same building, and given the Warburtonian penchant for absentee landlordism, sometimes the Magistrate barely even sees the vassal they’re assigned to, save for once a year.

The problem with building a trade port in Kentaur is that you also have to defend it. Clan Havenport’s holdings were already along the coast, and they happened to control what is by far the best anchorage along that coast. As a result, they have access to both the best harbour in Kentaur, and the means to fortify it. While that’s what originally made them so rich and powerful, they certainly enforce that monopoly through various means: if your fishing village is even rumoured to be harbouring larger ships, you might find yourself hosting a rather large, heavily-armed “customs patrol” from Clan Havenport.