Guns of Infinity



If we were lucky, the Congress would wipe itself out and hopefully take the White House with them. Then we could start the fuck over.


At least the reds or blues aren’t calling the shots anyway.

If thats happens I form a new party for the power vacuum that start… How does the Revolutionary American Front sound? :joy:


I don’t know, I’d trust Sarge and Simmons to lead congress. Griff could be president.


I prefer to kick Congress out, line up the worst of them to a wall for a firing squad, reduced the age requirement and get new blood in. Then start fixing the messes many of those old farts left for us.


While that would no doubt be the most satisfying outcome, we must think of the precedent that would set.


It still hasn’t quite passed. It has to go to conference committee. The House and Senate actually passed two different bills that have to be reconciled, and then revoted on by both chambers. Since the Senate bill passed more narrowly it probably has more weight going into it, but the lowering of the individual mandate fine to zero may cause some problems in the House. I don’t think it will cause 20 problems however so it will probably pass. We’ll see if any of Moderates or deficit hawks in the Senate blanch at the reconciled bill. I know Jeff Flake and Susan Collins weren’t thrilled with it even though that voted yea last night.


Well maybe we could toss them in court I imagine we find something to charge them with instead of the firing squad. Now dragging out the president from white house and tossing his ass on the street will be cool. Can’t imagine how the world might reaction to a new government mostly fill with 20s and 30s but their get over it. Really we need change, debt getting bigger and if i recall right a shutdown could happen Friday if they don’t agree to a budget.


Question: if the Baneless after death, according to the Cult of the Saints, just kinda disintegrate into nothingness, as you can read in the in the 2017 March update on the Knightly Orders, why would any Baneless that isn’t a seeker wish to worship the Saints? Why doesn’t the majority of the baneless population worship other gods and dieties, or set up their own versions of the Saintly Cult where the baneless can live forever after death?


The Saints still manipulate fate, don’t they? Wouldn’t want to piss them off by turning your back on them. Also consider societal pressure (everyone else worships the Saints - do you want to be the odd one out in your neighborhood?), and the fact that they don’t even believe the other religions are real to begin with, so praying to those gods instead won’t really change anything. That’s basically like asking why Christians or Muslims don’t turn to other religions that have fewer rules and restrictions.

Oh, and if a monarch of a Northern Kingdom lets the majority of his population convert without attempting to stop it, I would assume that’s probably an instant Pariah-Among-Nations right there.


Partially it may be that some of the facets of the religion are objectively true because of the Bane’s existence and the way it can only be manipulated and sensed by banebloods. I feel like that would lead to an inferiority complex for many baneless, and the facts of both the environment and Tierran society reinforce those perceptions.


Underrated reference.


I’ve played both games and I don’t remember any scene were there’s some sort of miraculous intervention, mayhaps I’m merely forgetful, but the only mention to the Saints manipulating reality is the Cazarosta scene in the chaple before the Battle in Kharagia, and that’s a zealous’ man opinion, not proven fact, It begs the question as to why the baneless would start to worship them in the first place, before it was common within the Northern Kingdoms. And if I were a pagan and somewhere in the bible it said “oh btw only X people can go to heaven the rest go to hell cuz lol xD oh and btw ur not in the super selective group” I wouldn’t convert to christianity, why would I? It has nothing to offer me.


I never said that there was. Believing that a higher power controls your fate does not mean that higher power needs to jump down from the sky and smite your enemies with lightning. But from the perspective of a religious person, faith in a higher power could be the difference between good luck and bad.

He’s not the only one to talk about it. There are plenty of other moments where lines like “if the Saints will it” come up. If you propose your own plan in Sabres and choose “I hope it all goes according to plan” the narration states: “With a bit of luck and a push from the Saints, it just might”, which is the MC’s own internal thoughts. So the belief does seem to be that the Saints have some pull in everyday life.

The other characters just don’t take it to the same extreme as Cazarosta, who believes the Saints dictate our every thought and feeling.

Edit: Also that’s not the only Cazarosta scene where he talks about his beliefs. He mentions it if you talk to him at Wulfram’s gathering/party/celebration thing in Sabres, and choose all the dialogue options.

No offense, but this is a weak analogy. You don’t go to ‘hell’, you stop existing.

Peaceful non-existence > eternal suffering.


There are plenty of down to earth reasons to regard the established religious order as a good thing, even if it doesn’t promise you a specific reward in the afterlife.

I’d have to check if it’s deeply buried in this thread or the last one, but the usual issues with food and shelter and education - if the Saints-worshipers offer something there, that’s awfully appealing as a reason to at least appear sincere.

Edited: Ah ha!


So any chance the Republicans will confirm their NASA administrator and trigger that special election before then?

Aiee!!1 The kids are running amok. :fearful: Yeah, that’s gonna be a bunch of trouble. I’d probably be fine with lowering requirements to 25 though because at that point the brain is at least mostly developed. Besides you’ve got conservative kids too, so all you’d end up doing is replacing the current majority of independently wealthy Congress critters and Senators with their no less wealthy kids and nieces/nephews.

A second American Republic, eh? Won’t happen as long as you’re holding the current Constitution and the wisdom of your founding fathers to be sancrosanct however.

Now a bit of warning coalition systems have their own drawbacks and you’d need to devolve a lot more actual political power to your ministers and probably create a prime minister analogue, who will in most cases also serve as the leader of the largest party in any coalition.
Of course if the US retains it’s quirky habit of calling its ministers “secretaries” that probably means a “Secretary-General” in charge of the government will have a decent chance of becoming the formal title of your PM.
It also means diminishing the power and importance of your presidency, of course I do think that would be a good thing and I’d like the irony of a Secretary-General of the USA being at the heart of the 'Murican political scene. :grinning:

I know, so what do you reckon of its chances, I mean the hard part is basically done right now, right? Unless something changes in a radical fashion in the intervening time. Even if there’d be another special election and an independent or Dem manages to win it they can still use Pence as the tie-breaker in that case.


Near 100%. This tax cut is honestly pretty standard Republican fare. You could have seen it in any Republican administration imo.


I mean, it’s too bad ‘standard Republican fare’ at this point is outright malevolent insanity.


I’m not sure that a tax cut that disproportionately benefits the wealthy can be fairly and objectively considered “malevolent insanity.”


Borderline treason?

Blatant shameless sociopathic disregard for the well being of the majority of the United States?

Just plain despicable?

At this point, “malevolent insanity” is the least negative thing I can think of to describe the Republican party as embracing that isn’t whitewashing its behavior. “Insanity” implies at least a degree of mental imbalance instead of willful awfulness.


The Democratic donor class is also likely to oppose reversing the tax cuts on the corporations and ultra-rich once it has passed though. So I wouldn’t pin my hopes on 2020 if I were you.

Only this one has no sunset for the corps and ultra-rich, seems the Reps have learned their lessons from the Bush era and are counting (imho likely correctly) on the “centrist” Dems being too pusillanimous to undo tax-cuts that have already passed.