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But I don’t like change! AGH


It bothers me that some of the cities just don’t exist anymore, or have different names, and there are all these landmarks that weren’t there previously. Doesn’t Bannerlord only take place 30 or so years before the original?

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1030, so a good 200 years ago, depicting the fall of the not-Late Roman Calradian Empire due to infighting and strong, hostile “barbarian” kingdoms surrounding it.

I’d imagine most of the cities have been renamed. Pravend, Jaculan (Jelkala), Galend (Yalen), Varcheg, Sargot are the obvious ones. But then there’s Jalmarys which I think is Halmar and Charas which sounds like Shariz and is roughly located where Shariz is supposed to be.

Not really recognizing any others. I’ve always had a theory the indigenous Khergits were based on a culture that’s probably a mix of Armenians and Turks and the very Hellenic sounding names seem to confirm that.

What’s interesting is judging by the new factions, all the Warband factions seem to be melting pot cultures of Bannerlord factions. Vaegirs for example are likely to be a mix of Battanians and Sturgians with heavy Calradian influences. Swadia is, obviously Batannia, Vlandia with perhaps a touch of Calradian from the eastern side. The Rhodoks are just Vlandians who ditched horses. Sarranids would appear to be Calradianized Aserai. Khergit Lords seem to be the descendants of Khuzait conquerors ruling over the East Empire.

It’d be interesting if we ever got any in-depth informations on how those kingdoms came to be but Talesworld have never been much for lore.


Is r/mountandblade leaking again? At least I don’t see any swadian butter lord around here


Historically speaking, a lot of place names change over time, especially due to conquest and migration but as language and usage thereof evolve so do these names. Every English city name ending in -
caster or -chester denotes a place where a Roman castle stood. The latin word castra was adapted for use by Anglo-Saxon tongues.

Just saying. It’s not renaming, it’s realistic.


I didn’t say it wasn’t, I’m just saying alot of the completely unfamiliar towns are likely to have been outright renamed in-universe if they still exist by the time of Warband.

Also, judging by all the new towns, I get the impression Calradia used to have a much bigger population before all the wars trying to reunite it. With the amount of death and carnage that occurs in any Warband game, I’m not surprised. A good chunk have probably been murdered, enslaved or killed in battle and diseases from all the corpses probably wiped out the rest.


Well, we are given some basic information on the Warband ones. The Vaegirs were a tribe that came from the east and settled down. The Khergits also arrived from the east, fleeing from something called “The Great Horde”, and they settled in the eastern plains. The Nords migrated from a continent in the north and conquered a large chunk of the Vaegir territory for themselves. Swadia was the seat of the Calradian Empire. The Rhodoks were a rustic tribal people that lacked discipline and military might until Grunwalder came along and taught them how to wage war, so they could successfully rebel. The only one I can’t actually find any sort of explanation for is the Sultanate.

I see no reason why Taleworlds would fail to introduce any sort of lore for this particular game. In fact, there already seems to be a story in the fact that three of the rulers are supposed to be brothers vying for the throne.


Knowing those kinds of tribunals and the UN it won’t last. Since many of them are wealthy high-profile prisoners used to “certain standards” it will be relaxed again in no time.


I went onto the site and am seeing weekly updates, maybe we’ll get the game by 2025 or just before @Havenstone releases the next XoR.


I’m aware of the little Warband lore we get given. I’m just saying there isn’t a whole lot of it and it’s hard to find. Though I didn’t know the Vaegirs are from the east, I guess Vaegirs are ex-Khuzaits too?

I wonder if Vlands and Sturgians are from the same continent? Considering the former seem to have settled in the western Nord regions and they’re both overtly Germanic.


I think the Sturgians are the Vaegirs.

The Vlandians are probably Rhodoks/Swadians (shudders in disgust.) If anyone’s native to Calradia, it’s probably the Swadians and Rhodoks.

Looking at a map, the Khuzaits appear to control what was Vaegir territory in Warband. Which to me would suggest one of the following:
A) The Sturgians pushed east before the Nords arrived. Perhaps they originally controlled that land and it was the Khuzaits that drove them west in the first place, and the Sturgians were reclaiming lost territory.
B) After being booted out by the Nords, the Sturgians could have fled east and interbred with the Khuzaits, combing cultures. Perhaps the Khuzaits in the south didn’t like this, and that caused the ‘empire’ to split into the Vaegir Kingdom and Khergit Khanate?

But in the end, I think what we can safely assume is that the middle of Calradia was split between Vlandia and the Khuzaits. The Sturgians were either conquered or driven east one way or another, the Khuzaits and Vlandians both lost their northern holdings, and the desert faction doesn’t appear to have gained or lost any land.


I just played my first ever D&D session.


I played my first D&D session a while ago too. Almost got the entire party killed.

How’d yours go?


Character info.
Name: Garas Dijkstra
Race: Human
Class: Sorcerer (Battlemage Build)
Alignment: LN (To his people) TN (to everyone else)

Backstory: He’s impolite, mysterious and cynical. He was born and grew up in a loving family in a wealthy capital, he lived comfortably until he was about 10 years old, but at that point everything changed. He lost his family in a freak fire and ended up on the slum streets. Reunited with a friend he had to survive in a harsh world. With his ingenuity and intrepidness, he managed to survive everything that life threw at him until his 16 birthday when life took a another turn for the worse or the better depending on a point of view. He and his friend were stopped by a high class official that made them fight to the death for a position at the Military Academy of the nation they were born in. He won.

While still constantly on the move, he now works tracking the people of nation that raised him wish dead. By doing so, he hopes to start life over on a good note and finally find significant other he has never had.

I RPed the character as it says: “He’s impolite, mysterious and cynical.”

Also I ended the session by saying that and I do quote: “I am taking this goat to sleep with.”


My character is a dwarf warrior who acts recklessly and constantly makes terrible puns.


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