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Mostly discussions of politics.

Oh, and Tierra’s Intendancy branch of government is overworked, understaffed, and corrupt.

Also I made a pretty decent Star Wars reference.

Edit: Okay, instead of ‘corrupt’ I originally typed ‘Quebec’ by accident. Not sure how that happened.


Small government is the way forward! Do not let the meddling Cortes decide what cake you will eat for breakfast, vote NO to any Intendancy reforms!


But the only way to vote is through the Cortes!


Irony, irony everywhere


How does this make are favorite Dutch Jurist Feel




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So Trump basically speaks like an elementtary student like WTF. Seeing it live is so surreal especially when he conpliments Duterte on “his very good policies on human rights and drugs”. I almost farted and burst into laughter at the room lol.


He has the best words.


The biggest words. His words rarely lose, his words are winners. They’re going to win so much, you’ll get sick of hearing them.


I literally got into huge argument with girlfriend about Duterte. When I said he has all the telltale signs of a dictator. And her response was that you don’t live in the Philippines you don’t know how dangerous is etc. True but I know enough history even with my ignorance I can see a guy trying to run away with power. Apparently he had a death squad when he was mayor which is insane. Not going to how he disregarded his own daughter talking about her rape experience. So many unsavory things about him. But she full on thinks he is the best thing that happened to Philippines. :pensive:


As far as I can tell, Trump’s speaking style can be described with three main traits:

  1. 1/3 to 1/2 of what he says is basically a repeat of a sentence he previously said in the same conversation.
  2. Having no logical consistency in what he says, or obviously having no idea what he is talking about.
  3. Is unflinchingly confident in what he says, no matter what (i.e. Even if somebody produces evidence he is wrong, he will say he is right. Or he’ll just change his position and say that was it all along).

The worst part is not that he is now the public face of the U.S., but how it feels so unreal. If you tried to create a fictional novel or film about Trump, his campaign, and his presidency people would accuse it of either being blatantly unrealistic or shoddy writing that uses a straw character.


I have tremendous respect for Trump’s words. I have more respect for Trump’s words than you would understand. His words are fantastic. He writes good, despite the constant negative press covfefe. Stop spreading fake news. Sad!



Kind of like how a test audience for ‘Good Night, and Good Luck’ supposedly commented how, ‘the guy playing McCarthy is overdoing it a bit’? (They were using archival footage of the good Senator, it wasn’t an actor.)


Know how you feel man. Got in a fight with gf last night over all the scandals in Hollywood cause I said to her its becoming a joke all these people claiming things but most have no proof or claimed it happened years or decades ago and how many are even true. Then explained in this post CSI and law&order world that almost none these guys will ever be found guilty in a court without videos, photos or voice recording of said crime their little chance of winning cause even witnesses can be discredited. Gf starts telling that you don’t know what sort of things we women have to put up with. And i reply this is not Mexico where your guilty until proven innocent and until these people have proof to their claims its become a he or she say thing which is ruining people’s reputations.


That’s because this isn’t a court of criminal law, but a court of opinion in a very tight-knit professional field where everyone more or less has to work with everyone else, and some people have disproportionate amounts of clout which means that you have to work with them if you want to work at all.

Women who accuse powerful men of sexual assault have to push through a lot of barriers, both internal and external. They have to overcome their own personal feelings of shame and doubt, and then weather a storm of abuse because the general public tends to be more willing to side with a famous person being accused, especially if they’re a person with a fanatical following (see: Julian Assange, or Bill Clinton for that matter). If someone is fully cognizant of that, or worse, has had their career or public life directly threatened to keep quiet, then going public with those accusations is a massive gamble which the victim has considered a big enough price to pay if it means getting the news out.

In an industry like film, that’s of huge importance too. As mentioned before, Hollywood is pretty tight-knit. If you piss off the wrong person, they can ruin your career, and film shoots mean that you can spend months or years in the power of another human being. If there is the non-negligible chance that one of those people is capable of sexual assault or abuse, it should be known, for the sake of the people who have to work with them if nothing else. None of this involves legal procedure, and none of this involves a court of law, where “innocent until proven guilty” remains the precedent. This isn’t about crime so much as it is about risk, in an industry where the abused tend to be in the most possible danger.


In my opinion, the best thing to do is to report the abuse as soon as possible. If they wait too long, that gives the abuser time to bury the evidence, and the public is less likely to accept it. That said, I also understand why they may be reluctant to speak up, so it really is a grey area.

And while it’s true that there are plenty of screwed up people in positions of power who need to be called out, there are also plenty of stories of people being falsely accused of rape, and that kind of thing will do irreparable damage to their reputation and career even if it doesn’t progress to a court case. The best thing we can do is to look at the evidence coming from both sides and try to find a conclusion from there, not immediately rush to either side based on personal beliefs and biases. The victim’s claim should not be dismissed just because she waited too long, but the accused’s claim should not be dismissed purely on the word of one individual.

Anyways, to @Lancer: it’s really insensitive to call it a joke.