Guns of Infinity



Nothing like getting back from some morning army physical training and reading a post about american’s perpetual war on veteran’s day. God I love/hate my job sometimes.

On a real note; was a good read this morning.


Regarding cucumbers, I’m pretty sure this whole thing is self-regulatory. There’s already a standard sized box a quarter of an EPAL. For sending out cucumbers to supermarkets people would logically choose those cucumbers that fit said boxes the neatest and sort the others out for either pickling or chopped cucumber products. This is not even a matter of self-regulating market forces, it’s a matter of common sense.

That said, I wouldn’t even be opposed to it if the people involved had devised this in their free time. But there was taxpayer money spent on this and that’s what irks me. I don’t mind if the guy I hired to drill a well in my garden also mows the grass while he’s at it but I hope he doesn’t expect to get paid for it. The people regulating cucumbers did get paid for it.

You make it sound like this is a binary issue when it’s not. It’s not people being interred in Greece vs uncontrolled immigration. Greece has two problems right now: Unemployment and huge amounts of immigrants coming its way, yes? How sensible would it have been to take some

of that EU cash and build a more permanent immigration terminus in Greece. Small unit housing, simple but safe from persecution and the elements. Three tiers for processing, processed and awaiting redistribution to other EU countries and denied and awaiting deportation. Double fencing with guard towers and patrols, though that third tier might care for some added razor wire on top of its fences.

Sure, this would have required laws to be amended and probably delayed the building of another ghost airport somewhere in the world, but it’s not like the trickle of asylum seekers looked like it would go away even before it was a flood. This is definitely a case that could have done with more regulation and my solution would at least have injected a bit of extra money into Greece. And it took me all of five minutes to come up with it.


Which seems to be a very sad fact indeed.

The Democratic Party is of course a right-wing conservative party in the vein of your Harper or our Conservatives and that is when it is showing its “liberal” side. Tim Kaine’s dithering on abortion and reproductive freedom issues is beyond the pale even for our conservatives and mainstream Christian democrats. I can well understand why Sanders is having commitment issues and I’m guessing the way Hillary was basically allowed to buy the party apparatus in 2016 doesn’t engender much additional trust on his side.
I would want to commit to a version of your NDP in America, that is if not fully left-wing at least a firmly center-left party.

In presidential elections they seem to be, of course due to the decentralized nature of even House and Senate voting in the US the actual core demographic for any given Democratic Senator or Congressman is different. Which is what allowed the candidate @Rogar mentioned to actually win. Still I think that he did so by going against the party wisdom and against much of Hillary’s “moderate” 2016 programme in one of those affluent Hillary-leaning suburbs is hopeful. Particularly since he actually managed to defeat a fairly powerful Republican incumbent.
It is a hope spot and Lee Carter isn’t Bernie Sanders.

Or the US needs a proper left-wing (probably center-left by our standards) all new political party and I think some genuinely new blood in the US political arena would be good. Both the Dems and the Reps have become extremely ossified.
I mean Canada did it with the NDP, despite also having a first-past-the-post system.

Didn’t Mulcair make more or less the same mistake as Hillary, by wanting to show he was “moderate” enough to govern by sticking with his balanced budget promise, which allowed Justin to outflank him on the left, ironically, by promising to “not be afraid” of deficit spending, should that be necessary? The coverage of Canadian elections over here leaves much to be desired, but wasn’t that the gist of it?

Sure, we can take 700.000 (provided we spread them around Europe, which is a bit of a problem in and of itself), what about 7 million, or 23 million or 200 million. Fully one third of sub-Saharan Africa has a migration wish, not surprising, but we cannot handle that many people. If people over there decide they’d rather be European we can hardly accommodate all of their people over here, so that would end up somewhat like this:

They are all important, I’m likely only alive and educated because I was born in a country with a then still somewhat functional social safety net.
The trick however is to keep the momentum moving two steps forward for every step back in the art of the possible, whereas the Democratic party of the late 20th and 21st century thus far might perhaps be best summed up by this song.

And that dance can’t last.

This being essentially the Australian policy, with the difference Australia admits (almost) nobody.


Why do you hate the USA so much?


Come on, face it, American political parties are, at extremes, right wing leaning, even since the polarisation in 2002-ish era.
The two party system doesnt seem to be working well at all. Even the bigger third parties got, what, like 2% of the national vote in 2016 Pres Election?


That is not what I meant. I want to understand why @idonotlikeusernames hates the USA so much that he wants to inflict this great evil of having a left-wing party in it.


I mean we have a socialist and communist party. It’s just that nobody joins them because that’s bad.


I hope the USA keeps that way, nothing worse than having a red party in the presidency for 14 years.


Then we be stuck with the choice of the Elephant or donkey party every two or four years when we vote for Congress or the oval office.




Honestly, anarcho-capitalism is the only way this country should roll at the point. Anything we elect will be a shitshow now.


Bernie would have been a centrist to center-left here and we do have a powerful Conservative party, but when the likes of Tim Kaine are beyond the pale even for them, well we know the modern USA is crazy unbalanced politically to the extreme right wing.
Creationism, banning a woman’s right to choose abortion, bathroom bills, denying climate change? Again these are all things not even our conservatives and as far as creationism or abortion go not even mr. Wilders would dare to raise in the political arena.

The glory days of Norman Thomas and Eugene Debs are far behind for the American left, that’s true.

Okay one thing I am happy about is that we do not have a strong executive presidency or indeed executive branch. As strong executives just tend to waltz all over any checks and balances in the system.
One of our Kings wasn’t nicknamed “King Gorilla” (and had people imprisoned for that bit of “slander”) for his gentle, consensus seeking ways. :unamused:

However what are your issues with the Brazilian Worker’s party that you revile them that much @Urban?
Yes, I know about corruption, but at its worst that’s the same as what the old elites of Brazil always did, only with the disadvantage of this being the age of the internet.
Dilma did win the votes of most poor (minimum wage or less), black and mixed-race Brazilians, your country also isn’t Venezuela and the other parties seemingly weren’t prevented from winning anything, they just have less appeal to those poor, black and mixed-race Brazilians.
Hopefully not that they were the principal opposition to your military dictatorship in back in the 1960’s.

On the other hand even having conservative coalition governments, austerity and frankly ruthless “privatization” for around the same time has made food banks the fastest growing banking sector in Amsterdam and indeed many parts of the country.

Great evil?
Have you read about the state of many parts of the USA? The callous disregard both Dems and Reps show for providing even a basic standard of living as evidenced by things like the Flint water crisis?
I’ll also note that the NDP accomplished great things for Canada without having actually been in power once. Just by being there and somewhat successful they act as a balancing force to some of the worse economic and social policies of Canada’s liberals and Conservatives.

Well it is working for the two parties, that’s the problem. The ones who can theoretically reform it do not want to because it is working well enough for them.

Anarcho capitalism is a shitshow, just ask China according to Cata or our old “noble” Republic.
Although I suppose you could elect the Koch bros directly to get there, as their electoral alliance with social conservatism is mostly one of convenience.


I was a Hipster before it was cool cause I was always contrarian to the entire left-right paradigm.

I want social welfare but I also want guns (well, I want the right to carry under a lot of restrictions… and a law that allows pedestrians to shoot bicyclists on the sidewalk) and the death penalty. Well we do have the FDP which is pro-business but also pro civil liberties but it’s essentially a party for self-styled intellectual elites… also maybe soon part of my government once more. And our Green party ran an election campaign based around cozying up to capitalists, essentially. But neither really break the left-right mold.


Hmmm…seems like a sensible policy, considering I came very close to being run over by one of those speeding down the sidewalk just a couple of days ago. I’d still rather shoot out their tires though.

Technically all of our main parties (still not willing to count mr. Wilders there) are pro civil liberties, the new intelligence bill tells another story however.
I believe our last Conservative leader to truly genuinely be willing to stick his neck out for some of those civil liberties used to be mr, Bolkenstein back in the 90’s, though the main still championed atrocious economics.
Nowadays any civil liberties rhetoric seems to fly out of the window as soon as somebody mentions the “T” word though.:unamused:

I thought it was self-styled smug bastards! By jove do they make our Conservatives and even mr. Wilders look modest and humble by comparison. The only political movement coming close to that level of smugness would be the English Tories.

Hmmm…much like in England with parliamentary labour our (former) social democrats have become essentially a center-right party during the 90’s, which is the main cause that has made it impossible to form a genuine left-wing coalition ever since.


To be fair, that was more of a garbage-in-garbage-out situation. The DNC offered Sanders the same agreements and the same opportunities to earn influence as Clinton (Sanders was offered the same sort of joint-fundraising agreement as Clinton, and aforementioned agreements were only for the genera election anyway), but a combination of his unwillingness to play ball and the fact that Clinton had spent the past decade building influence from within the DNC as a person “who could be worked with”, meant that there was an institutional bias within the organisation, which couldn’t really be helped, unless you wanted to replace the entire DNC for the horrible crime of “liking the person they’d worked with before more than this complete stranger.”

If the Virginian Gubernatorial Election was any indication, not so much: White voters broke for Gillespie, PoC broke for Northam, and Northam won, despite a lot of recriminations and backbiting by those on the “progressive” wing.

Not necessarily, that was one facet of the 2015 election, but that wasn’t what led to Mulcair’s downfall.

What led to his downfall was his willingness to pick a fight with literally everything Trudeau or a Liberal MP did, even if it was something seen as inconsequential. His behaviour during “elbowgate” (The PM elbowed a female NDP MP out of the way while he was trying to rally his party for a vote on Veterans’ benefits and Mulcair very loudly made a big deal about it despite Trudeau apologising three times, and the MP in question accepting that apology readily) is illustrative.


He also got higher margins than Obama and Hillary in independents and college educated women. I think by around 4 percentage points in each of those categories for Hillary and like 2% on Obama’s numbers. The thing is those were blue states, the question is if they can go and win races in red states and at least take away one seat from the Republicans to try to make their legislative agenda even more difficult than it is to pass already.


I don’t know who you are, but you sound like the most woke puertorrican ever. Please write political essays with me. #NoHomo


Speaking of which: Welcome back, it’s been a while.

I’m trying to phrase this in a way which isn’t “how was the hurricane?” but uh, “how was the hurricane? and is everyone okay on your end?” I guess.


I heard that a power-line they fixed to go give power to 43% of the island went out and they got knocked back down to 18%. We really really fucked this one up.


Well at least the army there making sure food and water being pass around and the local government finally looking at electric companies that were being overpaid and didn’t have much workers in the payroll.

I feel bad for the cops who have to patrol the bad parts in the darkness.