Guns of Infinity



What about Carrecourt? Have his years in disgrace driven him to madness?



I’m more than a little pleased that neither Cazarosta (any Cazarosta, really, not just Caz) or Khorobirit are that person.


Carrecort isn’t evil. He’s just an incompetent soldier given more responsibility than he can handle by a fundamentally unjust society.

I don’t like villains that see themselves as villains.


Did that play a role in making Idealism vs. Cynicism a part of the game stats?


Partly. I see idealism as a double-edged sword, mostly because all of history’s best villains tend to be idealists - partially because most of them still have people loudly insisting that no, you got it wrong, they were the real heroes.


I can see that. Some of the idealistic choices and mindsets lead your character to focus more on the glorious aspects of war, rather than the hardships it is generating for so many people. Though it seems that it is tempered if you have a character that is also high mercy.

Would Cazarosta (Caius) be a good example of the worst aspects of this mentality, as a high idealism/low mercy character (Or is that more of a reflection of his psychopathy)?


Loyalty to abstracts (or the self) coupled with a lack of empathy is both a symptom of sociopathy, and a pretty decent descriptor of a lot of history’s movers and shakers.

Of course, the few high cynicism, high mercy types that get remembered by history also tend to be remembered more favourably, regardless of how impotent they might have actually been.


So, uh, I just finished a GoI playthrough and…

Honestly, not even I get how this happened :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


As of the Autumn of the 613th year of the Old Imperial Era

Sir Juan d’al Cuevas
Age: 26
Rank: Lieutenant-colonel
Wealth: 3910
Income: 30
Soldiering: 66%
Charisma: 78%
Intellect: 74%
Reputation: 79%
Health: 50%
Idealism: 57% Cynicism: 43%
Ruthlessness: 23% Mercy: 77%

You are a Knight of the Red, having the right to wear bane-hardened armour and wield a bane-runed sword.

You can speak, read, and write the Antari language as well as most native speakers.

Sixth Squadron, Royal Dragoons
Senior NCO: Colour-sergeant Lanzerel

Discipline: 71%
Morale: 72%
Loyalty: 82%
Strength: 72%

Colour me scared shitless, this doesn’t make sense to even me.


What did you do?

Is this replicable?

Or are you a filthy cheater?


But if he tells us, Cataphrak will fix it!


I have my glitched saves, if you don’t remember

But this is still head and shoulders above anything I had ever done. ‘-’


Seriously though, that really should be fixed.


Not sure how that relates to excusing Carrecourt’s incompetence since he is a primary beneficiary of its “injustices.” Also other than the status of female banebloods in not entirely sure how unjust it really is…


“Fundamentally unjust” in the sense that it gave Carrecourt a commission by virtue of birth and wealth, as opposed to anything like demonstrated ability, moral fibre, or even acquired skill.


Unfortunately birth is tied to being baneblooded so that might be a legitimate factor in selecting an someone to be an officer. Wealth is also a factor since they have to front so much of their unit’s logistical needs out of pocket. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have got the job but if I hear him wailing about the injustices of society that put him in that position I might throw my phone across the room…


So is the level of destruction we wrought on Carrecourt’s career going to affect his ability to strike back at us in the future? (By which I mean will there be a difference between merely censuring him and full-on disgracing him.)


I mean, he probably thought he was plainly suited for the job. I’m sure he considers Tierran society to be perfectly just and egalitarian. The inhabitants of the top strata generally do.


…are you being serious?

Please tell me you’re being sarcastic.


Since those with baneblood, all things being even, are inherently superior to the baneless - one could make an argument that a society that treats banelessness like left-handedness (read: who cares?) is less meritocratic than one where the ability to sense the bane is listed as an ability.

All things are not even, but that’s why we test them for their knowledge of the classics.


Except the only concrete advantages that Baneblood brings is the ability to detect magic and (if you’re especially lucky) the ability to use magic.

I don’t see how that justifies the creation of a society where the Banebloods hold all the power and the Baneless get spat on. You don’t need magic to lead soldiers or get into politics.