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Not intentionally. It happens when you update the game in the middle of playing it. It sets it back to the last checkpoint. So mine happened to be the one where you get the ransoms money.


How’d you pull that off?


Hm, true, but all of the current Dukedoms (Besides Aetoria) were created due to the Wars of Unification, either as a reward for being a powerful lord who supported King Edwin during the wars (Cunaris and Havenport) or a powerful lord who peacefully submitted to the UK’s rule after the war (Wulfram and Warburton). Creating a new dukedom as a form of reward might not be accepted by the Tierran aristocracy.

It has been explicitly stated that whoever marries Katarina will get the title of her earldom. I’m not sure about Eleanora, but it has been mentioned that she is an orphan and there has been no mention of siblings, so that is probably the case with her. For marrying either, there would be pros and cons:

Definitely comes with a title.
One of the richest titles in the Unified Kingdom.
Comes with a lot of political connections and influence.
Almost certain strong resistance to a marriage between her and a poor baron.
It would probably come with a lot of influence over the MC by Katarina.
It has been insinuated by @cataphrak that continuing to follow Katarina (and Caius) will lead the MC down a dark and morally ambiguous path in future installments. Trying to create a successful relationship and marriage will probably contribute to this. Though if that doesn’t bother you, then you should be okay.

Less resistance to a marriage (Compared to Katarina).
Probably has a title attached.
Comes with a fair amount of financial security.
Eleanora has very strong feminist and egalitarian beliefs (Such as removing the purchase of commissions and instituting exams for the army) that she champions, and would probably expect her husband to join her. Tierran society is very resistant to such reforms, which might damage your reputation. Though if your MC has already expressed such views, then it will probably not be as big of an issue.

There is also the viscountcy of Wolfswood. The house has no heirs left, and might adopt someone into the family and title (An example of this happened to one of Jane Austen’s brothers). If you give enough support to the Viscountess Dowager in supporting the sainthood of her soon, this could happen to you. Or if you marry into an earldom and have a brother, then maybe your sibling can be adopted into the family and title.


Y’know, I haven’t played GoI in quite a bit, now that I wonder :thinking:

Lemme see if I still have the knack for it. :yum:


That begs the question is the Dowager Countess Wolfswood still able to Bear children.


My dear fellow, you can’t possibly be implying we should start to promote people on merit, surely?


I don’t think so. She is implied to be at least middle aged, and in her letters to the MC she says that the reason she wants to see her son achieve sainthood is because she lost both of her sons and without them her house will die out. It seems pretty final.


Hunter was born in 577. So the dowager Viscountess would be at least 57 as the MC enters the marriage market in 614. So she is out of the game. But happens to Wolfswood estate will be an open question.



Glitch my dude. I remember the day it happened. I was visiting a college and left my phone in the vehicle while I toured. Came back, game had update, and the jaw drop commenced.

If a line dies out completely, the lands are repossessed by the King to be given out at his leisured iirc


Except such an adoption would have needed the male titleholder to do it. Hunter could probably have done it were he still alive, presuming of course Tierra allows such adoptions for purpose of inheritance.
I believe that currently the title is King Miguel’s (with Cortes approval perhaps) to dole out again and I shudder to think what one would need to do in order to obtain it from him.
Point is I don’t believe the dowager Countess can bestow the title on anybody.

Biggest con of all: seems very likely to want and expect romantic love, including straight, heterosexual attraction from a prospective partner, in addition to everything else you just mentioned.

Well he’d probably still need the formal approval of the Cortes and the informal one of his more powerful vassals, but you’re sadly not wrong. Of course Miguel would be crazy to give any remotely profitable lands to the mc, certainly not a prize such as Wolfswood.
I believe the “best” he’d be willing to offer based on some previous statements from our dear author would be some marginal lands near our current barony and a title “upgrade” (to possibly the very poorest) “viscount” in the realm.


Higher than my 33k one. By chance, was your character an only child? Also, welcome to the glitch and rich club.

In the case of the Viscounty of Wolfswood wouldn’t it go to his liege, the Duke of Wulfram?


Marry her and then remarry after she is poisoned by her enemies.


Not sure why anyone would poison the Dowager Viscountess of Wolfwood, except to show that they’re cacklingly evil.

Her enemies don’t need her dead, and probably don’t want her dead.

And as far as poisoning her to take Wolfswood, I’m not even sure that would work.


“I married you for the power and wealth! Nobody said sex was going to be apart of it! vomits into a bucket” - Terrington.

I actually double-checked and she isn’t even on The List.


She wouldn’t be the first innocent to be poisoned by her nefarious enemies for no practical reason.

Game of Thrones season 6 spoiler:


"To show that they’re cackling evil" doesn’t really sound like something Cataphrak is going to write, though, however popular it is in Game of Thrones.

@HomicidialFrog Is this the same list you’ve been keeping for a while now?

Just checking, because it would never do to mix up lists.


There’s only a handful of cackling evil villains in Game of Thrones (the Starks immediately spring to mind) and they still manage to be interesting.

Anyways, I don’t think you understand the reference :frowning:


Oh I only keep one. And it’s all in red ink. That I like to keep in my perfectly arranged office, precisely half a meter to the left of the very centre of the desk.



I don’t watch the show and I’ve read one of the books.

If I want to read about people doing god-awful things to other people, I have a few WWII book recommendations to get to.

With due credit to Martin’s writing ability, since that’s not the point.

@HomicidialFrog It must be just me keeping a list of people who aren’t on the List yet but who probably won’t be missed, then.


There is exactly one “cackling evil” character potentially in this story, and he’s the MC.