Guns of Infinity



No, removing a right is far more difficult than granting one, especially if that right was given a generation or more ago.

Besides, again, there is no reason to take the risk of permanently alienating his vassals with armies, just to get a few vassals with not even a notable amount of land.


If Miguel is looking for supporters outside the upper nobility, it seems like a far better investment to cultivate people who have some degree of power and influence than to attempt to grant seats in the Cortes to people who don’t.


The only non-titled banebloods worth courting are the ones at the top of rising industries, like Garing’s partner, and giving them titles would just force them out of business. The real (short-term, anyway) future for them is lobbying, not worthless titles.


Then they can get the baronial title as well. You can have more than one title to a house.


If a baronetcy could be easily revoked at any time people wouldn’t shell out hard cash for the privilege.


Baronetcies are about as meaningul as a Scottish lairdship that I can purchase over the 'net for $19.99.


Probably a bit more meaningful than that! It’s a status symbol in a society that regards reputation and status very highly. At a minimum the title illicits a “my lord” from untitled banebloods and commoners. I’m sure that establishing “I’m in charge here” is as much a thing of value in negotiations and business dealings in Tierra as it is irl if not more so.


It’s still a purchased title in a society that has no concept of noblesse de robe. The only ones who accord it any respect are going to be the baronets themselves.


I meant remove the right for Baronets to vote (assuming they get granted it in Lords.) Not the actual baronet title itself.


I’m sure the titled nobles sneer, but they sneer at everyone. The people who aren’t sneering is everyone who is now suddenly a social rank below them. I suppose it probably also entitles one to the box seats at the Aetorian Opera House and other VIP perks…


Sneers at Sandoral and Blaylock

Even though they’re technically richer than me


Not me

Wealth: 41805
Income: 45
Soldiering: 61%
Charisma: 60%
Intellect: 59%
Reputation: 78%
Health: 45%
Idealism: 70% Cynicism: 30%
Ruthlessness: 12% Mercy: 88%


So our protagonist Dragoon could not necessarily get the top job unless they got the title. So if you’re appointed to Lieutenant General the king would have to upgrade us to dukedom. Hypothetically if he did it would it be is estate larger than our current one. We’re going to be a Duke of some Old Fort falling apart from the unification Wars.:sweat:



But how?

Not even my only-child Wulframite MCs make that much from the capture.


I don’t think that would be possible @Rogar. To have a dukedom, it would mean we must have considerable wealth and a hell of a lot of land. Now, ransom money from a certain princess as well as investment on the new guns aside, I doubt we raise enough finance to achieve both, and I ceratainly doubt that King Miguel would do that for us even still, probably something with,oh I don’t know, the royal coffers running out of money after the last war.


With people such as the Lady Welles, as well as possibly the MC, pushing for more egalitarian reforms for society after the Dozen Years’ War, maybe the unofficial requirements will change so that the Lieutenant General doesn’t have to be a Duke? This could also be followed by the other Privy Council seats becoming more open to the lower ranks of nobility.

Of course, this would only be egalitarian in the sense that people are given slightly more consideration for proven ability rather than rank at birth.


Same thing as what happened with @Jjcb super character. Except mine will happened 3 times over, and will more than likely carry the day in Lords when it arrives.


It sounds like what I’m more of those sacred things of their convention. Other words I cannot see getting altered. But if he managed to go from a Barren to an Earl through good Land Management political clout and marriage. And that’s another thing for us to land the militant Chancellor role we have to be incredibly connected. Pretty much you want to have to pull off a Duke of Marlborough.


…did you glitch the game?


A title a title even if brought with money. Its easier than long years of military or civilian service to the crown. The only way your maybe getting a title faster will be if you part of a conquest like in England 1066.