Guns of Infinity



Pretty much. Inferiority is relative, and if your crappy Pz IIs are where they’re needed because your immediate CO has the authority to request them, and the enemy’s invincible Char B1s are a day away because they need a signed order in triplicate from Paris to even leave the garage, matters of armour thickness and gun calibre become academic.

The problem was that to extend the range of that air superiority, you need bases on secure territory, territory inconveniently on islands garrisoned by Showa-tenno’s finest.


Speaking of forward bases, do the Kian have any forward naval bases amongst their various clients that are within appreciable striking range of the Altrichs?


This is a off topic question but how big is the mersdon military and who is the prince.


This is one of the most on-topic questions in the past 50 or so posts.


I can’t speak for who the prince or is what he’s like, but Merdson’s military is relatively small for a nation of it’s size and mostly symbolic. The main defense of the principality is the presence of the Convocation of the Orders Militant, a body made up of Grandmasters of the Knights of the Red who meet up to vote on matters of religious (and thus, political) importance.

What this means is that any nation that tried to invade Merdson would almost certainly be declared Pariah Among Nations and be met with not only the full might of the Orders Militant but the just about every Saints worshipping kingdom in the north, a force that no nation other than Takara and Kian could successfully resist.


So does the Convocation effectively rule Mersdon in all but name then?


I have questions as well. Is Merdson’s influence do exclusively to the proximity to Convocation? Is the influence like what the Italian city States had on the papacy during the renaissance? Or is the influence due to being the most populous of the northern kingdoms?



IIRC the Knightly Orders wield considerable influence inside Mersdon with the reigning prince at best serving as a check on their power, not any major political force in his own right.


Mersdon is actually one of the more powerful of the Northern Kingdoms in every way but militarily. At 4 million it’s the second most populous of the Northern Kingdoms (Tierra has 6 million) and is a considerable economic and cultural force in their own right, serving as a bit of a counterbalance to Tierra’s mercantile strength.



I have noticed that the last two holders of the position of Lieutenant General were Dukes (First the Duke of Wulfram, then the Duke of Havenport). Is it common for the members of the Privy Council to be titled nobility of a high rank, or are any of the positions ever held by titled nobility of a low noble rank/non-titled nobility (i.e. Younger sons or members of cadet branches)?

On a semi-related note, the Salt Coast seems to be the only region of the Unified Kingdom without a Duke. I assume that this is because the Cazarosta’s were given the title of Earl rather than Duke once they finally joined the U.K. due to their being the primary antagonist of Aetoria throughout the Wars of Unification, but in practice are they treated as Dukes of the Salt Coast?

Also, if I remember correctly, background comments and reference materials for ‘Guns of Infinity’ indicate that the Queen Dowager is from Clan Havenport, while the Duke of Havenport’s wife is the king’s aunt. Were these strategic marriages meant to strengthen Clan Havenport’s ties to the Gryphon Throne, or was there another reason?


That would be because the Salt Coast is just the entire western coast of Tierra, not a region in itself. A “Duchy of the Salt Coast” would be massive.


It’s made of up of multiple pre-unification realms, too, even if they’re “all Salt Coasters” when talking relative to the rest of Tierra.


Convention states that the Councilor-Militant (and thus, the Lieutenant-General) is always a Duke of the Unified Kingdom. The other council seats are less stringent. Weathern (for example) is an Earl, and Chancellor of the Exchequer, as was Leoniscourt when he was head of the Foreign Office.

No. Castermaine and Crittenden are both more populous, larger, and actually entered the Unified Kingdom on relatively less bitter terms than Leoniscourt. In practise, the three of them are the senior fiefs of the region.

The Kings of Tierra generally marry into one of the ducal families to help cement their loyalty and strengthen ties with their most powerful noble houses.


Questions about Baronets:

  1. Are Baronet titles hereditary?
  2. Can a Baronet be elevated to a Baron?


Yes, that’s the whole point of buying in.

Nope, that’s why you can buy in at all.


Not even if the Baronet is a hero and there happens to be a vacant crap-tier Barony lying around? (No, I’m not suggesting the MC’s Barony.)

I know the title is supposed to be the only thing that comes with it, but are there really no opportunities for a Baronet to further increase their standing? By which I mean things they could not have done without the title.


Baronetcies cheapen the nobility as a whole, baneblooded or not, heroes or not. To let them rise further in status diminishes and threatens all the real titled nobles, and since they run the Cortes, it isn’t happening. These titles only exist so that the Crown can make an extra buck letting lesser banebloods play dress up.

@Cataphrak, do baronets get a voice in the Cortes?


The references section specifically mentions that the title doesn’t come with a seat.

But if Miguel gives them a voice…


Why would he? There is no reason to piss off the people with armies by giving baronets a voice in the Cortes.


For the extra votes. I’m sure his reforms will piss people off regardless, and for all we know, letting Baronets vote may be relatively tame by comparison.

Of course, this is assuming the Baronets will be grateful, which admittedly may not be the case. But they’ll have good reason to back Miguel because his successor could just as easily remove the right.


No, it won’t be tame.

You’re asking to diminish real nobility status.

It’s basically the same as “Why the hell should I go risk life and limb in war? I can easily just buy a title for myself thanks to my deep pockets”.