Guns of Infinity



Don’t worry about it, Elder Scrolls has extremely dense lore, and unlike bioware they don’t spell it all out for you with a codex.


Yep, you do but that disease he has is notorious for its body (and mind) warping properties, so it doesn’t tell us terribly much. Also definitely male and definitely has a beard but also the characteristically pointed elf-ears.


The moment people start talking about Kalpas and Godheads, I tune out.


Just wait for the TalOS time travellers to arrive from the eighth era and save us from the Aldmeri Dominion, with the power of CHIM! :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried looking at the Elder Scrolls Lore Reddit. Never again :confused: I’ll just view it all through the lens of myth and religion and philosophy when invading Ayleid Ruins for their shinies.


If that ever happens in-game, my mind will forever draw a blank when I try to recall the ending.


How bad is it my friend?


My main problem personally with the more advanced Elder Scrolls lore is that it makes everything pointless, since the entire universe is basically a dream, which will be destroyed and forgotten when the dreamer wakes up.

Considering how it’s already pointless because it’s a video game, that makes it double pointless. Nothing kills motivation quicker than that.


“Man, Mer, Khajit and Argonian first of all exists, encounters himself, surges up in the world – and defines himself afterwards”


Mine is that every answer for the lore I get, six other questions take its place.
This is true for most games actually. Like DA and to a lesser extent ME.


what are your thoughts on blackjack my God Emperor of the Thread.




Hasn’t Joe already said he won’t run?


Aside from being three years late?
I haven’t studied the American contribution to the First World War particularly thoroughly.


Pershing used outdated methods of war and it cost a lot of American lives that didn’t need to die.


Could you elaborate? I’m not arguing, but I know very little about Pershing’s tactics.


Two words… Frontal assaults


Lol I think u have some misinformation there Pershing did the opposite of this:
First , he deployed Marines to stop the German offensive (better marksmanship) and instead of like the Brits and the French who deployed men in lines stretching miles he instructed his men to be deployed in columns something us Yanks learned in the trenches of Virginia in 1864 and 65 increasing survivability and effectiveness of the assualt


I still stand by #Colbert/Bomer 2020. Still seems like a decent ticket for the 21st century to me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Uh, didn’t Pershing also pretty much ignore all of the advances and innovations in tactics and operations made by the Entente over the course of the war? You know, the stuff that was actually adapted to the conditions on the Western Front, like infiltration before the assault by specialized teams?