Guns of Infinity



@Cataphrak who was worth more ransom altogether, princess Anna or Aleksandra?


The Liquidation teams have a pretty wide-ranging mandate which basically boils down to “any means necessary”, so yeah, compromised assets are probably going to have a bad time.

Princess Anna, by far.


Is this a typo, or is Khorobirit really willing to pay more for his (admittedly, beloved) wife than his only child?


His wife vs his heir. I think that’s the operative consideration here.


From a purely pragmatic perspective, if he gets his wife back and loses his daughter, the two of them can make more daughters.


He’s pushing forty by the end of the war though and his wife has only given him a single child. If we’re looking at it from a purely pragmatic view, surely it’d be safer to lose his wife and simply marry another one rather than lose his only heir and risk dying childless.


Is Anna’s ransom enough to really hurt his house? Seems like either of their deaths is actually less damaging since as you pointed out he can get a new wife and a new heir even if bother are killed.


Remember that Lady Aleksandra’s status as heir is still questionable. Khorobirit could force it through, but having the chance to get a “proper” male heir (easier when the other party is actually enthusiastically willing to participate in the act of conception) would probably be a safer bet.

True, but the whole point of attacking Khorobirit’s family is that he is not rational when it comes to threats to either of them. From a purely emotional standpoint, Prince Khorobirit values his wife more; and from a political standpoint, a Princess of the League still (on the tail end) of child-bearing age is worth more than a barely-pubescent girl.


Katarina seems to be calculating based on long term damage as well. I would think Anna’s capture serve both interests the best. RI must be considering how to destabilize Antar to make the “50 years of peace” stipulation have some possible hope.


Indeed underground elves quite the subversion to the trope also we get Japanese snake people the Tsaesci? in return for not getting dwarves in elder scrolls.


More like 25 years at best plus assasins from Khorobirit.


The lack of dwarves didn’t stop the modders.

Seriously, for someone willing to spend hours coding a mod, you’d think they’d be able to spend a few minutes researching what the Dwemer actually look like.

Though I think a large share of the blame falls on the game itself. There are admittedly not very many sources on the dwemer’s appearance.


Giant underground elven statue of a dwemer in the thieves guild main quest line doesn’t cut it for you?

Do you think the developers needed to add placard saying: “THIS IS A DWEMER”

Oh who am I kidding the moment I downloaded Skyrim I instantly went to loverlab they probably need to add neon lights to the placards and a narrator.

Wait wait hold the presses loverlab has a CK2 and stellaris section? I am sickened yet intrigued.


That was a Falmer. Not a Dwemer.


Dwemer to me look like Altmer but more beardy, which they apparently liked to style in ways reminiscent of the Babylonians or Assyrians.
Of course my inquiring mind wants to now was Dwemer facial hair limited only to their men? Otherwise since all statues of them are depicted with beards they either had a very patriarchal culture or maybe women in positions of power wore fake beards. :thinking:


Don’t you meet the last living Dwemer in Morrowind?


Ayleid, big difference


Aren’t falmer fallen dwemer?


No, they were snow elves. Poisoned by the Dwemer.


Well sorry guys I mixed up my lores.