Guns of Infinity



But then again is also the puppet of a secret society with unclear and nebulous goals…

Edit-Ok, reading the Cazarosta article, the main thing that struck me wasn’t anything about Cazarosta himself, but that Warburton was one of voices in judgement over him. This makes me think he’s being groomed for higher command in RTI, perhaps for leadership itself. If Miguel is pulling Warburton in closer with the spooks, he’s going to be pulling him in closer as a political ally too.


… This is oddly ominous. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Caius d’al Cazarosta.

He’s a stickler for these things.

It’s actually called the Salt Coast.

But it still has plenty of storms. My theory/headcanon is that it used to be called the Storm Coast, but Edwin was a troll and renamed it after he defeated Callum.

But yeah, you still raise an excellent point - I’m sure the Salt Coast has an abundance of perfectly-timed lightning strikes for sinister monologues and/or manaical laughter.

Also in this scenario, what happens if we marry Katarina?

MC: Caz, that is your side of the evil lair, and this is our side of the evil lair. Though I’m thinking about redecorating my side, maybe drop the ‘evil’ bit.

Caz: No. It would be best to maintain a consistent decorating theme. Is that not so? The Saints have willed the surrounding geography to be dark and foreboding, and so dark and foreboding our home must be.


For now. :wink:

That said, what are the current theories on the Curtain Of Storms? :thinking:

Last I checked, the popular lead was an army of Emu-riding dwarves waiting for their chance to stomp everyone into the damn ground.


I just want my MC to retire and live out his days with the Emus. Alongside his most iconic buddies, of course:
-Elson’s Ghost
-Lord Karol of Loch
-Milton from the 11th
-Captain Riley of the Grenadiers
-Corporal Whatshisface from the White Rose Lancers.


What are you implying here? :unamused:


I’m implying he will repeatedly fall off an emu until he dies. That’s the Elson we know and love.

What are you implying?


That’s for RTI and no one else to know. :wink:


No one else?

Not even you?


@Jjcb is RTI. Ask Cataphrak for confirmation.


@Lotus So that’s why he was the one who got the glitch! It all makes sense now.



Now, I’m afraid you’ll be… visited by my associates.

No hard feelings. :grin:


I had forgotten about the emu riding dwarves. Thank you for reminding me about that.

Edit: it was actually your theory.


Would be nice to see dwarves finally attempt world domination for once.

It’s always the elves, orcs, or humans who threaten to conquer the entire planet.


Well to be fair, @unoriginal_username, they seem pretty content with living underground, go to Lord of the Rings, Dragon Age and even Elder Scrolls:Skyrim for evidence. They either hate the surface or content to stay underground



Which is why I want to see just once, a series where they come swarming out of their caves and lay waste to the surface dwellers.


Well, if they ain’t interested in ruling the underground as well as being not too interested with gold and don’t fear the sky falling on their head, you might get your wish.


Dwemer ain’t dwarves, common misconception. They’re elves.


None of those things (except maybe the sky part) are mutually exclusive with a desire to conquer the world.



I was wondering if you can tell us a bit about how Imperial Intelligence deals with compromised individuals. I’m sure they’ll just disavow them and go, “Don’t know who that person is.” But, I was just wondering if a few of those liquidation teams are there just to… tie up any loose ends that may arise if RTI accidentally stumbles into more of their operatives again.