Guns of Infinity



With the influx of the incoming former Antari serfs as well…


Oh could we build a veterans hospital that would be cool.


Right Geo,

We could build orphanages for urchins who lost a father, roads to increase commerce, and schools and universities to educate the masses and expand fields of knowledge.


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This month:
Internal Memos!
Service Records!
Official Stamps!
Who the hell is [EXPUNGED] anyways?


Not gonna lie I was laying in bed knowing I have a ruck march in less than four hours when I saw this pop up.

I have so many questions now and cannot sleep due to the mass amount of excitement coursing through my system Paul. What have you done?

Who the hell is EXPUNGED!?


…Findlay’s younger brother is in Cazarosta’s squadron? Saints have mercy on him.


I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine. Cazarosta is not going to give Cunaris an easy excuse to cashier him or worse.


I wonder if Cunaris deliberately placed him there to keep an eye on him?



Could be. I can’t imagine it happened accidentally.


I can do that… for money.


Wait what ?!?! (This is what I get for not being a Patreon, curse my circumstances). Still, why would the Duke do that ? Does he want to scar his child by assigning him under Cazarosta ? You know what, might as well add his eldest under that, if your MC does the secret mission and captures Princess Aleksandra.


Well, the MC can demonstrate ruthless tendencies and piss him off pretty thoroughly even in Sabres, and yet Renard gets assigned anyways.

Maybe Caz will whip Laurent into shape.


Gotta love those early morning rucks, eh? :rofl:


Reyes being a known associate of Cazarosta makes me kinda happy. I’m glad those two found some common ground, or at least hang out often.

Though unfortunately we still don’t know too much more than we already knew about Cazarosta. RTI is extremely nervous with regards to his continued existence, and it makes me wonder if the MC is going to be approached and asked to ‘keep tabs’ on Caz.


Clearly, RTI needs to tap Caz for wetwork :wink: Officially on post, unofficially… The Deathborn, Scourge of HMs Enemies :stuck_out_tongue: Give him an avenue to be useful, and exploit his sense of predestination, in service of the crown. Absolutely do not let him languish, and if he seems to go rogue? Well, an ambush of volleyed musketry on the roads works… after all, brigandry is a problem!


Imagine a spin-off series with Cazarosta going on James Bond-style adventures.


My name is Cazarosta.

Caius Cazarosta. :wink:


On the contrary, you have the wrong British-accented sociopath.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters, is their plan.”


Master Garing, I’m RTI


I choose to believe this is a hint that Cazarosta’s going to become a terrifying, ideologically driven supervillian with a small, elite army of ruthless zealots and broad popular backing.

Not to mention his evil lair the highly fortified Leoniscourt. From the name of the “Storm Coast” I imagine lightning is common there too.