Guns of Infinity



And then he took the leap towards calling himself Azor Ahai reborn and naming his sword Lightbringer because of some vague prophecies that only make sense after Melisandre made absolutely sure that he fulfilled the conditions in the most technical way possible. :stuck_out_tongue: You can argue that he only did that out of pragmatism, and not out of any real belief, but that would just make him a massive liar. And Stannis and lies is like water and oil.

But yes, I absolutely agree that “religious fanatic” is not really the most accurate term. Again, “not that kind of religious fanatic”.


I wouldn’t call it a lie. I would consider it more like: “If you believe I fulfull these qualities then fine. You know more about your religion than I do.”

Also I thought Stannis’s entire theme was a loyal, dutiful, just man slowly abandoning his principles when the world has constantly screwed him over for decades and leaves him with no other option.


Eh, that just makes it seem like a lie by omission. I still think that he must be at least somewhat convinced by Melisandre’s prophecy talk, and find it to be a plausible explanation, or else he would shut it down.

Abandoning his principles? Where? He kills his brother, aye, but his brother is a traitor. He “cheats” on his wife, but not out of lust but rather out of necessity. You could probably even argue that Stannis is asexual. And then what happens in the show to his daughter is bullshit and I see no way that book Stannis would do that. Of course, that could still be defended by claiming that the ends justify the means. Essentially, would you rather kill your daughter or lose World War 2? Still, bad writing from the show there.

Stannis is a loyal, dutiful, just man who does not abandon his principles throughout the books, and that is what makes him special. He is bound to lose eventually, partly because when push came to shove he cared more about winning the right way than just winning at any costs, but he will give Westeros a run for its money and show them how terrifying a truly just man can be.


My marriage more of a business deal, ex needed a husband to collect the items her mom left her in the will. While I have to make sure the family name lives on since many of my male cousins don’t seem able or willing to produce heirs. I also recongize a daughter of ours she didn’t bother to tell me until she needed a hubby. We more like friends than a couple. My gf wasn’t exactly happy with the whole thing and accepted a uneasy peace with the spouse.
I don’t have a crazy obsession over my crush like LF but I do flirt with her when I can

Might have my MC in LoI try to keep a gf on the side when he finally gets hitch.


That sounds like something straight out of a fantasy story, I thought you had just made a typo in the previous reply. :stuck_out_tongue: Huh. Good luck, that really sounds like an interesting arrangement.


Yes, what happened in the show was bullshit… but Stannis still abandoned some of his principles in the books.

Because if he stayed true to his principles, he would have executed all the Lords who previously followed Renly. But he didn’t, because he needed them, and later admits to Davos that he is disgusted with himself because he punished better men for less.

And yes, Renly did need to die, but kinslaying is taboo and assassination is a dishonorable tactic. So by Westerosi standards that is extremely unprincipled.

Also, if I’m not mistaken, doesn’t Stannis keep cheating with Mel even after they surpassed the shadowbaby limit?


In Lords of Infinity or following games, will the MC have to deal with any PTSD or emotional issues from the Dozen Years’ War?


Don’t cynical/ruthless MCs suffer nightmares after the party in Sabres?


*if (idealism<50) and (ruthlessness >50)
A nightmare of stagnation as Tierra decays without the invigorating energies of battle.

I think it is not PTSD.


if you dig around your find people often put conditions in their wills for their family. I just finish my and I know it going to cause problems later in the future.

Guess we should be happy the MC’s dad didn’t leave a will behind that cause trouble.


I was thinking along the lines, “The fireworks at the festival remind you of the artillery at Blogia. Suddenly, you can see the Church Hussars charging your position, your men desperately preparing to hold the line at all costs. It’s so vivid that you could swear it’s as real as the festival. You feel that you have to go off and catch your breath in an effort to slow your racing pulse and remind yourself that it’s been more than eight years since that happened.”

Just reminders that even though the war is over, your MC still feels the emotional effects of devoting twelve years of their life to a war, which sometimes saw incredibly harsh combat.


Wonder what is Tierra policy for PTSD people… Suddenly remembers what happened to Major Keane… On second thought, never mind. Funny enough, I recently finished my WW1 book I bought on school trip abroad to UK and I learnt that people did a study on shellshocked soldiers after the war, stating that whilst it was something that could not be avoided, those very people could not use it as an excuse not to fight and et cetera. But seriously, surely Tierra must have some kind of plan to help assimilate soldiers back to day to day life, right ?


Getting any arrears in their pay resolved before discharging them would probably be the closest thing to such a plan.


Would have thought Granadier Square would have resolve that the moment the Tierrian all but won the war. Let me guess, too much paperwork to complete and hence room for errors ?


Too much paperwork, too little concern about the subject. This is an early 19th century society as far as its understanding goes.


Also in terms of looking at it in terms of differences from RL, the social and religious culture of Tierra spiritualizes and glorifies war. I’d think most Tierrans would assume that all the soldiers are coming home from doing something awesome rather than traumatic.


Naw, thanks I don’t really wanna have my character follow in Bernadotte’s footsteps in be bumped off in order to chair a puppet government for King Miguel somewhere, particularly since that almost certainly means in inescapable opposite sex marriage of the worst kind (the worst kind being the kind that is constantly in the public eye and constantly judged on how well you can act like a macho straight dude).

Suprised you haven’t slit a certain despot’s throat by now cascat, but then again Cata is probably right when he says a successful decapitation strike in this situation would be a myth. :disappointed:

They go into writing therapy, or at least my former child-officer will. Throughout the war I’ve also made him slide from idealistic to cynical. Although his memoirs are written in as neutral a tone as he can manage, focusing on the facts and letting his readers draw their own conclusions a lot of the time.

The ones who think that probably haven’t actually fought anything more then paperwork sitting at their desks in Grenadier Square though, unless they are Kentauri I guess.


Sure but that includes most of the people in Tierra.


While PTSD is going to be a problem for some, and likely not be well-addressed, the bigger problem for the returning soldiers is going to be Tierra’s economic slump. Large numbers of poor, desperate trained men aren’t going to be good for anyone.


It’s good for the cunning and charismatic revolutionary who manages to turn those disgruntled ex-killing machines against the government they were once conscripted into serving.