Guns of Infinity



Is there any way to do the secret mission, get the money, and not tick off Renard?


If you pick Thunderer and have low soldiering you lose health, and if you have really low soldiering you can’t charge to get the Gryphon of Rendower.


Yes. Don’t have Renard in your squadron.


So play a disgraced dragoon?



Garret brings his own share of problems, though.


He’s so much more fun than Renard though, believe me.


Yes, but you can also avoid those problems by getting Faith, which is cheaper and doesn’t require you to give up Lanzeral. So what does Bulwark have that Faith doesn’t?


Really not much especially since Bulwark is a gelding and Faith at least is a mare. Scimitar might actually be a better horse in terms of supplying future horses to the Dragoons, but that’s the only one other than Thunder that I can see a long term advantage with beyond the first two games.


You get a semi-funny line at the end of Guns of Infinity, where they carry/lift “Bulwark” over the “bulwark” of the ship back to Tierra. Kinda cracked me up when I read that.


Thunderer is besto though.

He makes thunder rain on his enemies.



@Sneaks, teach him how to pun.


That’s not what your like implies. :wink:


Oh whoops, I miss-clicked.

Lemme fix that gross oversight.


That’s what they all say. >.<


But he does charge a lot.

On a side note, I wonder if Lanzeral as a sergeant is going to backfire. Isn’t he supposed to be the oldest of them all? What if he dies or retires before the series ends?


You forgot Jackrum, she can provide good horses too.



Lanzerel was born in 574, Harlech and Villanueva in 572, and Fenton and Hernandes in 578.


It must be weird for Lanzerel, he started as a line infantry sergeant and can find himself the Colour Sergeant of the Royal Dragoons.


He found himself dead at 2K for me.

Honestly though, I think he’s well-suited to the Dragoons. He was nervous at first, but never really let the MC down.


I kill off Lewes, I feel that having the Experimental’s be martyrs will do better for their cause of raising dedicated light infantry roles.

Also, my guy needed more time and he knew the Experimental’s could give him that.