Guns of Infinity



Those “ransoms” are only a few hundred crown, so they don’t really matter much in the grand-scheme of things. Besides you only get them if you personally aid the experimentals, I don’t know what I did in my first playthrough anymore, but it could be I aided the other guys instead. They fight hordes of serfs who aren’t worth a dime in ransoms however.


Try 2000.

It’s a nice chunk of change.


Ah… Maybe if your all friends a agreement could be iron out or you do jobs for them.

Just claim you lost it Antar, way home or robbers got pass Larry and rob from your home. While having a servant secretly pawn or sell it for you.


How much would you get from selling all your plate armour and longsword anyway? And your runegun + Callindrian sabre + Thunderer?


Only baneblood can sell those items.


And good luck finding the type of eccentric merchant prince willing to pay several thousand crown for what amounts to a decorative suit of armor for anyone but it’s original owner.


Glad to know I’m not the only one who thought “Holy shit that’s badass” when I first started playing Sabres.


It’s 2000 crown regardless of who you aid.

The ransoms from the entire battle were pooled together and then split among every participating officer by rank. I’m going to assume this was because the entire army was fighting directly under one commander (Havenport), and with such a huge battlefield and so many men it’s hard to keep track of who captured who.


Maybe. Those jobs better had mostly involve writing things for them though, since there’s no way my mc is going to practice corrupt Cortes politics for them and he doesn’t really have any other outstanding skills, except raw intelligence due to being a baneblood who both couldn’t afford university and being forbidden from learning another trade due to being a baneblood.

Huh, that may be why he was able to afford that commission then. Still probably need to do a replay to scale back the Garing investment to 1000 crown. That would cover both the commission and the interest payment.
Next he probably needs to beg Caz for money for those stupid, stupid, robes and hope his nearly complete memoirs represent a good enough bit of literary art to cover those costs.
So, yes, when all is said and done and providing the memoirs work out twelve years of war will have left my mc with only the passion for a supremely sexy elf and not much else.


Yes you can, it’s called taking out a loan to see your kid through university. It’s not that outlandish of a concept, it happens all over the US to this day.


Ah, since his father died my mc probably couldn’t be a student anymore due to having to assume the responsibilities for the barony , even if he did find the money for it somehow. Besides it is not as if for Tierran banebloods going to university actually improves your economic outlook, since they’re not allowed to hold most skilled jobs anyway.

And even in the US that system is currently breaking down when tertiary education is rapidly becoming as mandatory as high school it loses some of its previous economic advantage, while your costs of tuition have only kept rising exponentially. So that now the wages you’re gonna be earning no longer justify taking the risk on some of those extremely high loans.


But you can impress all the ladies with poetry, and make all the lads feel inferior with your vast knowledge on history and philosophy ON TOP of your military prowess.


You also get to have this fancy diploma that you can hang on your wall.

My uncle forgets his masters that he got in Columbia. He went to two ivy leagues, Columbia for Graduate school and Dartmouth for his Bachelors. He is 46 and still paying off his college loans. So you can exist your whole life and have to pay off your loans and still have a life.


Yeah, that’s not something my mc wants to do. Wounding guys pride like that tends to make them into enemies, not potential bed-mates. Again, stupid gender-roles.
Impressing the ladies is also something that isn’t likely to fall well with their husbands and my mc is not looking for a wife and there are very few female heads of the family in Tierra. Again stupid gender roles.
Besides my mc likes writing, I’m sure he can already come up with some pretty good poetry as is and his knowledge is generally pretty decent from what we’ve seen for high-int mc’s in-game.

Yeah, if you go to a prestigious university make the right connections and go on to the right kind of job, otherwise it is increasingly impossible on a single income, particularly with today’s ridiculous house prices in our cities.
I can just about manage on a single income and I certainly wouldn’t be able to afford any home if I had American levels of student debt. Even so nice vacations will have to wait till I either find a partner or get bumped up to partner or senior associate.
And I have acquaintances both less and more lucky than I am in that regard. One of the more unlucky ones works a job far below his skills and capabilities in order so he doesn’t earn too much and can continue to live in social housing.




@Cataphrak, how did your French Marshal in Duty and Honour do in Wagram and Leipzig? I always forgot to ask this question.


Black market my friend :slight_smile:


I seeing Caz likely having us do “work” for him or using us to get a nice assignment in the regiment if we a Lt Col. And Kat… weren’t be surprise if she takes us on mission as her lackey or sent us in deep cover missions in disguise (hopefully nothing involving a dress)


You mean Legion of Honor?
Rambeau never made Marshal. I think he actually missed Wagram and commanded a regiment at Leipzig.


Do you have to buy this and play it physically or did they make an online version for it? I like it, but I don’t think I have people or the time to sit down and have people join me.


Something I’ve always wondered: are there any actual advantages for picking Bulwark instead of Thunderer or Faith?

So far the only advantage I can see is he has the coolest name.