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Two Words my friend Flour War.


Honestly, I really hope the Baneless don’t go full French Revolution on us. I’m quite fond of my head.

But if we don’t get executed, we could invent the guillotine and make a killing off it.


Who’s a really great podcast series listening to Revolution. It’s done by the same guy that did the history of Rome. Honey goes into every revolution in modern history. Starting first with the English Civil War and all the reasons I let up to it. Then the American war of independence. I’m on the French Revolution right now and he’s going into hyper detail. I feel like we could go full French Revolution this looking at the economics situation and if we ever do get the page gun article on the situation and if we ever do get the patron article on the government from local to the Royal. We can get an idea of how much of a mess it is. One of the things that the UK has is that the local government pretty much as the same since the founding of the seed colonies. Which translates into a Judicial legal and Taxation mess. Could go down the path of the English Civil War depending on how much the king pushes his perogative and try to skirt the Corte.


The King’s plan involves using the Cortes, that much can be inferred by how he knighted and offered patronage to young nobles who are going to have a seat on the Cortes in the future.

King Miguel’s plan was to go and get a bunch of his generation bound to him so he can have a stable coalition to push his reforms through the Cortes. People don’t live forever and King Miguel hopes to have as many of their successors on his side of the table when the time comes to push his reforms through.

Using the Cortes is also necessary since the House Guard system only keeps a small portion of men under arms directly loyal to the crown and many of these men are now veteran officers who know how to wage war and won’t be bullied into submission, especially problem regions like Castermaine, Leoniscourt, and Wulfram.

Finally the biggest problem for King Miguel’s reforms are quite simple. King Edwin the Strong built a system that gave the nobles who compose the Cortes strong independence and rights, people generally don’t like giving up rights, without something to gain from it. If King Miguel’s centralisation reforms involve the ceding of their rights, it will not be pretty. So King Miguel will need to work through the Cortes to get his reforms done and he will need actors to help get them through.


Very true. In-game the only issue that could drive my mc to Cortes politics is if the King or other reformers threaten the tax-exemption for nobles he relies on. Particularly since there is nothing at all for my mc to gain from reform of the noble privileges.


Actually there is, you can always negotiate tax breaks if you invest in certain industries that benefit the crown.

Such as trade companies, gun firms, and important industries like mining and steel refining. Then you can pay minimal taxes. Because if I was to impose a tax, it would be on investments.

The fifty crowns you’ll probably pay at most in taxes certainly won’t hurt you. Especially since you make more than your interest payments if you can pay them off.


To invest requires money, something my mc doesn’t have.


Yes, you do.

You have money, you’re not broke. The thing with money is that you need to often times spend money to make it. It doesn’t help you if you just stare at it and swim in it. The thing is, that you just need to go and marginally improve your incomes. It isn’t a problem to be in debt, most people are in debt in some way, whether it’s college loans or a mortgage on your house.

You owe money to someone and I am fairly certain you buy things still. It destroys economies if people don’t buy.

Unless you already paid off your mortgage, than I don’t know how and you certainly don’t have to worry about not buying things.

I’m also 100% certain that your family has money in the bank. People need to understand that having debt isn’t bad, it’s only if you cannot pay it that it becomes a problem. You aren’t a penniless family, it’s just easier to save your money as a noble for a terrible time than to go and commit it all to paying off a debt than being actually penniless.


That gets me thinking. Might there be strategies in Lords where someone who’s hit the Aleksandra jackpot would have wanted to not pay the debt immediately?

I mean, I imagine that in theory it won’t impugn your honour if you don’t pay down your principal and instead invest 25,000 crowns in turning your estate into an economic engine…


This is what I like to imagine will happen in Lords:

(Just replace the insect-people with Tierran Banebloods.)

Anyways, as for the debts, I think you’re in a good position if you have enough money to repay the debt and still have 1k crowns left over, with enough income to meet the interest payments. That is how I normally end on a only-child playthrough that only sends half his money, received the 800 crown ransom from Sabres, invested a few hundred crown’s into Garing’s invention, does the Forlorn Hope, buys the LC promotion, and fights at 2K.

However, simply meeting the interest payments won’t be enough. You need to remember that a good 30 crowns of your income will not be passed down to the next generation (15 is halfpay from Lieutenant Colonel, 15 is the annuity), so you may end up screwing your descendants over if you don’t concern yourself with at the very least making the debt smaller.


That’s when the biggest thing the French fought fought over their traditional rights and privileges. Miguel is no Louie XVI he has a administrative skills and you know a backbone, with military ability and some political cunning.


True, however nobody is going to want to lend my mc any more money when he already cannot afford his interest payments now. Particularly when he also has to buy those ridiculous investiture robes.


He certainly has a backbone, “Antar declared war.”

“I want an expedition on their shores by the end of the year.”


“Did I stutter?”

@idonotlikeusernames, people are always willing to lend you money, the question is if you’re willing to get your arms broken if you can’t pay them.

Also since you’re not doing anything of note, you really just don’t have to worry about your debt. Just go and maintain your incomes and just put a little per month to paying it and you’ll do fine.


Since this setting doesn’t have computers that take voice input my mc kind of needs his arms to write, plus he simply likes his arms. So that would be a no.


You could always sell or pawn your knight gear if your one. Hey don’t complain about the robes maybe their at least cool looking and you can always pawn it later. Or take a loan from good old Caz and hope for the best.


Pay? Loot? Ransoms? You’ve been at war for twelve years and have nothing at all to show for it?

set reputation -50%


Other than an intense burning passion for Lord Cassius?

Probably not.


Caz and his sister seem like the type to make you swim with concrete shoes if you can’t repay them, so…

Well I suppose I could reduce my mc’s investment amount with Garing from 2000 to 1000 crowns and that should leave my mc just barely able to pay off the interest, the moronic robes and be able to afford that commission. But yeah, since I didn’t do the secret mission and my character never looted like a common soldier either that is all the money he has to show for twelve years of war.

I guess that makes my mc an example of why in countries with weak institutional structures and a dysfunctional judicial system so many military officers are inclined to corruption to supplement their not usually over generous wages.

You are talking to someone who on occasion has to don formal judicial robes for his work and if there is one garment that could make even super cute guys look less appealing our horribly outdated civilian judicial robes would be a good contender. :unamused:

I wonder what all the old(er) knights with uhm…let’s say “expanded” waistlines do. I mean they might sell their armour too, seeing as how they cannot possibly fit in it anymore.

Don’t forget an avoided marriage in my head-canon anyway.
Other then that you’re mostly right. Particularly since the Dragoons don’t really have a particularly fancy dress uniform either.


Are you allowed to do that? I can’t imagine your Order would be pleased if they heard about it.


Hey man a 2000 crown investment in the pipeline is something. Maybe not a very helpful something in the short run but still something.

You didn’t get any ransoms at Kharangia V: Khorobirit Strikes Back?