Guns of Infinity



-Garing, probably…


There are only two words that matter: fire, and reload… :wink:


Yes there is, if you have too many guns, your guns get in the way of your guns, and then you end up shooting your guns with your guns, and if you shoot your guns with your guns, then you won’t have as many guns.

Remember Plato, moderation is the key, too many guns is just as bad as too few guns.


Implying there can ever be enough dakka


You can still adopt and legitimise.

If you openly dump the Betrothed for another, and then strike out, you’re not going to have much luck building a loving marriage with the Betrothed: no person likes knowing that they were their partner’s second choice, and even if you do marry for the sake of an heir, the union probably won’t be a happy one.


Assuming this isn’t a spoiler, how possible will it be to build a trusting, respectful and functioning relationship with our betrothed/wife while having a male romance?


Hmmm…Kat seems far too controlling, Welles seems like the type to demand you’d genuinely be attracted to and in love with her, which would leave the betrothed about whom we know nothing.
However since my mc first became a soldier because of his late father’s “marriage or commission” demand and the fact that with the way most Tierrans are brought up they seem to be uneasy around elves, I’d say my primary mc chances aren’t good, not when trying to romance Cass anyway.
Maybe my secondary Lord Marcus focused playthrough will have more luck there, as that one at least doesn’t have a cute pointy-eared complication.
It’s too bad the crossdressed Dragoon is merely a cross-dresser and not a genuine (trans) man, as that would possibly have made for an interesting, if unconventional gay relationship. :thinking:

However in all cases my mc would much prefer to stay a single (unconfirmed) bachelor if he cannot marry a sexy husband.


I think I specified the betrothed wife when I was asking. She’s the one who sounds like she’d be the easiest to marry without any expectation of romance or love.


I bet you could have the most traditionally loving relationship with her. The thing that she may not come with all these Hang-Ups or power but you know she could genuinely love you one day maybe she already does.


Oh, of course. But she’s also someone who you can marry because you need to make a baby, who can be your household manager (because she doesn’t have huge tracts of land in her own right) and who you can otherwise ignore if you so choose.


It is kind of terrible how Rawly we can objectify her. Is nothing mutually exclusive beneficial like it could be with Kat or Wells.


@ Ramidel

Maybe it is me but ignoring her might be bad plan. The betrothed might bring more lands as the form of a dowry although she is not connected as well the other three. Her father is or was a Viscount and sitting in the Cortes. There may be some alliances to be had where you are not beholden to the Pettycoat Cabal or power hungry king. Besides who does not want to win the heart of the prettiest girl in lower middle Aetoria?



If a ruthless MC can somehow assassinate every male or older female in the Betrothed family without anyone knowing… profit.

Also a massive rep loss, because people will be suspicious anyways.

Edit: But I’m going to pursue Welles, if only to ensure she does end up with Garret.

Or I suppose I could just cut out the middlewoman and murder Garret. But the shady connections I would need to do that would make me just as bad.


Betrothed likely a better and save choice. Their might be benefits to marrying her especially if she a viscount’s daughter. Usually I prefer to do the secret mission, get the reward, keep Lts alive and tell little Cunaris nothing. So when I come back I likely be the only noble who debt free and well off in the local area. And that should make the MC somewhat popular and even more they see him in full uniform with his medals with a Hussar in his service.


We don’t know that like we know nothing else about her, she could still be a romantic expecting love and romance or someone who abhors gay people and she’s almost certain to not be very tolerant of Elves.


Wait, isn’t her father another poor baron like us? Why would a viscount have betrothed his daughter to the son of an impoverished baron like us?


Hey maybe she swings the other too. It be a perfect cover for you two and you both just need to make one or two kids. And you can both see who you want on the side in secret. A marriage doesn’t have to perfect or fully happy. I married and we sort of in the middle, no great love for each other or hate. And its working out fine and we more like friends than a couple.


Remember though that this is a @Cataphrak game, so I’m sure it won’t be that easy or convenient.

An impoverished Viscount betrothing his second or third daughter, particularly when he has a or even multiple sons too isn’t that much of a risk and spares him from having to give her a large dowry, or would have spared our late father from paying a high bride price, depending which way the availability of women and the tradition of Tierran culture lean.


Paul I’ve been listening to a nice little podcast about the French Revolution. Dear God France with the mess in literally every way it was never an absolute monarchy. And from what you tell me about the UK. It’s in a very similar situation and both is judicial splitting up off geographical regions and it’s taxes system. So my question is how badly I’ve does reform and reforms that need to be done by the king.

Another interesting thing liberals in Europe you see very commonly push for an absolute monarchy they want a strong executive. Foundinf philosopher for the balance of power in France who is pretty fiercely conservative because the balance was used also preserved privileges.

Because you been hinting at in the forms and if you read the newspaper updates in the game. The country is in debt one of the things you see in the game is that UK is running on very archaic systems and from the obviously local level the government itself is based on its old seed colonies which doesn’t just go culturally probably breaks the boat judicial Regional organization taxation rights and privileges of the baneblood nobility or towns excetra. Who are the big fat economic debt it’s all the recipe for French Revolution.


Let’s not forget the shortage of bread.