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An interesting discussion. My thoughts:

  1. People generally do better if they are satisfied with their employment. Forcing all the banecasters to be banehealers probably won’t end well particularly given their inherent powers and likely wealthy and powerful families.

  2. I can see some major logistical advantages of banecasting over artillery. And see some major throughput advantages of artillery over banecasting. I’m pretty sure there is some tactical harmony to be had there. How about artillery delivered bane-patterns???

  3. Banehealing is a huge advantage that there is no modern correlation for. I once ask my father (a surgeon) if he had a choice between the magical healing healing of a wizard without modern medical knowledge and the best surgeon with all the modern tools which he would rather have he said, “are you kidding me?! Wizard! 100% of the time.”


Then you are purposefully ignoring the utility of Banecasting. It has been shown time and time again to work in places where artillery obviously wouldn’t, such as our missions with Hunter and Cazarosta, the Forlorn Hope, and the naval battle.

But why? Banehealing is obviously a difficult art to master, it takes years for Knights of the Blue to be good enough to adequately take care of people with magic.

Technology can’t replace magic in every possible sense.


Well, bane-enchantment is completely different. I’m talking about banecasting.


My MC’s always think, why not use both banecasting and technology since both can be equally destructive.


guys really thank for your condolences it means the world to me.


Wouldn’t that depend on the system of magic, for fine nerve connections and preventive theraphy modern surgery and medicine would seem superior to many systems of magic already. In Cata’s world banecasting has some serious drawbacks and in @Havenstone 's one healing something significant literally costs the blood of innocents, the more complex the more blood you need and the more skill the mage needs. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are only a handful of mages in the Hegemony able to remove a brain tumor and the author has said as much for mages able to perfectly adjust their patients gender.

Of course on the other end of the scale we have universes like the Elder Scrolls, where magical healing really does seem to be superior. Sick? Just chug a potion of cure disease, horrific burns? No problem, just heal them.

Anyway the advantages seem to largely disappear the more advanced technology gets, but then again sufficiently advanced technology would be nearly indistinguishable from “magic” to us.

Quite right, no reason magical healing couldn’t be combined with more scientific approaches to medicine.


@Rogar, my sympathies and condolences. Just like what everyone has said, we’re here for you.


You have parents? Huh, I just always sort of assumed you sprung fully geared from Chesty Puller’s head one day, ready to kill.


Huh, I assumed marines were forged in the depths of Isengard…


Dude, I also wanted to add in and wish you the best, you’re a great guy and a great contributor to this thread and I wanted to let you know that if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask.



Is the Battle of Borodino’s redoubt fighting close to what the infantry faced in SK? Because I’m drawing comparisons of a bunch of men in fortified positions unloading shot into nearly endless waves of attackers, then getting into brutal hand to hand combat.


That would be a pretty good approximation, yeah.


Except much smaller in scale, Tierra didn’t have a few thousand reserves to throw into the battle.

Only like 3’000 men.


And a couple hundred naval-weight guns.

Let’s not forget them.


Just get enough cannons to shove in the redoubt and load them with double cannister.

That’s how Russians solved problems.

Which just enhances my theory that enough cannons can solve any problem. Instead of field pieces, you can use naval cannons when applicable. Tierran innovation at its finest, “Lemme just park my fleet here cool thx. Too bad you don’t have boats amirite?”


Was Khorobirit one of the League lords who initially supported Antar’s war against Tierra?


Yes since he wanted an enemy to use as a way to enable him to be the first amongst equals in the League of Antar.


Cataphrak, another question:

If we choose to pursue either Katarina, Welles, or Crossdressed Dragoon, but fail, will we still have the Betrothed to fall back on? Or are we automatically doomed to never produce a legitimate heir if we aim high and miss?


Call when you finish this would you ever published a physical version of this. Because I can only imagine by the time the guide that you were posting online it will be quite thick when Masters is finished. And there still seems to be quite a big love for physical game books.


There’s no such thing as too many guns.