Guns of Infinity



For the protagonist to be well-known among the common people he would have to be minimally a commander of a regiment if not a brigade and have independent command of it.


Neither is the everyday baneblood, for that matter. The PC is one of a number of officers knighted and promoted after Blogia, for example.

The PC is - at most - a big deal to people who specifically care about the Dragoons.


I’d have to disagree with you when you say that we as the main protaganist, are not popular back home, and I’m a bit surprised you’d say that, especially when it is mentioned almost periodically in both Sabres and Guns. When we meet lady welles, to when we get letters back from home, earning the high esteem from his majesty, which is then translated towards the papers, and we have our FACE on it as well, if you remeber out first encounter with last welles, she said that she should have recognized us from the editorial. We all know that people like to look up to someone, espcially during hard times, fortunately, I don’t have the same cynical perspective on how you think they view us, but I’m not blind that there are some that share your view in Tierra, although not the vast majority.

Now, onto esteem, your saying they don’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things? Did you not read what I said, especially with the gryphon of rendower, the highest award in Tierra…? That we win (depending on your play style) twice…? That less than 6 dozen men in all of Tierra are able to get…? Come on.

And I believe it’s a given that even a lowborn common would understand the significance of the awards that we earned, especially the most celebrated and esteemed ones. That kind of goes without saying.

And we all know with how dire Tierra’s situation was, I think it would be resonable to say that they’d be covering the “heroic” exploiots of its officers even more, to raise morale and support for the war effort. Safe to say that we’d be fairly popular back home indeed


I’d say a big deal to the army in general. Just look at your actions throughout the series:
-Befriend and learn from the Duke of Cunaris himself.
-Become a knight. Sure, there were a lot of knighthoods at Blogia, but we still stand out from the non-knighted.
-Befriend three Lieutenant-Colonels from different regiments, two of which are highly esteemed.
-One of these LCs is also the brother of the King’s second in command. You get to give him advice and play regulat card games with him.
-Take on the Duke of Cunaris’s son as a Squire.
-Shake hands with the Earl of Castermaine, receive a private audience with the King himself, and speak to Duke Havenport on more than one occasion.
-Earn the grudging respect of a Lancer captain despite tense regimental rivalry.
-Have friends from other regiments that we haven’t even met on-screen.



I’d say it really depends. Going point by point to illustrate my point:

  1. You serve as his aide for a while and he’s your regimental commander. Nothing outside the regiment.
  2. Yes, but not necessarily among other knights.
  3. It’s not as if the PC is unique for being on good terms with them, though. And we do barely know at least two of those.
  4. That definitely depends on what path the PC takes, so I’m not commenting one way or another.
  5. Same.
  6. That’s hardly more than a moment between two individuals, though…
  7. Not really that special.

What it boils down to for me is that the PC isn’t necessarily particularly distinctive here - it’s not like he’s a totally obscure figure, but are we more special than Milton or Palliser, say? We don’t really know, and nothing much in game really brings up a chance for us to find out. We players don’t know their stories well.

I’d put the PC as of moderate importance to the army on the whole, but far from the biggest hero (I doubt any lieutenant colonel or major counts, except maybe Hunter).


Just so you’re aware, nobody actually know we are the main protagonist.

Welles is one of the people I was referring to when I was talking about military buffs. Her job is literally to collect information and write reports on major battles. And she is also a Baneblood, a supporter of the war, and is actually in Antar. Naturally she will be more well-informed than most.

Letters from the family, who naturally kept a close eye on our progress, either out of concern for our well-being or to keep track of their investment.

Do you remember the name and face of everyone you read about in the paper? Now remember that many Tierrans are illiterate, and weren’t huge supporters of the war to begin with, so why would they follow it? Being mentioned in the paper isn’t as special as you make it out to be. Elson was mentioned when he got promoted, and he didn’t even do anything.

I thought it was made abundantly clear that Welles by no means represents the average Tierran in any way, shape, or form.

I’m saying that our contributions to the actual battles aren’t that significant or noticeable in the grand scheme of things. This is proven by the fact that even when we fail or are absent from a particular battle, it still concludes in a victory even without our help.

Does it go without saying? If I’m not up to date with the war and know nothing about the military’s structure or rewards, how would I know what the Gryphon of Rendower is?

Problem is, there are too many heroes. Many of whom have committed far greater deeds than us, who also happen to be of higher birth and station. What makes us stand out to the everyday Tierran, when so many more prominent men are being put on display right beside or even in front of us?

I’m pretty sure if you push to show mercy to Keane when you have a high reputation, the game basically states you are so popular that nobody disputes you. To the point where one of the other judges is even afraid to stand up to you.


In the end, the weight of your reputation alone was enough. The man from Grenadier Square proved most unwilling to stand up to an officer with a record and a popularity within the service such as yours. When you demanded that Keane be shown mercy, the staff officer did not dispute you.

But it doesn’t really answer how you compare to other figures. I wouldn’t want to stand up against Lord Marcus, to pick someone with fewer actual deeds but a much greater standing regardless, in the staff officer’s shoes.


In the Firewood scenario, your word is worth more than the Duke of Cunaris’s own son.

Of course, Marcus is a Lieutenant-Colonel, while Renard is a simple Lieutenant, so that’s different, but you still carry a huge amount of weight on your own.

(just not enough to make you a celebrity among the general populace, as I’m trying to say to the other guy.)


I’m hesitant to agree without some comparison to the PC’s same (military) rank peers, honestly. Lord Renard is a fairly unrecognized lieutenant, you’re a major with multiple marks of distinction.

But for someone like Lord Marcus, he has the same rank, more seniority, and whatever standing being a duke’s brother is to compare to the PC’s medals and knighthood.

I do think there are officers outside the Dragoons that would argue the PC is pretty special, but there are probably officers who would regard him as “So is (our regimental commander).” in both the Horse and Foot.


Tbh perfectly honest with you, I’m still against your ideas, but understand what your trying to say.

But it’s 2:20 am right now, and I have to sleeeeeeeeeep :cry:
If be more than happy to debate this topic later on however, and just wish to let you know, in case you got the wrong idea :3


We’re not obscure but we’re not special. We served above average but really the first two games I feel like personal it is to give us the formative years of the protagonist military career and you get an idea of their command style incredibly early On. Because the thing we are not The Hero we just a hero. They were many Brave and far more renowned men that came out of this war. But the personal social connections and opportunities can be quite huge to us personally. Because guys look at the storyline is incredibly intimate.


I have played this game a long time ago but recently joined the what I want to say is I am a very big fan of your work and I would love to see a sequel for guns of infinity.


It’s something you know this is very early on in the game we are the most generic noble man of one of the most generic origins in the kingdom as far as background prior to war we are nobody special. Honestly the protagonist does not come off interesting untold guns because they have a built in backstory we helped shape before that they were more bland than white toast.


Not all that many. The PC is, in fact, at least one of The Heroes if our reputation is good.

Consider that we’re the field commander of the Royal Dragoons, a regiment that post-Blogia has become roughly the Tierran equivalent of the US Marine Corps in terms of its place in Tierra’s military mythology, and we’ve absorbed most of the heroic accolades that Cazarosta ought to be getting for his command of part of the Dragoons.


It’s good to be here. I am known as a progressive radical who thinks artillery is better than bane casting so my membership might do more harm than good I’m afraid

I’m sorry to hear that man. Maybe a bread shaped substitute made of the abovementioned foodstuffs make the world go round?


It’s gonna take more than one war to replace the Royal Tierran Marine…Dragoons are basically flyboys for christssakes…


Oh yeah will the Dragoons be getting any support from the crown in peace time now that they have proved themselves rather valuable? I mean I remember reading somewhere that Cunaris took out a good few loans to pay for their upkeep so he can’t feasibly pay for them indefinitely without extra aid


You remember all of my jokes about cavalrymen, right?


All of them except the best one…


In the military we could possibly have a pretty stellar reputation. But we are not some payments Hero just the one of the many there were produced during the dozen years war. We are a bit player. With an opportunity to possibly make ourselves more during peacetime. Establish a nice base of political capital. To cash in on it during the next conflict that with Are war time experience could maybe Land us a huge appointment.

Think about it to land a victory title you would have to have an independent command most likely at the Brigade level.