Guns of Infinity



The Antari admitting to defeat, and Tierra proving that it can do more than engage in basically large scale piracy, are not exactly nothing.


The Antari have already admitted to defeat before with a Tierran victory in King Alarics War and Tierra only bought its proof of being a secondary power with the blood of thousands of Tierrans, the end of countless noble lines and the near collapse of the Unified Kingdom with its crippling debt, public unrest and rampant banditry


I’m not really sure they - or anyone else whose opinion of Tierra matters - considers King’s Alaric War to be "admitting to defeat, as opposed “That proves nothing.”

And establishing that Tierra is a credible independent power was never going to be done on the cheap.


Keep in mind that Tierra wasn’t waging a war of aggression to get something from Antar, it was protecting itself from being reduced to an Antari vassal state. Preserving its own sovereignty is the best it could realistically hope for.


I think my MC is going to found the Tierran Round Earth Society.


Yeah I suppose you’re right but the Tierran navy could have just done Alarics War 2.0 and preserved their independence that way


My theory is that Cataphrak will behave one of two ways:

  • He will obviously be an evil god to us all and give us hell, as increasingly expected.


  • This has all been leading to the ultimate maniacal evil laugh: making us believe he will lead us to hell (and never get to reach the whole “and back” part of the saying, we will be stuck in there forever and ever) while in fact the last book or something will be the ultimate power-fantasy, and we will either end up as Kings of Tierra, Emperors of the whole known world; Geniuses who will discover what’s beyond the Infinity Sea and be song for millennia to come; or the true and only God and source of all the bane.

I pray for the second while secretly enjoying the prospect of the first. I guess we would all be a great study case of a masochist community or something like that :stuck_out_tongue:

And there goes a great enterprise. Me thinking I would get to be this great pirate baron, and King Miguel gets up and decides to make the world see us as a (so very) slightly important and worth of annihilation small-and-only-temporary shred of admiration.

Oh, King Miguel ruined two of my dreams with a single war, hum? No pirate king and apparently no treating your biologically inferior and dirty little pesky peasants as what they really are: inferior beings. Maybe a Takaran invasion is not so bad after all, at least the bastard will gets his due for destroying my dreams with his feeble I-have-never-done-anything-in-my-life fingers. The king is dead! Long live the pirate/slave-holder baron! :tada:

It couldn’t. In the Alaric’s War it was considered an internal matter of Antar, now it was an independent and pesky power (i.e. Tierra) ruining trade and stability for the big guys due to some pesky little war with a much bigger foe. Tierra was now only inches away from being declared pariah among nations (I can’t remember the exact name, but you get the point) and being completely obliterated by the rest of the world.


King Alaric’s War crippled the Antari merchant marine and brought ruin to its great port cities, both of which never recovered. Antar as a whole (read: the powerful interior lords that actually control the League Congress) don’t really care about any potential blockade as Antar is largely self sufficient, importing only select luxury goods for the most part.

Tierra on the other hand, on account of relying on Antari grain to feed its people, was being price gouged by Kian merchants. While it’s likely they could have staved off economic collapse much longer without financing a full fledged invasion a purely naval war gives the League precisely zero reason to sue for peace, meaning that Tierra would slowly buckle under the weight of grain subsidies.

Basically, the conditions that allowed Tierra to achieve a limited victory during King Alaric’s War no longer exist. If Tierra wanted any chance of the war ending without once again becoming a de facto Antari vassal they had to commit to a full invasion of the Antari mainland.


Yeah I see your point. Bread makes the world go round.


@Cataphrak, a question if I may. Why wasn’t that same problem faced by Tierra during Alaric’s war? This may have been explained before, but I have never read it during my searching, if so, I ask your apology in advance. Thank you.


It was.

That’s why it settled for terms which allowed the League of Antar to pretend it didn’t lose.


@Cataphrak, I searched, and am pretty sure this hasn’t been asked: how are child mortality rates in Tierra? Do baneless couples usually have lots of kids that don’t make it into adulthood?


Ahh, I had never understood that bit. Thanks, great as usual.


A fellow member of the Tierran Round Earth Society. Good to have you!


Well not if you have celiac’s, like me. Maybe fruits, vegetables, meat and water make the world go round.


I may or may not be the only one contemplating this,and this train of thought might have been mentioned beforehand, in the vast depths of this 45k thread XD

But I am near convinced that our MC’s noble hoymuse will come to eclipse and eventually overthrow the Rendower Minsrchy, either through rebellion and internal turmoil through some sort of crisis, devious machinations, etc

What do you guys think on this, just putting it out there :laughing:


I’m not going to totally discount the idea of the MC eventually becoming king.

If he ever did though I imagine it would be shortly followed by a bad end involving being knifed to death in one’s sleep or winding up on the chopping block after a uprising against the Usurper King.


I don’t think so. Not to long ago Tierra was about to crack in two just from the war against Antar. And if you played through the story as I did, then you’d know that you are extremely popular with the people back home, as a hero of blogia, as the leader of the successful forlorn hope at the siege of khrangia, a knight of the red, having a second bar added to the gryphon of rendower where less than 5 dozen men in the kings entire armed forces are able to obtain, the meritorious service order, the cross of saint jerome, the secret service order etc.

With the right backing, and enough suppport from the commons and banebloods alike, it’s not so far-fetched, and your prediction is way to cynical for what’s to be taken into account.



I’m imagining the end of the first season of Blackadder, yeah.


No, you’re extremely popular among your fellow officers and certain military buffs.

Back home? Not so much. First of all, the war was extremely unpopular among the general population and much of the nobility. Some of them will look at you with resentment or envy, as they realize you profitted while they starved.

Secondly, your achievements aren’t that great in the grand scheme of things. Not when you compare them to the legendary exploits of Cunaris, Wulfram, Havenport, Hunter, etc, or the dilligent service of people like Palliser and Castermaine.

Most of the events you took part in, while vital, were also overlooked sideshows or smaller parts of a much larger battle, so there’s nothing to mark you as overly special.

It’s enough to get you noticed by someone who is taking a close look at the battle and understands the significance of your contribution, but the everyday commoner isn’t going to have memorized the troop positioning at Blogia or know the name of every officer who was knighted there.

As for decorations:

Gryphon - The bar is impressive… but only to those who understand its significance.

Cross of Jerome - Also impressive… but again, you need to understand its significance to appreciate the fact that a cavalry officer won a navy medal.

Meritous Service Order - One of the lowest valued decorations.

Secet Service - Hush hush. Only agents of RTI who have appropriate clearance actually know you have this.