Guns of Infinity



The chances are probably pretty high since otherwise it might result in a civil war. At the very least it would probably cause a major economic disruption to have what amounts to one of the major governments of the Unified Kingdom default.


Adding on to my civil war theory, what if the Kian decide to back one horse, and the Takarans decide to back another, both hoping to turn their chosen contender into a puppet?



State of the war, I believe.


I’m thinking Young Duke Wulfram or Duke Warburton might be behind it. They’re the only Dukes who weren’t actually in Antar during the war, and I imagine the only ones powerful enough to stand a chance should the pamphlet be traced back to them. Plus, Duke Warburton is a claimant to the throne while Young Wulfram is no friend of the King and a staunch supporter of the peace movement.

I’d rule out Princess Isobel, since it clearly mentions ‘King’, unless she was just trying to test the waters and see if people were actually open to revolt in the first place.

Or maybe it was just some young, bright, idealistic printer who thought he was doing the right thing. EXECUTE THE PRESS!

Edit: The Cazarostas could also be behind it… maybe the Earl of Leoniscourt is already planning to have Katarina marry Warburton so she can convince him to stage a coup, allowing her to become the true power behind the throne?

And let’s not forget that Wulfram, the Salt Coast, and Warburton were the regions that originally refused to join Edwin.


The pamphlet can be found in the stats screen (state of war), where all the uppdates concerning the war is documented. LATE SPRING 612, to be exact.


…a civil war would also be the most logical way to get Tierra to adopt Garing’s guns before they go to war with a foreign power. Maybe if we invested in it/gave him advice we’ll have the option to convince him to sell exclusively to one side?

Now I’m really hyped for this civil war that might not even happen.


Looks like I need to play through again.


If there is, i will be first to motion that @Cataphrak adds the option of getting the MC a Battle-Poodle


I counter your motion with my own suggestion: a mountable Emu.


Good Idea, I’m sure the emu’s will love to ride them puny humans. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe we could build a musket, but make it flexible so that we can bend it and attach a bowstring to it, so that after the musket runs out of ammunition we can fire arrows, only instead of arrows it will fire swords. Then cover the entire thing in banerunes. I’d love to see what Garing thinks of that.


“Sir, you clearly have acquired a stash of some exceptionally good Cunarian brandy.”

Pause, while he wonders if he could get away with asking you to share a glass of it.


“Er… maybe we could go back to your original idea. You know… with the deadbolt?”

“A deadbolt! That gives me another idea. I’m thinking we get a door, and fire it from a catapult at our enemies. But the door will be covered in baneseals, effectively creating a launchable banecast!”


But can an Emu spit hot fire like Boy/Puddle?

And thou art a Round-headed puppy, a selfish snarling Cur, that doth baule
and rayle wheresoever thou commest: dost thou presume to confront me with they
ignorant spirit and prick-eares?


But can a Dog be an Emu?

I think not sirrah.


Pointy-eared propaganda. No fine Duke would spread such vile sedition.


Just fixed that for you.


Mr. Garing what if we get one of those infernal emus, apply baneseals to its throat and wings and make it a flying flightless feathered dragon bird!
and then launch it out of a catapult with swords strapped to it!


M’hidiyossi provides a nice example as to what happens if Kian and Takara each back a side. Tierra would be in a state of perpetual civil war until either Takara or Kian slips up, which would be unlikely to happen because they’ve had centuries to get good at what they do.

However I’m not sure if Tierra’s society is as impossible to reconcile as M’hidiyossi’s seemed to be, which might make keeping the civil war going a challenge.


Made this the other day, not for any good reason, just felt like something that the Infinite Sea’s internet would have flying around it, if the Infinite Sea ever manages to have an internet in three or four centuries (if not more).