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Of course, we should hardly be suprised to hear this from a Lancer.


So, I reread the latest article, and I have some more thoughts:

I feel like the Findlays really got screwed over here. They did most of the military work, and yet the article on the Royal Dragoons mentioned that at the time of the Dragoons’ founding, the ruler of Fernandescourt was only an Earl. This would imply that, after the wars of succession were over, the Findlays were only rewarded the title of Earl, despite playing a vital role in the Kingdom’s formation. Alternatively, it could also imply that they were rewarded the title of Duke initially, were downgraded to Earl after a financial crisis.

Man, Cunaris might not be as staunch a supporter of the royal family as I thought. I recall that if you choose to converse with him in Sabres, he does not appear to respect the King very much. And before I joined this forum, when I skimmed through the previous posts I recall reading that he wasn’t very fond of Edwin’s father. Add in the fact that he named his heir Renard… passive aggressive much?

The Havenports seem to be one of the most opportunistic families in the Kingdom. Seriously. The fact that the Kentauri were divided into so many clans suggests to me that they are huge on independence. And yet the Havenports were perfectly willing to sacrifice their own independence and bend the knee to Cunaris/Aetoria so long as they got to rule over the rest of their Kentauri brethren. How do the rest of the Kentauri feel about this?

The article seems to suggest that, at the time, Aetoria was the economic hub of Tierra. Yet an Aetorian MC still has the same debt/income as the two other backgrounds. Does this mean that Wufram has supplanted Aetoria as the economic powerhouse, or does it simply mean the Aetorian MC’s family was unable to make the same investments/business endeavors as other Aetorians due to their own crippling debt?

Salt Coast:
How much influence/wealth to the Earls of Castermaine and Crittenden wield in relation to the other Duchies? They seem to control a sizeable chunk of territory, and are trading with Takara.

So why didn’t Warburton back up Wulfram and the Salt Coast? Did they think that Takara’s ‘no navy’ policy kept them safe? And I doubt it prohibited them from transporting land troops via boat, since Leoniscourt was also on an island. Or did they simply think that the new Unified Kingdom would never bother with them even if they did succeed?


The men need a good time and a boost to morale. And don’t have a awesome uniform just medieval armor and that’s not nice as what the WRL got.


You appear to be channeling your inner Harlech.


“Earl of Fernandescourt” was a secondary title. Arturo d’al Findlay was a second son, and only succeeded to the dukedom after his brother died.

It depends. The Havenports have brought considerable improvements in quality of life, and the fact that they have such vast and well-guarded holdings means that they and their allies live at a level of safety and wealth which is pretty much unheard of elsewhere in Kentaur.

Of course, to their rivals, this just means they’ve turned their back on the old ways, and decades of submission have made them soft - why, they’ve even outlawed infanticide, the decadent fools!

Aetoria was the banking hub of the Petty Kingdoms, which didn’t mean it had the strongest economy. Compare say, Switzerland to Germany.

They would have been a match for Cunaris together.

It did. That was how Leoniscourt preserved its independence for decades afterwards.


Sabres and Guns of Infinity has been pretty interesting on how your MC would deal with certain situations of cavalry warfare and the tough decisions that goes with it. The interactions with the characters that you encounter in both of these stories was also thought provoking since there are a few that would support an evil action for the greater good and there are others that opposes that. But really, I have to admit that I’m addicted to playing the story and taking the different routes just to see what would happen. Great work.


So, the Duke of Wulfram would also be Earl of Tannersburg, and Miguel is Earl of Aetoria as well as Duke of Rendower and King of Tierra?

Edit: Or are you saying that the position of Earl of the capitals are left in the hands of the Dukes’ relatives for the day to day management of the cities, just like how the King leaves the day to day running of his duchy to a steward?


Not necessarily. It depends on the title. Aetoria, for example, is effectively an overgrown city-state, so it doesn’t have a separate title attached to it. “Prince of Aetoria” was a lot like “Duke of Florence” in a lot of ways.


Tierran inheritiance law really is overly complex…


In the atrucle mentioning because of their alliances they were buying things off each other. Particular offices in the Royal government. What were they how were they in heritable?

Also how much of the seed colonies home culture affect local culture currently in the UK.


They aren’t, but surprisingly, if you offer the person handing out offices and enormous amount of money, they’ll probably end up giving you one.

Quite a bit: local traditions, cuisine, conventions of local governance, accent…



If we become earl of Leoniscourt and have beef with Cunaris how will we go about calling in debts which Cunaris owns, do we sent a letter to him or use a law firm or bank to sent a notice?


Here’s some advice, if you loan out money to people in the sums that Leoniscourt does to Cunaris, it stops being a, “I own you” type of debt. If he calls in the debt, Cunaris will say, “I can’t pay” which will cause both houses to lose ludicrous amounts of money.


“If you owe the Cazarostas 500 crown, that’s your problem. If you owe the Cazarostas 500 000 crown, that’s their problem.”


Unless I don’t care about the money and wish to hurt his pride by having him defaulting. He lose reputation and banks or other folks might think twice loaning him money. Or its a tactic to forced him to negotiate table and get some thing from him.


Any particular reason you want to humiliate your colonel?


Actually, you’ll get more flak for using a man’s private debts for political leverage which is terribly noveau rich.


So after certain number of years offices become attached to titles and families.

so when it comes to local governments and local borders it’s a hot mess. It sounds a lot like the Holy Roman Empire pre-revolutionary France. With convoluted laws Customs, different type of local governments.

so when really return home the depending where we are from there can be a lot different game play especially when it comes to culture laws and government. I bet there’s a lot of things when it comes to feudal obligations.


He really needs to get a good financial advisor or find some way to make money fast. Actually I prefer a marriage alliance, use of land he not using, be able to borrow some dragoons and a few other things

Its just business nothing personal


I think you fail to understand that if you do anything like that, you’re a dead duck.