Guns of Infinity



Even in a botch training opt where we were cut off and ran out our supply of water for four hours in the middle of the Nevada desert. Made me hate so many like choices. For the armies cut off from that supplies it’s a fate worse than death, nothing will kill moral faster. So having it extra layer of fighting partisans with low or cut off supplies is going to cultivate some terrible perspectives. That’s why for example I try to look at America’s different relationships with the different tribes. Elise prior to the Civil War and especially after words are army was never a huge during this period so you have of these forts in an incredibly sparsely populated area but very low supplies and questional command ability of your commander, with enemy that comes off alien it to you stacked on with the mindset of the early 18 century. Top off the fact Your enlisted soldier prior to the Civil War you’re probably don’t come from a great background. And this institutionalize hatred probably explains the intensive technic cleansing tendencies by the late 1800s.

From the tribes perspective this is a foreign enemy on our land and they don’t stop coming.


He strikes a compromise: The King’s Grenadiers no longer have to sully their honour with such work because the job is transferred to the sort of edge cases and marginal outfits that don’t have as much of a reputation to worry about…

Like the Experimental Corps, and 3rd Squadron, Royal Dragoons.


Yes the meatgrinder of Rzhev was one thing.

Other things with Zhukov:

-Failed Yelna operation
-Soviets launched an utterly disastrous counter offense from Moscow going west after the Panzergruppen swung south the encircle Kiev. This effort completely failed, and resulted in the destruction of some of the Red armies finest fighting formations. There apparently was the plan to cut of the South going Panzers with this offensive, effectively using the Southern and Southerwestern Fronts (who were fighting better then the other fronts, and managed to survive the early battles in mostly good order) as bait. Effectively, the Nazis ate the bait, and also destroyed the hook for free.

-Failure to take Rostov right after Stalingrad (which was Rokososvkiys intuition, Zhukov and Vasilevsky adivsed against it)


Remind me of how the first emperor of the Han dynasty came to power. Trapped his rival’s his army in some mountain and starved them. Poor guy took his own life after several days of trying to breakout. History has great accounts of how desperate a cut off army gets. From eating the cavalry’s horses to cooking dogs, rats, cats and even eating leather boots.


The first emperor of the Han is recorded a******. There is a story of him kicking out his own children so the carriage moves faster. But related note yeah it’s a special hell to be cut off from logistical support. Which kind of shows are ballsy Sherman and Grant where.

Back to the first emperor of the Han by the standards of the day he was par for the course. He looked better than the first emperor of China.


Now you know where the “Drunken Shandong Hick” part of me comes from (The Gaozu Emperor was actually born as a peasant just south of the modern Jiangsu-Shandong border).


Indeed. Shame on you, Cataphrak, for only really facing our men with one chance of death-by-low-resources per game (that winter in insufficient barracks and the time all the firewood was being reserved for boats), and having most of our deaths come from actual bloodshed. (Then again, that would go against the general principle of only losing troops as a result of the player’s choices.)


Some things just have to be abstracted into a few “tone-setting” segments. I’m trying for verisimilitude, not full realism, because the latter would essentially mean 99.8% of your decisions would be about replacing faulty carbines and writing up your dragoons for petty crimes.


That and counting equipment…so.many.times!


Well, yes, how else would you know that one of your Dragoons has sold his carbine for gin money, and tried to cover it up by reporting it as “faulty”?


Hm. Is it more paperwork to execute a misbehaving Dragoon or to stop his pay?


The former.
Have one of your men hanged, you’d need to file the paperwork to stop his pay anyways…

Unless you just pocket it, of course.


That’s an excellent reason not to recruit more men for your troop when you take losses. The survivors get extra rations and you get bonus pay.

Well, until you have to face your next inspection and your Reputation takes a hit from getting caught.


^ The real reason Caz had half his squadron killed off.


I’d feel like you would have more compassion in your heart then he did. Also his wife was bloody insane and did some huge damage to the cultural perspective of women anywhere near authority for China.

Also you tell me your part Dragon like the high ancestor. :grin::wink:


I can only just imagine the sergeants call the men name and asking where their carbine he we give the trooper does know excuse. The pleasures of being platoon sergeant.


Or you’re sent off to fight, but the unit is so badly undermanned and lead that what’s left flees at the first sign of the enemy. Come to think of it, something very similar happened to the Iraqi military in 2014 against ISIS, with one significant difference. The Iraqi division and brigade commanders appointed by PM Maliki (who was more concerned with personal loyalty than competence or corruption) didn’t wait to lose men to battle, they signed up friends, family and others as both officers and enlisted men who then split the wages with their commanders in return for never having to show up and actually train, or later, fight. That worked out really well for Iraq…


Yes, the horribly corrupt Iraqi army. The US should have split the country up right from the start, as even had they retained the core of Saddam’s military, a move advocated by many they’d in turn just have tried to continue to oppress the Shia and the Kurds and all you might have today would be a different Shia flavoured uprising and the Kurds would still have been the Kurds.

Well with the losses my mc’s squad took in the game I never did apply for new recruits so as not to undermine discipline, morale and readiness, but yes there would be a limit to which that can be stretched. I believe in-game my mc’s unit did well-enough at around 80% strength. Still I’d get a bit worried if we drop below two-thirds.

Hmmm…I heard that whenever the budget allows, which it hasn’t for quite a while now our own military likes to over-recruit by about 10 to 20 percent, presumably in order to better be able to absorb losses should it come to a fight.


That’s always been Ithe Iraqi army problem corruption and nepotism. Now their been reformed and even the cops are now equiped with military grade gear. I remember their was one Iraqi general nickname the chicken guy or something like that cause he sold the poultry in his men’s rations. I imagine the soldiers weren’t happy about that and i be piss if my former captain was stealing my food to lined his pockets.


With that bonus you could buy new and better guns for the men. Better food and clothing I sure they love to have and you pay for them to have a good time at a brothel. :wink:


Always got to strike the balance between ability and numbers :disappointed:
Especially at the Squadron level, where number becomes as important as ability, you’re cut off from a lot of tactical options just for the issue of not enough troopers.