Guns of Infinity



Wait a minute… Lefebvre is already a knight, whereas Hartigan has very little combat experience. Plus, depending on player choice, Lef could also be rich as hell, or Hartigan could be dead.

Oh my god. Lefebvre’s probably going to win.

I think this might actually be an interesting choice though, since you can be friends with one and hate the other, befriend both, or hate both, and they both have different values.

Lefebvre for King!

Edit: Though I wonder if we are friends with both we can convince them to put their ambitions aside and support us for Grandmaster instead. Maybe using arguments like:

For Lefebvre: “You’re shady as hell, and Hartigan was Hunter’s best friend. They want someone with a ‘clean’ record who was on good terms with him. You don’t stand a chance. But I have a better rep, also had a close relationship with Hunter, and you know I have a practical mind, so support me instead of yourself.”

For Hartigan: “Lefebvre is a knight who participated in several key battles. No offense, but you yourself said you have not. They’ll want someone with combat experience, so you don’t stand a chance. I have an excellent service record, you know I’m an honorable man, and Hunter believed in me, so you should support me instead of yourself.”



If my memory serves me right, half-elves aren’t allowed to exist right by II?


Correct. Punishment is the elimination of parents and children by II


So do Half-Elves have their own fancy term just like the Deathborn? Halfborn?


Probably something like "ETA five minutes"
Jokes aside I don’t think there would be any real fancy name aside from race traitor or abomination, its a rare thing as is.


“ETA Five Minutes” for King!



Can anyone tell me the requirements to save Khoroborits (misspell?). I am utterly and completely stuck.

@Cataphrak Are there knights who use banehardened shields as an additionel form of protection, going full melee?


There’s no point.

Historically, Western European knights abandoned the use of the shield by the late 14th century because it became redundant: plate armour provided superior protection while distributing its weight better, and not only allowed for superior mobility, but also made it easier to carry the two-handed weapons knights often needed to defeat an opponent in plate armour.

In the Infinite Sea, a similar situation applies: any weapon which can go through banehardened plate will go through a shield of any make or design.


55 soldiering with the armour (something like 85 without) or 65 charisma and at least some basic knowledge of Antari to capture the Princess (which will let the child escape).


If a Half Elf survived, I imagine they would have to be completely cut off from the rest of civilization, to the point where they would be even more jaded and anti-social than Cazarosta. Probably unstable, too.

Because while Caz was mistreated, at least he didn’t have to deal with the fact that everyone was actively trying to exterminate him (they only wished they could exterminate him.)


No and, as far as we know, no.

Imperial Intelligence is the most powerful and dangerous intelligence organization in the Infinite Sea. If they deign that the world is better off with you dead, you are dead.

Iirc Cataphrak has stated that he wants to leave the MC’s appearance entirely up to the player’s imagination.


You are correct, it’s up to you. You determine what your PC looks like and you can also imagine your CoA.


Yeah, I never understood why some CoG games make you decide your character’s appearance, when everyone is either already imagining it in their heads or didn’t even care enough to think about it in the first place.


It makes sense if the game is going to refer to your (color) hair and (color) eyes or something at some point, but I’m not sure how often it’s important to refer to “your blue eyes” as opposed to just “your eyes”.


I agree with you. however, many people like it. Well, I find it useless but it can be made useful in many ways. for example, choice of your mc’s height (tall, short or average) can be used later in fighting strategies like in a bayonet fight mc can be tall enough to jump and cut that thing and make it fall on enemy’s head he. Or mc can be shorter than enemy and he will roll past him and backstab him. For hair- mc can use his long hairs during fights and at some point it can be obstacle. Or some RO likes long hairs or short hairs which will give a small relationship boost, etc.


Well, just read the latest article.

Now I understand why the Salt Coast doesn’t have have its own Duchy.

So, do all Salt Coasters have a reputation for ruthlessness/scheming/manipulation, or is that just the Cazarostas? And do they still have a desire for independence?

Also, when Takara ordered all the children to stop playing around with their boats, was the official story of them trying to protect their own trading interests actually true? Or did they actually want Tierra to unify?


Just the Cazarostas. They’ve always been seen as a bit cutthroat. At least these days, they mean that figuratively, instead of literally.

Not so long as the deal Callum IV cut with Edmund I holds (I’ll probably be explaining that later)

It was. The ongoing naval war meant that Takaran trading houses were losing quite a bit of money both from the havoc the economic disruption was wreaking on commodity prices, and the extra cost of security measures.


How else will we be able to reminisce about AOL/AIM profiles and the ridiculous things we put in them? (Note to self: Snow Patrol lyrics need to be in LOI) :stuck_out_tongue:


@CSGo88 I’m sure we’ll find something.