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Yah, a lot of diseases and conditions are difficult to diagnose or the signs just aren’t caught. Sometimes due to negligence or mistakes, sometimes just because it could be any number of like one hundred things. We really need to double our current research, development, and workforce in the medical field right now.


Not to sound inappropriate moments like this is when I just want to give you a hug and stay as trying to be ok. And my friend I honestly truly hope you find your prince because you are a good chap.

On the side now and I can’t wait to we deliver rousing speeches at Corte on economic and social issues!!!


Looks at 5 Charisma

I… I uh… think that maybe the uh… sweats nervously B-baneless citizens might make good officers. I mean, for example, there’s already uh… former Brevet Lieutenant Cedric Lewes, and uh… Major Caius d’al Caz-

Upon mention of the Deathborn’s name, the crowd immediately begins to boo

Uh… I think I’ll go

Using my 65 Intellect, I spot a conveniently placed open window. I immediately jump through, my 70 soldiering allowing me to land safely like a graceful badass, and begin running.


And for someone in my socio-economic situation I was one of the relatively “lucky” ones too because my mom refused to buy their “he’s just small for his age” or their favourite “it’s all in his head” explanations relatively early on, so she badgered them until they proffered up a more reasonable sounding (yet still wrong) diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome (which is also medical code for “it may have something to do with the digestive system but we don’t know what the fuck it is either or can’t be arsed to find out”), that led to me being put and later putting myself on a number of diets until I finally did get a correct diagnosis, but of course by then it was too late for the correct treatment to have any beneficial effects at all on my growth or appearance.:angry:
On the upside those other diets did already limit my gluten intake substantially just by staying away from many grain-based products or processed foods or I might have been even shorter.

Well my mc will try to stay out of the Cortes, I believe I mentioned before that the only issue that could cause him to reluctantly speak out in the Cortes would be any attempts to toy with the tax-exemptions for nobles.
That’s not to say he won’t voice his opinions, as he’d love to become Tierra’s first (political) newspaper columnist for example.


Remember that Liara’s mother expected her to be one of the best examples of Asari. With a respected Matriarch as a mom, Liara was expected to prove herself to be the best example of the Asari possible. She wasn’t like other Asari who could party their centuries away.


My MC is first going to try to find out where everyone stands, how likely the reforms are to actually succeed, how his own career and reputation will be affected, what benefits they will actually bring to Tierra, and then decide from there.

My first playthroughs always tend to be cautious. And yet, I still somehow ended up in that Death Ride during my first playthrough of Sabres…

Oh right, I was so cautious that I didn’t want to risk angering my commander. And I lost my sergeant because of it. RIP Hernandez.


I think they would be no more highly guarded privilege then tax exemptions.

Would that be considered trade?


You know, I wonder if we really will be able to invoke Cazarosta’s name in our argument for Baneless officers.

“If this Deathborn bastard can get himself promoted to Major on merit alone, without the natural advantages of the Blood, then why can’t a well-educated baneless citizen with the necessary funds, and without the inherent disadvantages of Deathborn bastardry, do the same!?”

We might lose some relationship points with Caz, as well as a whole lot of rep, but it’ll certainly make a compelling argument.

[quote=“Rogar, post:40785, topic:2656, full:true”]Would that be considered trade?

What if the newspaper is non-profit? Or what if you don’t own the newspaper itself, but are writing them free articles?


Banebloods are allowed to be writers and contract with publishers for their works, I think if the reimbursement was per written column or article instead of being part of a paper’s salaried staff it should be permissible. Though Cata would know Tierran law better than I do of course.


If the Cortes ever devolves into physical anarchy, you can always beat the opponents of your bills with a walking stick - legislative politics, 19th century style!


Yes, I’ve seen the “I don’t know what’s happening it must not exist” diagnosis both with myself when I had a really complicated shoulder injury and with my mother who wound up with nerve damage and had to get a fracking vertebrae in her neck replaced with someone else’s.
It’s incredibly annoying, especially when you hear the compassionate and wildly talented doctors often are the ones just as pissed as we are about it, because idiotic physicians who do that sort of thing ruin people’s lives, health, and trust in the medical profession. Shit like that leads to the anti-vaccine movement and you can’t tell anyone different because there is such a lack of trust in healthcare for very valid reasons.


Indeed my personal trust in the medical community remains fairly low till this very day. Though the rabid anti-vaccine movement is more of a US thing. One thing I do know is that I won’t ever be lining up for experimental treatments and vaccines due to my personal history. I mean it’s great that these things help people but in my case I’d figure the placebo effect alone would be working against me due to my distinct lack of trust.
So yeah, I’ll pretty much only consent to treatments and procedures that have a proven history that I can google for myself, despite being greatly intrigued by scientific advances but I do lack trust in the doctors (despite having some md friends now) to apply them to me in a manner that works for me, cause I’m neither rich nor a big shot celebrity.

I figure that in the US stories like these don’t exactly help any either and given that our Conservatives want further healthcare privatizations too…:disappointed:


Mhmm, I actually like john Oliver but the dialysis video is something I need to re watch. There’s definitely something to be said that the medical profession needs to rehab its image by being more consistent and holding doctors and pharmacy companies accountable for the best interests of the patient. Because the experimental treatments and vaccines are incredibly important, but yah, I probably wouldn’t do one either because I do have a familiarity with the healthcare world. (My mom is a well educated nurse and I virtually interrogated her professors, colleagues, and later bosses about some of this stuff)
Which is a shame, because there are success stories and those can be replicated if we actually cared too.


Writing is considered a pastime or a diversion, even when for pay, since it is generally considered unlikely that writers be capable of making a living commensurate with their level of education from their work. And in the game too.


On the other hand the only money to be earned in Tierran politics can solely be obtained through nepotism, corruption,bribery, extortion or simply horse-trading favours lobbying and being a bought and paid for mouthpiece for somebody else’s agenda.
Well I suppose slavery opposite sex marriage also counts as “politics” more often then not here.


I think comparing marriage to slavery is a bit extreme…


Depends on who you ask my guy. Depends on who you ask. But I’d be more than willing to subject myself to such slavery, @idonotlikeusernames, it’d be more than worth it.


Well, I don’t know about it being worth it, either.

Katarina will likely make us jump through a bunch of political hoops in order to further whatever post-war agenda she may have. And for the marriage itself, she’s likely going to try to be the one calling the shots. I’m a bit reluctant to bow down to the woman who orchestrated Operation: Child Murder, even if said operation was completely justified.

And Welles… I’m pretty sure I said this before, but I have a feeling she’s not going to want to marry anyone until the King passes a reform allowing women to inherit titles/land. She’s not going to give up an Earldom and a Colonelcy, when becoming an officer is pretty much her life goal.

Anyone other than them… eh. We won’t be inheriting anything, assuming that the Betrothed’s family already has a male heir. It might improve our relationship with the spouse’s family, but if they are on the same level as wealth of us that pretty much gives us nothing but an extra vote in the Cortes if we are nice enough and persuasive enough to them. Oh… maybe ruthless MCs could plot to kill the male heir so we can inherit their barony?

My god I’m a hypocrite. I condemn Operation: Child Murder, only to immediately suggest Operation: Murder Brother-In-Law.

Then there’s the crossdressing Dragoon. I’m actually genuinely intrigued by that one, but we know nothing about her, and if she turns out to be Garret…


I am curious exactly what you meant by slavery=opposite sex marriage.
I hate how marriage has been represented and what it means in modern society (I.e it’s a stifling tradition that is a perversion of its own basic idea)
I’d be curious to see how Tierran (and by extension 18th century) marriage worked.


My only gripe with IRL modern marriage is that marketing ploys over the years have made weddings become needlessly and extravagantly expensive, to the point where people are looked down upon for not blowing away months of their hard-earned savings, in a time when so many couples fight over financial issues.

I suppose another gripe is that one partner can run away with 50% of the couple’s money even if they did almost nothing to earn it.

But other than that, it’s just two consenting adults agreeing to spend the rest of their lives together, with the option to back out any time.