Guns of Infinity



The threat of “being buried under gitmo” I’m sure was part of the package for a number of people who are now probably currently serving as double agents in ISIS. The existence of a plausible threat works for the nonideological terrorist and may work in some cases for the groups we are trying to infiltrate. We won’t know in until the 2030s or so when some of this stuff become eligible for declassification.

In any event the larger point is that even if tactical successes were obtained from sources due to the threat of torture the strategic damage wasn’t worth it. The American negotiating position will be forever undermined as a result.

Anyway I’ve done enough defense for the spooks for one day. I’m gonna go back to deriding them as the incompetent, ruthless, and unlovable automatons that they are…


Imperial China The more I learn about it the more tagic it gets.


I genuinely enjoy hearing the valid points the other side has it’s the only way to have a legitimate discussion or learn outside of your comfort zone, which is a major cause of the current U.S divide and craziness.


The game itself also describes Cass as being extremely handsome save for a gauntness most Infinite Sea humans apparently find disturbing, however not my mc. It is indeed kind of like Mass Effect, not many humans would romance a Turian or even a Drell, but some still do and Cass is at least Drell level cute.

Meh, sounds about right for what some real-life tinpot dictators blow through for parties annually too.

Which is troublesome because that sort of organisation is not something a new president can just rebuild from scratch in about 3 years. Particularly not when he or she has to juggle other priorities and fix the other messes of Trump and Sessions and co.

Good he wasn’t gay then cause as expensive as those girls may have been entertaining pretty boys costs much, much more.:wink:


I know that’s the point, but for me, but she felt 14-16, really immature 20 year old at best, so they kinda did it too well.

I divided Asari years by ten; seeing as how “normal” maximum human life expectancy is at a hundred years, with Asari being at 1,000, so anything younger than 180 years old as an Asari is pretty iffy to me when converting it to human, because I just feel like intergalactic Chris Hansen is going to knock on my cabin door soon enough.


Assuming a 1-1 correlation in the length of life stages is doomed to fail. Asari maidens are more-or-less college age, with all that implies. I don’t see Peebee as problematic; she’s clearly been taking advantage of the Asari’s extended “college years,” but there’s nothing wrong with that.


May I inquire in detail?


You may ask, but I won’t answer anything more then to say my experiences involved the Amsterdam party scene in the mid 2000’s.


You are an interesting person, noice.


Sound like a fun time!


Meh, I wasn’t exactly a VIP back then (and still wouldn’t be now) and I actually learned more about swanky gay parties secondhand through my gay activism then I did back as a poor wannabe club kid. I think I’ve explained previously how my jaibait childish looks and lack of money didn’t really help my case back then. As many of the “VIP” guys who may have been at all even remotely interested in me…well let’s just say they gave me the creeps.
Pretty sure I told you guys of my most memorable incident with the wild extravagant and wildly expensive party of a distant friend in one of our best nightclubs (back then anyway, club scene always changes fast) I was forced to miss out on because the stupid bouncers were convinced my actual real government issued ID must have been a masterful forgery and I an underaged kid.


I don’t remember it. If you want, you could send me your stories through inbox.


May have told it on another thread, I’ll see if I can dig it up and link it again, though really I’m fast becoming just another boring old gay lawyer now.
Still suffice it to say I wasn’t then and am not now part of the swanky “gay elite” you see in the glamour magazines and our liberal party leader likes to hobnob with.


I haven’t managed to see that trend, I’m woefully behind cultural funsies these days.


21 Jump Street would have wanted you on their cast - and as I said eleswhere, you are never “boring” lol …


Liara was just a bit over 100, and she was a doctor in archaeology/Protheanology. Peebee is probably about as old as Liara.

To put it into perspective with the previous games.


Then either Liara matured real fast, they messed up continuity, or Peebee is a real late bloomer. Or 1 and 3 at the same time.


I don’t really know what that is, the successor to queer as folk? In any case I doubt it I’m too short to be a model or actor, at least for the “cute guy” roles. But thank you for the sentiment nonetheless.


It’s a comedy about two guys going undercover as high schoolers to bust a drug dealer. Hilarity ensues.


Oh, yeah, sure up till my mid twenties I could pass for a junior highschool student or a short and skinny senior easily I suppose. Still I never was and sadly will never be a Channing Tatum. That’s what I mean by even if I had become an actor through a very weird quirk of fate, I’d never have gotten the nice “cute guy” roles.
It’s why I really fucking hate my own body with its undiagnosed celiacs until it was too late (since I was not formally diagnosed till I was 25).