Guns of Infinity



And that assertion is probably right. :sweat_smile:

He’s young (and super-cute) and his optimism is infectious, at least to my mc. At least somebody is having fun with Miguel and Khorobirit’s senseless little war. :wink:


To be honest, the Takarans met so far have left something to be desired for me. Viztelas might be cool, be we barely got to talk to her. Cassius is just… he really does not get that being an ambassador/observer/whatever means that he sure as hell will not be allowed to get involved with the fighting if I can help it. Sorry buddy, this is a war, not an adventure. Coincidentally, I think he is too young to have been around during the last round of Kian-Takara Thirty-gun Hate.


Violence and even the infliction of violence is incredibly damaging to the individual. Ask literally any soldier, even when it comes to just straight up executions where you aren’t in any danger, for firing squads they would have multiple shooters and all but one would use blanks so they didn’t know who actually had the real bullet. Systematic infliction of harm in a similar vein but where you’re well aware of what you are doing and it’s done of weeks or months is incredibly damaging.
Mind you your average firing squad didn’t do the blanks thing, I can’t remember who did that.


Yep. Cataphrak said that elves were also repugnant for humans. But not to me nor to my main character.

“Sir! Whoever that Bioware person is, he has been passing you good intel!” raises the mug of Ale “To horny humans!”

@Pyyrhus thanks for the answer. I had no idea.


Related to this:

There’s a picture of Lord Cassius somewhere in this thread, and while he doesn’t exactly look like a barely humanoid alien (speaking for me), there might have been the intent to come off more uncanny valley-y.


Let’s all bang the purple fish marine. Let’s all bang the puuuuurrrrpl fish marine.
To the tune of yellow submarine


I second that, I wanted Commander Shepard to hit on an Elcor and a Hanar just for the hell of it.

Plus, what if in DA: Iquisition, you could use the Breach as a… toy?

Also, @Cataphrak Please, please, please, for the love of the Saints add the option to sleep around for our MC’s, even as a DLC.


To be honest, in Andromeda, Peebee feels like a child, and every time I flirt with her (because all my characters are filthy, dirty man whores) (on a side note, that was the way I accidentally started a relationship with Dorian Pavus, because every time there’s a flirt option with some one, you can bet I’ll take it!) I just think, "Ryder, you’re about to get the Asari Christ Hansen called on you! Abort! Abort!


And even Trevor Phillips recognizes that it is a mostly useless and unnecessary means of getting information.

[quote=“ruhenri, post:40734, topic:2656, full:true”]I thought tortures thought they were doing the right thing, how do they get traumatized by it?

Wouldn’t it depend on the torturer? There’d be the guy who regrets it, the guy who is indifferent, the guy who enjoys it, and potentially other types.


Similar to what @unoriginal_username said, I’d imagine that most of the people asked to carry out these tactics weren’t really the ones making the decisions on using them. They could be career people who thought they were doing the right thing but later regretted it, or went by the ‘just following orders’ mantra even though they knew it was wrong. That’s not to say there aren’t people who would enjoy it, but those excited by the thought of torture are usually the ones that don’t actually have to get their hands dirty.


Then the mechanic remains the same: tell me what I want to know or bad things happen to you. I don’t see how that’s any more reliable than direct physical torture.

Interestingly enough, someone actually brought that up in a Steam review of Mecha Ace way back, and it made me re-examine how I was approaching and portraying the concept and use of physical torture in my writing.


That’s what they were going for, Peebe is in the maiden stage of the Asari, so in like reverse dog years she’s basically a teenager or young adult.


If I may insert a guess:
It might be slightly more reliable in the sense that pain and fatigue and stress from actually experiencing the bad things make people even less coherent and capable of providing actually useful information (As distinct from gurgling out something that sounds like “I confess, I confess.”), but that doesn’t make it sound like a good idea.


There’s definitely something to be said for being in a delirious state


[quote=“Cataphrak, post:40723, topic:2656”]This, pretty much. It’s malicious, wasteful, and it doesn’t work in the least.
The only subjective benefit it offers is that it lets the torturer (or whoever’s giving the torturer their orders) a chance to get off on someone else’s pain.[/quote]

It also works if you’re a cop and you care more about closing the case than getting the right guy, or you’re “sure” that the guy you’ve got is the one but don’t have the evidence to prove it.

Not that it’s necessary, mind you. Most people will confess if you just give them a basic, lawful interrogation. (And in another example of how “nice” Canada is, you guys don’t have nearly as strong a right to remain silent. Better than the current English right, at least…)


That’s how things worked in pre-revolutionary China as well. Even if the evidence made it obvious that a person was guilty, you couldn’t get a conviction without a confession.


I can only say not exactly, but I don’t disagree with the premise you are driving at. I think the CIA thinks of it this way: the best tool for flipping mafiosos is the threat of excessive jail sentence followed by relief from that sentence and witness protection for cooperation. Terrorists don’t care about lengthy jail sentences or even being killed “we need a different stick.” In the end it didn’t make a significant enough difference to warrant the damage it did but “its not worth it” isn’t the same as “it doesn’t work.”


Of course he does.

Just because he’s a sadistic and insane psychopath doesn’t mean he’s stupid.


I think it’s more of a reactive that’s prevantative measure as well. If you’re torturing someone it’s because you caught them via other information avenues, if you put the effort into strengthening those avenues that we do into gitmo, I’d be curious to see the effect on the level of intel we receive. Especially since one person in a plot is intentionally kept in the dark on the higher leadership etc.


With me the opposite happens. If my character is male, he isn’t flirty. If it is female? The corporeal representation of being flirty. Somehow, it is more liberating playing as a woman in games, maybe because role-playing becomes more easy, I have no idea why.

Come on man, don’t ruin my romance. :yum: Still, Cora Harper is my default romance choice.

Dammit, now I am feeling like an weirdo. A teenager? Ok, in my version of the canon she is 23. Lets just leave it at that. Please :cry:

This is the point. It does seem to work (even the promise of violence). The problem is that is works “too well”, hence them giving you the truth and, probably after that, a bunch of made up stuff. At least that is how I imagine it. I guess that if I had any experience or dealing with it my take on it would probably be different.