Guns of Infinity



Yeah, but Edward IV never had that chair, did he?


Edmund IV never got that fat.


Oi! That’s my account portrait you’re talking about!


It definitely is, if history is anything to go by!


Really?, the way you described him I always thought he was fat at the end of his life. With all the eating, drinking, screwing and partying he did through out his reign.


The highest calibre blow, off the breasts of the most elegant of hookers, clearly.


when you around that out in dollars its eye widening . Since If a crown is worth $500 each its $37,500,000 or $30,000,000 if a crown is worth $400.


Asking for updates and release dates is against Forum rules, but we know that Lords is supposed to be next in line after Cryptkeepers of Hallowford is done.



Were any of the Dukes in Tierra not PO’d with King Edmund?


His Grace the Duke of Wulfram was friends with His Tierran Majesty.


No daughters or wife I take it? So our regimental commander was PO’d with him?


Damn, now I really want to be king.


He didn’t live long enough to get that fat. He died in his late forties.


I just realized there is a significant unintended consequence in the “clean route” of the secret mission where you capture princess Anna.

Lefebrve is now filthy stinking rich…


Seems he did enough screwing to burn off all the calories. That’s some Ron Jeremy level screwing.


Somehow I doubt he is going to live long enough to enjoy it. If my theory that Khorobirit is going to hunt down everyone involved in the mission turns out to be true.


He might outright burn down Lef, cutting him down in his relative prime, but knowing @Cataphrak, he wouldn’t so easily make a heroic sacrifice out of such a clearly flawed character unless there was some angle in missing (highly likely).

Mister K would most likely go with destroying Mister L’s life around him (possibly draining him of his money either though paranoia, and/or other types of deceit, as disgusting some people he knows to trick L out of his money through fraudulent investments, at least getting some of his money back.

But my favorite theory (simply for pure storytelling potential) is K destroys L’s life around him, leaving his money intact, and letting him know that he won’t send assassins or anything so crude, he’ll simply wage a war of attrition against him, cut off his help, and watch as L uses his money and proceeds to squander it quickly due to become a drunk and/or drug addict to cope with his stress.


If Lefebvre won’t live long, then our MC (at least the one who did the secret mission) has no real reason to live much longer than him. Beyond plot armour, of course.

And since we have 3 more games/books to live, I imagine that Lefebvre has a decent shot at surviving for a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

My theory, pulled out of my imagination right now, is that Khorobirit will probably give his daughter (if he still has one) a decent position in Antar, and then die for some reason. Assassinated, the flu, died in battle, broken heart, some reason. That way he won’t have time to finish plotting revenge on our MC, Lefebvre, Lady Cazarosta, and everyone else involved. Instead his daughter, and whoever she marries, will sometime in the future probably look into the issue and try to kill us much later in the series. Of course, if no one in his family dies then maybe he won’t be AS vengeful (“My name is Inigo Khorobirit, you kidnapped my wife for a while before ransoming her back to me. Prepare to die.”). And if EVERYONE in his family dies, then he won’t have much of a dynasty to carry on…

Lots of variables.


Plus Trump condones torture, so from his and Session’s pov it’s not like they did anything wrong and since he’s a “friendly” head of state it’s not like they can do anything illegal.
They can try appealing to the ECHR, as long as Turkey remains a member, but that’s a glacial process and the damages awarded if you win are very low by American standards.

Too bad that regressive malice isn’t grounds for impeachment, cause Sessions may be even worse than Trump and you can bet the “Blue Dog” Democrats won’t even attempt to reverse any of his “law and order” policies in 2018, 2020, or well beyond that.:unamused:

Then again that was to be expected as Sessions seems to be one of those guys who laments that chattel slavery ain’t a thing in the US anymore.

Great, yet more trouble for my mc who is still dirt-poor. :unamused:

He’s a man, he can always make a new son or daughter. Of course if they’re the ones why go on to try and take revenge on TIerra and us that does buy us about an extra decade, since babies need to grow up first.


I don’t think that is what “condones torture” means. :stuck_out_tongue: But as a note, Erdogan’s bodyguards have been belligerent and aggressive long before Trump came to power, and it wasn’t as if Obama did anything about it. It just doesn’t seem to be a matter that US presidents are interested in raising a fuss about.

Although I guess the July 15 coup attempt might have been Obama’s response. Not a very successful one, though.

As for Khorobirit, yeah, he can make new children… But will he? His wife was not exactly just a trophy wife, she was part of the brains behind his whole operation. So finding a replacement for her is probably not an easy decision, purely from an emotional point of view. Then add in the fact that he has to find a proper match somewhere. His clique is significantly weakened after the war, and maybe lords are a bit wary of marrying in with Khorobirit now. He did prove that he can’t properly protect his own family, which must be a massive blow to his prestige among his fellow lords.

And as you point out, children take time. Especially when you are not at home, but instead busy leading a campaign to consolidate your holdings. His daughter might be ready to take over in about 5 years (I can’t remember her exact age, 12? Younger?), but a new child would take at least 15, probably more. By that time we will already be in the final game, and the new kid would probably have been sidelined by all the more ambitious vassals and rivals who think they can rule better than a little boy or girl, at least if Khorobirit is dead.