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The birthrate?
Only until the Exchequer starts drastically debasing the currency to pay for it.


Under normal conditions (without a war, famine, pandemic, or alcohol shortage in Kentaur), does the Exchequer usually have any difficulty paying for its standard obligations and an average level of royal extravagance?


Prewar, the Exchequer was pulling in a modest surplus (even counting the 75 000 crown Edmund IV blew each year on parties).

Not anymore.


As I recall, the interest on the debt Tierra currently has is nearing the same figure as Tierra’s normal peacetime income.

And that was a few million crown of debt ago.

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8.5 million crowns pre-war ordinary income, and 4.5 million crowns spent serving the debt alone - two years ago.


Yah. If the government can fund the Monarchs clothing budget at its current level of hemorrhagic debt I will be impressed.

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The advantage of being on campaign is that King Miguel can support himself on his ducal budget. He hasn’t pulled anything out of the Exchequer for his personal use in ten years.


Having Aetoria as the duchy in question probably helps.

How did Edmund blow 75k crowns a year on parties? What else did he even do? Why couldn’t our ancestors have bummed some of that cash off of him


Attractive female guests, that’s what he did.
Edmund IV, remember?


what would be the best real life inspiration for the home where is the fusion of several historical persona?

Like this fellow for example
He was one of the most promiscuous rulers of the Middle Ages. His house would losed it legitimate heirs pretty quickly but boy he had quite a few illegitimate heirs.



Oh man, have you seen Edward the King, the BBC miniseries about him? It’s really something


And here I thought it was Charles II.

Then again, there’s a lot of kings who got a lot of tail. As they say, it’s good to be the king.


Charles II fought a lot more wars. He was also considerably less competent a king.


Almost as if those things are related.


Why aren’t domestic banks and lords buying Tierran debt?

The interest rate seems really high for government debt.


Because the Lords are usually in debt up to their eyeballs, and the domestic banks are the ones leveraged out to buy all their debt.

It isn’t, not for the time period and the situation. Welcome to a world where noble lineages are seen as more stable than states.

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To be fair, a great deal of noble lineages do outlast the nations or governments they reside in or in some cases created.


Back of the napkin looks like they are paying 10-11% on the principle a year that would qualify as highly outrageous by modern standards…


Anybody hear about Erdogans bodyguards assaulting protesters? How has there been no statement on this? You can literally watch the video of them kicking old men on the ground and a women hiding under a blanket and going through shock.


-Yet it’s pretty normal for the early modern period. Remember, this was roughly the same time Spain was going bankrupt on average of once every 15 years.

Well, that would normally be the State Department’s job, and the State Department… doesn’t really exist anymore.