Guns of Infinity



Mecha Ace … such a romantic, tragic tale of a space opera quality piece… almost can hear the WW1 echos in deep space.


I fiddled around with this idea for fun. I think it could work very well with a decent writer. Of course, one would have to avoid being too obvious about stealing GW’s beloved IP. :stuck_out_tongue:


Did so you just recently play it? It felt like a really good season of Gundam! But does have so have vibe


Naw - but Mecha Ace is a very layered and subtle work… you need to play it a couple of times to see @Cataphrak’s evil genius influencing you :wink:


That game was good. Only Cataphark gets me to enjoy a story around giant robots.

That is almost impossible, lol. Those guys are completely nuts when it comes to their IP. I get it, but they take it a notch too far.

Yes. At first I was like, cool enough, giant robots, ripping other people apart. Sign me up. And then I got to replay the game a couple of times and I started to connect with the characters and become more involved with the story. It was a weird experience, even if a quite good one.


I loved Mecha Ace, definitely one of the ones I replay periodically. I’d definitely be interested if Paul ever does another science fiction game. Maybe this time from the point of view of an Imperial bringing Law and Order to those brutal terrorists from the colonies!? :stuck_out_tongue:


Viva la Revolution!
Ugh now I have to go get me some mecha ace. My wallet cries


I just read the new article and yeah, Tierra is a bit weak population wise. Six million is… the population of Haiti nowadays. And Kian has one hundred and fifty million, truly, the only way to succeed is an industrial revolution.

By the way, @Cataphrak, can you tell us a bit more about the different Kian ethnicities?


«truly, the only way to succeed is keeping your head down and do whatever the big dogs tell Tierra to do.»

Now it seems accurate enough :stuck_out_tongue:


Great now your making me suspicious of a Canadian couple i know. But yes less paperwork is better.

Could had be much worst for the natives. If i was in charge at the time their be barely any tribes left and meeting a full blooded native be rare.


For example during the mid 18 hundred hardly any of major tribes they where least from from east where pure blooded for example Ross the Principle Chief during Jackson presidency was only one eight. He look more then just passing “white” if you look at the tribal leadership you’d be surprised how many of them are mixed. Mechant and frontier man would often marry into the tribe. What the case of the Comanches they could have “captive” or blood in their vain, also adopted children a take from homestead they raided. When it comes to the more warlike tribes there are no less brutal then the white man they’re just more honest about it.


Comanches did that to help keep their numbers up everytime a outbreak of smallpox or whatever gutted them. A alliance of five later six tribes in the east did the same especially during the beaver wars. The worst we could had done with the native Americans was put all males to the sword, send the young girls to school to be educated then married off to whites and the remaining women have a choice of marrying a white or being send to a abby or something similar to it.


Mecha Ace is my least favorite Cataphrak game - which still makes it one of my favorite games on the site. (Admittedly, one of the albatrosses around my rating is Camille, who I don’t favor as a romance and whose romance is required for my favorite ending.)


Tierra needs a good old breeding program or literally anything. Immigration for days, though suppose it’s more the fact that the land that is Tierra is so damn small in and of itself.


That would probably warrant another Patreon article.

That sounds like exactly the kind of morally questionable decision with horrible consequences that I’d let you make, doesn’t it?


Oh by the bloody Martyrs I can’t tell if you’re serious or not!


Damn, @Pyyrhus you should know better than to give him ideas! :slight_smile:


And it’s only get worse. Now sh*t hit the fan.

Even House of Cards know it can’t compete with us:


@Cataphrak would paying every Tierran household a hefty 10 crowns for every child they birth help?

…That’s probably on the really nice, sunny side of a hypothetical Tierran breeding program. I imagine that direction would get grimdark fast.

Like 100 crowns per birth. That’s far too much money for some baneless peasant!


10 crowns per birth is already more money than most peasants will hold in a lifetime.