Guns of Infinity



Frankly, that’s our own government’s business, and what a ratfuck they’ve made of it these past 150 years.


True, nevertheless if CETA actually was about improving people’s lives (instead of just throwing money at the corps and the rich in the pursuit of failed “trickle down” economics) then we should have looked together with the Canadian government what, if anything, in terms of trade and investment, including perhaps foreign aid, we could have done there.


First Nation=Native American yah? It so, it’s not much better for them here either. They get the short end of the stick in every era, which is saying a lot in a country like the U.S.


One of the more fun applied sections of my ethic class. Singer is a classic utilitarian and between him Ryder who would not consider themselves utilitarian give the best moral argument for going vegan. Which my professor state later having deep respect for both men, but he still love meat and told us being ethical was not always convenient. This videos on the best Arguments for altruism I ever heard take that objectivism!


Dastardly Canadians, so this was the master plan all along, destabilise the US, get more native megacorps and then rake in the big bucks through neoliberal abominations like CETA. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Indeed. Why do you think Trudeau refused to openly speak out against Trump during the American election process?



Not at the prices land is going for in Greater Van and Greater Toronto they aren’t.


N.S.A hacking tools are chilling on the internet. Thanks Shadow Broker. My money’s on the Russians.


Not with that attitude.

If everyone believes hard enough, Canada shall rule the world.


I think that assuming every instance of cyberterrorism originates from Moscow might be verging ing to Menschian-paranoia. I feel like this was too likely to backfire (Russian systems would also be vulnerable to WannaCry) to be Russian action.

In that case, I won’t even need to get a house. I’d just sign a treaty with someone else, violate it repeatedly, and starve them out!

It’s the Canadian way!


Oh I think my post sounded a bit too serious. I mean I kind of think it was a Russian, but that’s more just a joke. The posts by the “shadow broker” where all in broken google translate English, but that could be just some sloppy cover my tracks stuff.


@Cataphrak is right, for your state sponsored hackers publishing zero day tools isn’t their style. Also the Chinese and Russians have suffered disproportionately from WannaCry because they have such a large number of unlicensed copies of Windows on their networks.

The attack itself was a bit amateurish actually. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s some 14 year old Nigerian kid…


Don’t forget to ‘collect’ everything they own in the house and claim it for your own as well.

Also give them a ticket to a one bedroom apartment they can share with the other 60 people kicked out of their homes.


Weren’t it be easier to smoke them out, start a fire with some tires and a few fans or use a gun. Starving sounds like it take a long while to do.


It also leaves less of a paper-trail.
There’s a reason that Canadians have a reputation for being nice, and it has almost nothing to do with how we actually behave.


When American play ball with it native population we force them to sign treaties then break and make sign the next one worst then last. Worst case you mimic southern gentry slave holding society in the image of the majority of the founding fathers and are Congress will push bill to remove your people. Because fuck it we not stop settler from taking your land by enforcing are own treaties.

Mind the type people that do settler I honestly wonder “frontier man” I wonder how much about treaties,tribe or even the feds. I take tribes back if they work intermarriage they cared but means they normal do care about reputation and they are really living deep out of they or their are merchants.

That thing America history deal with it sometimes peaceful sometime warlike tribes and are combo of ethic and cultural cleansing in the later haft on 1900 century is far too well document.


Like your most recent master plan to destabilize the US and Silicon Valley in particular, then draw the talent to Canada to from more Canadian tech (mega)corps and then get the EU to pay for it all through CETA, eh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Yep I’m definitely onto you Canadians now. :grin:


So… Canada would be a great setting for one of your games? I can already imagine something like Warhammer 40k: Canada! The motto would be something like “You don’t bloody know what grim darkness is until you have met the nice Canada ruled humanity!”


That exists, it’s called Cadia, and it shares the world’s longest unguarded land border with is next to the Eye of Terror.


Cadia rules. Those guys can almost eat a Space Marine for breakfast.

By the way, my ancient and hidden dream is that someday you create a Science-Fiction Fantasy Space Epic game inspired by Warhammer 40k. I want to be a bloody Chaos Space Marine, and a loyal Space Marine, and an Orc, and a Imperial Guard!