Guns of Infinity



or Choice of the Beaver, that sounds tempting.

Gah! Still need to try Tin Star.


I like the reading I didn’t finish it because I was turned off by the doctor lawyer option. They gave me too many choices right away


@Rogar Just pick what sounds good and roll with it. It’s not convoluted in play, just engaging.


I would rather have had both traits represented by skills, but indeed - once you get into the game and have your skills picked (which is no different from most games really) it flows quite well.


Sounds like a Hells on Wheels type of series is about to go into planning stages …

Actually is one of my many ideas put in my “to develop later” folder.

Tin Star is more about the story of a Nevada county then anything - mining, Indians, outlaws, etc… not just railroads.


That type of cross-professions did happen at that time though… and there might be lots of immediate choices but they all have consequences - that is one of the great things about Tin Star - the mechanics in the end work exceedingly well despite them being a little messy in form.


I trust you so I’ll give it another play. I just finished listening to the audiobook of the Son I read that. Years ago so it’s nice to listen to a really good audiobook. The shows pretty good of course getting Pierce Brosnan the play the colonel honestly he’s far too handsome for the role. I’m a little annoyed too and the show they made Jeannie’s Peter’s daughter where she was actually Peter’s granddaughter. Which means she was born 10 years past the current timeline but the show’s occurring and she never knew Peter. She only knew how he was the black sheep of the family. In the book Peter’s older son is her father. But I understand why they didn’t add her a full story in the show because it would’ve been three narratives going on at three different time periods at once. A little too convoluted for the average viewer but I hope they show her story in another another season.


I probably shouldn’t be telling this in this thread, but I highly recomend it. It is huge, the setting is really well done and the plot is very interesting. And besides, it is a Western, who the hell doesn’t want to be a cowboy for a couple of hours?

Damn, it is now showing in the portuguese AMC and I am loving it. Great show.


Hey, Roman Empire’s lit, especially after playing hundreds of hours on EU4 and rebuilding the Román Empire (and being crippled by constant rebellions due to being a dirty cheater and taking as much land as possible as quickly as possible without making cores beforehand). Plus, CK2, with its super Roman Empire is bae (though I’ve only played like thirty minutes because I can’t figure out the game mechanics work, and every guide just confuses me, so I’d appreciate any help).

Well, if his lack of historical Canadian accuracy (State 51 for us 'muricans), then he could certainly deserve an EU sponsorship due to presentation of English-centric history, do should the Lords of Aswick author to be honest.


It’s not just about need, but about proper recognition. Although, with that money, you could sponsor aspiring (like me!) (and more established authors, like you and the author of Lords of Aswick, and United We Stand) with Hosted CoG (seeing as how the Offcial Ones are getting pretty short, and kinda sloppy no offense, just my opinion, kinda reminds me of the days of Broadsides and Dragon, but without the escude of rookieness to hide behind.).


To be fair, government grants would have to go to Canadian artists, so the chances of any of you seeing that money would be… slim.

Though I think @Goshman has applied for public funding, not from the Canadian government, obviously.


Well, you could use the grants to start the @Cataphrak Institute of Investigation and Creation of Historical Realities.

I’d certainly be an intern there (just please don’t Bill Clinton me).


Very similar to Colonial America, but instead of shooting our way to independence we asked nicely. Although there was an attempt at a rebellion in the 1830s, it did not go very well.

There was also a lot of drama between the English and the French settlers, on account of the fact that Quebec used to be a French colony until the English took it over in the Seven Years’ War. This drama mostly concerned how much aid they should be sending back to Britain, and the French Canadiens’ desire to retain their cultural identity. The English-speaking area was called Upper Canada, while the French-speaking area was called Lower Canada. Those areas would later become Ontario and Quebec.

Oh, and there was also a lot of hype over a railway, and an extremely religious guy named Louis Riel tried to start a rebellion for the Metis. And no, it was not the same rebellion as the 1830s one. This one came much later, after Canada finally had Dominion status.


Yep, neither doctors or lawyers back then needed much, if any, formal training, just some quick wits, a quicker mouth and being good with needles and thread and the occasional bonesaw.:wink:

Has to be from either the Finnish government or the EU, right?

Depends on where on the government budget you put it. If you put it on foreign aid for example…:wink:
Trying to help disadvantaged budding artists directly would likely yield far better results than funding Al-Bashir’s death squads again.

I think Cata is kind of against messing with reality in that way, with practical wormhole generators that could double as time and possibly dimension/multiverse piercing machines.


I think so.

Oh? Weren’t you just saying a couple days ago that Canada’s standard of living and incomes were low enough compared to the EU’s to drag you down?

Seems like we should be receiving the foreign aid to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Incomes, yes, standards of living I’m not so sure about, particularly if I were to compare myself to my direct counterpart, a white male gay lawyer at the associate/junior associate level specialising in Canadian criminal law.

Alas, CETA is more like a backdoor to funnel huge amounts of money to the megacorps, their CEO’s and their shareholders and since a good portion of Canadian companies are controlled from south of your borders it really is just a backdoor to funnel money to wealthy Americans and their piss on you “trickle down” economics.:unamused:
On the other hand if you were to start your own media imperium and get it into the into the Fortune 500, yeah then you’d potentially stand to receive a lot of European money.

Giving foreign aid to Canada’s more disadvantaged groups on the other hand, instead of its super-rich that I’d have no inherent problems with, except if they were to funnel it to seal clubbing I guess.
Just wish CETA had actually included things for the normal population such as better immigration procedures and so on.


I think that saying “you can have money on the condition you drop this one tradition rich white people don’t like” would actually violate the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.


I’m not rich, and I don’t like it any either, then again I did join the Green Party. I’d also be in favour of paying Japanese and Norwegian whalers to not go out and whale.

As for the UN, they’re not raising my level of respect for them right now refusing to even try to look into the Chechen concentration camps case just because Russia is part of the “Big 5”.
Also while it may be illegal under international law for a government to do so and dubiously legal for an NGO to engage in such practices, it is not illegal for governments to subsidize charitable foundations or “private” companies as part of a foreign aid scheme and if those private entities just so happen to have an animal welfare policy well…
The law is always a big loophole riddled mess Cata.

On the other hand I guess seal clubbing is less evil then funding concentration camps, death squads, or dictator’s overseas palaces and Canada is one of the places with the infrastructure in place where the money can actually be given to those who actually need it. Let’s just say some parts of Canada wouldn’t exactly be unattractive foreign aid targets, though I doubt our government would agree since our conservatives always preferred what foreign aid they do give out to be basically used as a means of being regime favours for some of our dodgier “businessmen”. I also doubt the Canadian government, both Federal and provincial would actually allow us to get directly involved in the lives of their citizens.


Trust me, by the standards of most First Nations folk, we’re all rich.


Then they may definitely need Dutch/EU foreign aid, sadly I don’t think our government or the NGO’s will give up their pet “commitments” to various failed or failing ventures in order to do so.