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Yet, these broadcasters get major amounts of funding from big corporate and legacy foundations and often that “news” or “educational” programming goes against the interests of their sponsors. A prime example is Wells Fargo, giving millions of dollars to these broadcasters from the millions of fraudulent accounts they opened.

At what point can this influence their programing? As it is, tax payer funding is not the majority source any longer and you get all your commercials at the beginning and end of these shows - so the end result is exactly the same as if they were producing Dr. Who, NOVA, PBS NEWSHOUR, or Frontline:Syria. Frontline:Syria looks more like MSNBC and CNN specials now because of today’s technology then ever before.

Your public broadcasters are as beholden to capitalism as the rest of them, they just disguise it better because they target more educated folk.


I see no problem with government provided entertainment so long as it’s properly vetted. Government isn’t evil, it just does evil things.
If the Government subsidized artists and the like then perhaps we’d have a richer culture.
Not to mention the fact that teachers and academics make a criminally low amount of money. Arguably our most important people, educators, are making some of the lowest amounts of money.


It’s for fun, as in I want to learn due to my curiosity, plus, I’ve always wanted to become a published author, and seeing as how I’m a giant history fan, a period pics seemed perfect for me. The competition gave me the perfect chance!


Well, you do provide word of God, so it’s highly appreciated when you satisfy our hypothetical questions, in the name of the Saints, you could make it into a Patreon thing!


Paradox games are supported by EU money? Huh. Learn something new everyday. Hey, we should start a petition to get @Cataphrak to be sponsored by the Canadian Government!


Indeed . So much so that the quality of teachers (in lower classes at least) is falling all over the world.
And yes, arts like writing and painting​ clearly do not get their due respect in our society - only the greatest of them ever get recognised.


Doesn’t Paradox make games focused around historical Europe? Unless Cataphrak’s next title is going to take place in Canada, that petition may be rather difficult.


Fun fact: The Kingdoms of Amalur IP is owned by the State of Rhode Island, since RI made a loan to the developer and the whole thing ended up in their lap when the developer collapsed in a storm of stupid.


So any plans for Rhode Island to start working on a sequel to recoup their losses? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nope. No Rhode Island State Video Game Studio.

(They tried to sell the IP off, but there were no buyers.)


Well they may have to start the Rhode Island State Video Game Studio then, it would perhaps help them push that 10% unemployment down at least and be high-tech and “future-proof”, eh? :wink:


Ugh. Executive meddling at classical video game studios is bad enough, can you imagine how bad the censorship would get with a government agency as the publisher?


I have some half-free time in the following weeks, so I might search some books for you. If I do (no promises), I will get back to you, but it will all be Roman Empire related.

I discovered it a few days ago. The EU subsidies games made by European studios (Paradox is from Sweden, if I am not mistaken), that have a serious nature (no racing cars or something like that) and that deal with European culture or history, preferably made by studios that have already published something. One of the Paradox’s future projects (I forgot its name) just received (some months or a year ago) the said EU support, with 13% of its budget being paid by the EU (which results in something a bit above 100.000 euros paid by the EU).

That is, indeed, the difference that would disqualify Cataphrak of a similar grant by Canada.


No need, I’m making decent money. There are people who need that funding way more than I do.

That is actually a pretty tempting idea, actually: A CoG that puts you in the shoes of say, Lord Selkirk, or Susanna Moodie, or Stadacona, for that matter.


After reading this:

This sounds like a bit of history it would be interesting to try to turn into a CoG. Not so much the actual physical construction of the line as the moving and shaking end.

Canadian politics in this period sound like they’d be considerably less boring than “It’s a game about building a railroad.” would imply to nonrailroad buffs.

Of course, I read the book in question because I’m a railroad buff, but still. If one is going with a game about old white guys, having it be one where most of the powder burned is building tunnels would be a change of pace.


Oh, I dunno. Isn’t Tin Star one of the most beloved HGs on the site? It’s about a railroad…

…okay, yeah, that’s just the climax plot. Still, I think our readers have been trained to like Western stuff, and a Canadian Western sounds like its own peculiar charm.


Yeah, I am totally stealing all of @AllenGies writing secrets right now, as we speak, so I can write a story about the CPR in the future.


Hey, if you were to steal his unique skill with writing plot, and combine it with your skill at writing characters and dialogue, I’d be reaching into my bank account for money to hurl at you two.


scheming, maniacal laughter


I’d honestly be curious to learn more about colonial Canadialand myself.