Guns of Infinity



It is the 607th year of the Old Imperial Era.

It has been over six years since the League of Antar declared war upon the Unified Kingdom of Tierra. Since then, the two realms have been locked in a desperate struggle. The Antari fight to retain their grip over the Northern Kingdoms of the Infinite Sea, the Tierrans fight for their very survival, lest their kingdom be broken and made into an Antari vassal.

Tierra is losing: her army is beaten, her greatest general is dead, her coffers are empty, and only the desperate leadership of an untested king keeps the Unified Kingdom from the brink of defeat. To the battered regiments of the Royal Tierran Army, destruction seems only a matter of time. The Antari have the greater numbers, the greater wealth, and one of the greatest tacticians in the Infinite Sea.

You are a soldier of the Royal Tierran Army, a gentleman-officer in the Royal Dragoon Regiment:a hero of past campaigns desperately needed in a desperate time, or a disgrace returned to service by the machinations of shadowy powers. Take command of a squadron of cavalrymen. Choose which subordinates to favour, and which to shun. Seek the love of your men, or solely their obedience. Be your family's saving grace, or their bitterest disappointment. Befriend, betray, or even romance nobles, rogues, and spies. As the Royal Tierran Army launches one final, bold, desperate attempt to seize victory, you must overcome the dangers of a determined enemy, a hostile land, and the backhanded dealings of your own supposed allies.

Will you survive the Guns of Infinity?

Here it is: the first two chapters of the long-awaited sequel to my first published hosted game, Sabres of Infinity. Currently, it consists of two of the planned three options for character generation: you can pick a pre-made character history, or play through a truncated version of the events of Sabres of Infinity. It also includes the first two chapters leading on from both endings of Sabres of Infinity, right up to the point where the plot branches merge together again.

As with Sabres of Infinity, you will only be able to play a male player character for the exact same reasons.

[Edit, 9 March 2016: the link to the game has been removed as the game has been completed and submitted for release.]

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Guns of Infinity: Bug Reports and Feedback



Oh... My... God... I am crying. Finaly i have done my waiting.


Is this really happening?!?


I choose having a sister only but father still talking about my brother want to enter the army


"You taunt the oncoming Antari in what you hope is an appropriately foul combination of words i ntheir foreign tongue." typo


You and havenstone are pretty much the only reason I still visit these forums. I think I'm going to have to throw a party now!


@poison_mara @Andros
Should both be fixed now.


When I asked my staff Sgt for advice, I got "You turn to Villanueva. "Staff Sergeant, your thoughts?"

Not the most encouraging response, but you asked for the man's opinion. " No actual advice.


Did you pick one of the pre-mades?

Because I think I just fixed that issue.


@cataphrak I'm using the remember your choices option. I just retested and it's still broke. All of the Sgt's dialogue seems to be missing.

"Show Stats Restart
On the long ride back south to the safety of the main army's camp in Noringia, your Staff Sergeant rides up to your position at the front of your column, his mood no doubt as foul as his expression. "
The page that follows this just has a set of choices with no text.




"The enemy horseman turns in time to see curved blade of your blade slashes downwards towards him." (see curved blade of your blade)

"Indeed, even the losses you took in that first action as squadron commander a year ago have been " (period missing)

"The boxes are heavy too: it takes twelve draft horses to pull a the heavy wagon carrying each of the boxes from the docks."
(pull at the)

"One day, you take spend some time taking a discreet look at the warehouse where the mysterious boxes are stored." (you take spend some time taking)

Missing text for this choice.

"No, Staff Sergeant, I'm sure the men will sort themselves out in time."
"Very good, Staff Sergeant, see that it is done."
"No, Staff Sergeant. I command, and I shall make a decision."

It also looks like I missed the dialogue on the previous text with my NCO Villanueva. I went through the replay section.


Turns out it was a typo in a variable. I've just confirmed the fix.

That other bug might have something to do with the fact that Choicescript does funny things when you try to play it during an upload.

All fixed.

Note that I am also working on another project alongside Guns of Infinity, so I'll be shifting my attention from one to the other.


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Involved in action involving violations of the Articles of War in summer, 603. Implicated Captain D. d'al Lefebvre (Grenadiers) in illegal operations against Antari civilians. Promoted (to?) Lieutenant at the sponsorship of now-Major Hunter in autumn, 603, for completely unrelated reasons.


"promoted Lieutenant" should be grammatically correct, and in keeping with the style of english I'm aiming for.


Hell yes! You are the man!!!


Starting as Knight of the Red.
Couple of pages in, when I first encounter the enemy:
You point your glass in the direction of your sergeant's finger, and you do, indeed, see it: a cloud of dust moving down the bright, chalky ribbon of the imperial highway ahead of you. At its head, a a fluttering of red and white, the double-eagle banner of the League of Antar.

Those men will not outrun the Antari, not on foot. Standing together, you would have been able to repluse the handful of Antari still in their saddles. Fleeing individually, they are nothing more than targets.

After I get my suit of banehardened armor:
You make arrangements to have the army added to your alottment of personal baggage, to be carried with your squadron's pack animals on campaign.
I'm reasonably sure that should be "armor" instead of "army" ^^

With each section of your command now led by its own officer, your men begin to show improvement very quickly. Over the next few months, your squadron becomes better drilled, more spirited, and even begin to redirect any resentment over punishments and long excerises from you, to their new junior officers.

As for your men, they seem to respond well to your attendance. The very fact that you are taking the ffort to watch them drill, praise their strengths, and advise them on their weaknesses raises you in their estimation.


I choose a totally charm, character with 19 at the beginning of the second part. But after i choose the speech don't know the text point like my speech is kinda meh, and my men panicked as little puppies. I suppose you choose, we lost whatever our stats are but if i have a focused charm dude i want my speech sounds more badass.


Cataphrak....thank you for this!!!! It's amazing!!!