Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



You are saying kata will want more involvement with kids It sounds like you are saying males doesn’t have involvement. Okay Men and women could work and have a involving relationship with their children. More if they have servants. It is no a reason to say Women can’t work because Children. Because it is not true.

People died for a flu or for a teeth everyone could die in few days just for a scratch… Still men and women worked . More if here there is good food and bane magic… Yes all could go bad my character is male and could get a constipation and die that doesn’t mean he should not working


Uh… no. That does not sound like anything even remotely close to what I’m saying at all.

I’m not saying that they shouldn’t work at all, but parenthood can and will get in the way of working, and tends to hit women harder than men (because again, it is the women who have to go through pregnancy and give birth to the child, and then they may need time to recover). That is a fact. Kat can’t do her RTI work if she is going through labour, can she?



I was thinking the opposite. Welles really craving a greater involvement like her own father in her life. Plus so much of what she learned to be a noblewoman came from tutors, servants, and relatives. She has a good heart I think she would want a closer mother child relationship.

As far as Kat goes, I think her worst nightmare like a lot of American women is becoming her mother. As result, the delegation to nannies and tutor will be quite a lot. Perhaps there will be a scene in future installments where the MC/Kat’s daughter comes running to the MC’s study. “Daddy Daddy Daddy, can we go to the bullfights today?” The MC replies “Pumpkin did you read Chapter 3 of the Van Holt treaty??” “Yes Daddy.” The MC asking “Did you study your etiquette and horsemanship?” Pumpkin replies “But Mummy says that horsemanship is not that important.” “Well did you?” the MC asks. Pumpkin replies in the affirmative. The MC answers “Okay we can go but we but we will say it is my idea and you abhor the blood and gut. Pumpkin concludes “Sure no problem, I’ll just use the mask.”


Labor is a day… a men could go a flu and be off a week. It is something you could see evryday and in history. Isabel la Catolica go battle pregnant and several other women. Juana have his kid alone in a Belgium toilet in a diplomatic party she go labor alone cut the cordon alone and go back to the party and still doing diplomatic labor. Most women work all 9 month of pregnancy.

It is just a excuse that was never true. Think in medieval commone4 women with 10 kids and working in the farm all day


I wonder how the girl’s relationship with Uncle Caius would be and if Caius would be a good uncle.


Lady Katarina works at a desk, and given the distributed manner of RTI’s work, she could probably do it from a bed, if need be.

“What are these strange marks on this part of the report?”
“Never mind those, handler went into contractions. It’s still legible.”


It might not be an ideal situation, but that ideal situations and “RTI work” rarely go hand in hand is something I imagine Kat is used to by now.

She had to put up with a squadron of Dragoons, after all.


@Cataphrak, when I reread the post about the lesser powers, Mersdon’s Grand Prince was nominal, but my question is that every Grand Prince elected will be from different Houses instead of just House Santamoro-Ibanes? Is that system somewhat similar to that of the elective monarchy of the Holy Roman Empire?


If that doesn’t demonstrate excellent parenting skills, I don’t know what does.



But most of her decisions with the Dragoons were fairly mediocre. Charging after the partisans on the escort mission, could have easily ventured into a trap. Sending the disgraced MC on the Forlorn Hope was squandering an intelligence asset. Sure she was right about keeping Cassius out of trouble, but that was basic common sense even Renard came up the same answer. Also, there is that bit about the secret mission. When someone doesn’t have a speck of kindness, they might make a good operative/spy but not necessarily a good parent. Just my thoughts, I could easily be wrong.


The joke was that our men and our Lieutenants basically act like irresponsible teenagers.

Sandoral wants to get out of his chores so he can go to a party, but there’s a sketchy crowd there and you’re not sure it’s a good idea for him to go.

Blaylock is like a kid who gets into a fight, and you can either mediate the situation or take his side.

Renard turns to you for moral guidance.

Garret gets up to some shady behavior, and you can either enable him or try to teach him responsibility.

The sergeant is basically the uncle/grandfather figure.


@Cataphrak, how does forming a guild work in Tierra? Does it require a Royal Monopoly?



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Sounds good to me. Though I’m a little sad that my squad’s high stats get lost to the wind after they all split apart after the war. Though it makes sense, of course.


We don’t have command over them, but it seems like the fate of our squad isn’t as dire as suggested. At the very least, our NCO is on a twenty-five year contract that isn’t anywhere near lapsed by the end of Guns, and our junior officers are probably collecting half-pay with us. The loss of unit stats seems to be to emphasize the fact that we’re wearing a different “hat.”


My squadron have a very detailed fate are all dead… Except campos. I want give him a hug and a medal Survive Mara.


Guilds are municipal organisations, not royal ones. You’d basically need to get permission from the government of the local town or city, which generally means an aristocratic liege or the council serving under an aristocratic liege.

Given her actual objectives there, I think you might be overestimating just how valuable of an asset your MC is.


Question Is the runaway commoner law Applicable in Tierra.

Is an old Spanish law that if a servant under a lord runaway to a crown controlled or a free city and a year passed without lord reclaim him He became free royal citizens not under a lord and free to find out a better one.

I mean i would love grab tenants for greedy barons so I totally give them protection.


Hello everyone, quick question the new installment for a soldier’s guide of this month is the history of takara 2?? wasn’t that in july??