Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



It’s pretty impressive for the folks interested or involved in the army(few would know the significance of a cavalry officer getting a medal for gallantry during a naval action, for example), though I imagine the army is decidedly not popular right now so the MC’s achievements and medals would not get their deserved appreciation.


The medals might make a good conversation piece, but I personally think rep will be more important.

For the medals themselves, individually:
-The Meritous Service Order isn’t worth that much.
-The Cross of Saint Jerome is interesting, considering it is an exclusively naval medal, but we somehow managed to win it as a cavalry officer.
-The Gryphon of Rendower with a bar is pretty great, but we’re not the only one who has it.

We also need to consider their feelings about the war. Remember, public opinion was mostly against it in the later years.


@Cataphrak I have a question, was it your intention to have a path to pay off your debt as a Wulframite without needing to do the Aleksandra ransom (or cheating)? Because I have received intelligence that it is possible to do so with no family members and certain choices starting from Sabres.




…not from a mutant.


When Mike Pence becomes President after Trump is impeached.



Is this a representation of his reaction or your reaction? Both?


It’s what he’ll say, little do we know but Pence has collected all the evidence to stab Trump in the back the moment he gets implicated.

“Mike I think they got me!”

“Oh, do they? That’s a shame Mr. President.”

Walks away whistling Hail to the Chief.


Brother that’s saying like the Medal of Honor of the Victorian cross is just…great


It’s remarkable, but it’s not so remarkable as to be “I can name each individual who won it off the top of my head.”

A few dozen people (Gryphon + bar) is enough to be impressive to those who particularly care about it, but not enough to single the PC out as Superman or something.


But what if Tierra of 614 resembles the US or Canada of 1947. In William Wyler’s the Best Years of our Lives. It was surprisingly quick how the American public moved on from WW2. So it be “You were a war hero— good for you. Now pay the back interest on your debt.”


Tierra is around this level, I think:

At least the PC is a baneblooded gentleman, even if he is a ::sniffs disdainfully:: soldier is going to be a thing.


Is it possible to kill Cazarosta in LOI? I want him to die so. Badly


You’ve already asked this question before. And the answer is still the same, only the author knows, and we can only speculate


We’ve discussed that already, and the answer is still a NO, NO!


Caz is love, Caz is life…


I’m not really sure about this.


Marshal Jean Bernadotte has a tattoo that says “Death to the Kings” I wonder if Cazarosta will have one in honor of the saints at some point in the series.


You uh,
You mean King Karl XIV of Sweden, right?


Yes, I do not get used to calling him by his royal name, so I call him by the name of baptism.