Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



When I was playing GOI something bugged me about Cunaris. If your a war hero and plead fro mercy for keane he sighs in relief , but if you play the deserted hero he sigh in reluctance, whats up with that


Cunaris’s opinion of the deserter is pretty “I must accept you back in my regiment because of forces beyond my control, but I don’t have to like it.”

Though I think that’s less if the PC ran at Blogia and more his general opinion of them.


yea but what about Keane, I get he would hate a deserter mc but why would he show reluctance in showing mercy to Keane


If you pick maximum mercy, and that comes up, Cunaris is voting to make it unanimous - he probably feels differently about siding with an officer he respects than one he despises when he has no very strong inclination to agree with the “maximum mercy” option.



Previously you mentioned that the Marrass family was left without an heir due to the Lt Colonel’s sacrifice at Blogia. Yet in the future the family is able to build one of the most prestigious statues in all of Tierra. So it is fair to assume that the family makes it through the current family succession crisis and flourishes??

Guys, I think that I came up with no cost solution for the kid brother. We marry him into the Marrasses. It’s like we get a free cadet branch and Cunaris is Happy because it one less problem to take off his desk. I think we put the statue at the future site of Curnaris Agricultural College’s quad.


You really really think that They will handle Marras money to a small poor s3cond son of a baron…

And just you know He is not you and if it marry he doesn’t depend on you and your family anymore. He would not give you a penny. Except part of the dowry.


Post withdrawn — twenty character s


The Marras family is actually very wealthy and influential, I believe, despite being a baronial family, just like Tourbridge’s family was a baronial one and he was a full colonel and general, IIRC.


My take was that the Marras family was wealthy but not like Carrillo or Tourbridge. Also the family took a 2-3k Crown hit when Marras died in the death ride.

Also after every baneblooded noble throw themselves at Kat, Welles, and Weathern’s daughter. The Marras family daughters might be overlooked in a way. Just my take


Carrillo is not that wealthy I think. He’s certainly wealthier than the MC but I think we can eventually eclipse him in both money and influence. The Marras are wealthy, Cataphrak I believe said it in the old thread somewhere.

Besides I think you’re overestimating how many people would like to chase after the three ladies you mentioned, and we still don’t know anything about Marras family.


What makes Carrillo superior isn’t the immense wealth of his holdings, instead it’s being able to operate in the black and be debt free.

He also has some people, namely his majordomo working on developing his estate and lands to increase his profitability. But that’s a minor detail.


If Hartigan dies is it possible to take his land


No, it will go to his closest male relative.


Oh, it just while reading the old post in guns of infinity it was said that the mc could become a duke in future installments and I wanted to see how that was possible


If the PC becomes a duke, it would require something pretty far removed from any currently foreseeable possibilities - regardless of his stats or reputation or relationships.


can u give me an example plz? Cause it hard for me to picture how a baron can rise up high enough to become a Duke


I’m not sure what it would take either. Just that it would take quite a bit more than anything that has happened so far or that I am reasonably sure will happen.


How impressive is it for our to win all the medals,besides the rti medal, becoe a brevet lt colonel, and taking renard as our squire? How would Tierra as a whole react to that?


Not much I guess, as winning medals can only prove that you are a brave officer, Secret Service Cross medal? Just merely reward for service to the RTI, as well as gaining flavour from Kat. Since you are just an officer with a good upstart.


And just why do you think Tierra should react to that?

There are plenty more medals than the ones we got, there are plenty of actual lt colonels and the only reason we get Renard as a squire is because Cunaris is too stiff from the waist down to beat the sense into Renard himself.