Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



Here is a list of Infinite Sea puns, to get back at the ruthless oppression of my artistic freedom on the discord server.
-Did you hear about that scandal with vam Holt? Everyone’s Takaran about it.
-House Zienne is really Kian on elf genocide.
-When Mikhail found out about his wife’s death, he could not Birit.
-Hussars don’t care much for planning. They just prefer to wing it.
-The duel between Hunter and Karol was quite the heated dispute.
-What does a Hartigan say when he is wounded for a second time in the same place? “That really hurtagain!”
-What do you call an Aetorian banker without any friends? A loaner.
-What does an Antari Baneblood say when he impales a serf on the beach? Serf’s up!
-That Kian lord I spoke to seemed really banal.
-Why did Caius kill the MC? Just 'Caz.
-Januszkovil was a game of Kat and mouse.
-During the First Battle of Kharangia, the Lieutenant-colonel of the Dragoons wasn’t very Keane on battle.
-If Lewes had to surrender, what would he shout? “I Lewes.”
-An MC who marries Welles… married Welle.


You live in Canada, right?

I’ll bring the pitchforks, who’s bringing the torches?



This is why you lost to the hussar.


I didn’t lose to the hussar.


The sad part is how accurate that is.


Not just as much, much more so. Leoniscourt plus a barony is hardly more powerful than Leoniscout by itself. Such a merger may well raise a lot of eyebrows, but it doesn’t upset the balance of power the way a duchy plus Leoniscourt would.

Wait. What gives you the impression that Kat is “emotionally unstable”? That was not the impression I received.

So you’re going to fake it and pray she doesn’t see through you first? Understand that she is a clever and cunning young woman who is even better situated to get rid of you in an ‘accident’ than you are of her. Keep in mind that having grown up in Leoniscourt as the apple of her father the earl’s eye, the Cazarosta retainers will see you as something of an interloper and give their first loyalty to her. This includes the guards. If you don’t treat their girl right they will sabotage you, spy on you, and even rat out your plans should they discover them. She also has a sociopathic brother expert with a sword willing to kill for her, and access to all sorts of experts and dangerous knowledge such as poisons from her contacts in RTI. Odds are you’re the one who will end up dying, not her.


The correct term should have been “emotionally immature”, not “emotionally unstable.”

She was born in the Salt Coast, a dreary and depressing place. She was raised as a Cazarosta, a family of extremely ruthless and pragmatic schemers. She’s the heiress to an Earldom, meaning there’s a good chance any man who likes her is only after her money, and the only reason she can’t inherit the Earldom herself is based solely on her gender. The closest thing she had a sibling was a deathborn bastard who was even colder than she was. Her mother was horrible to her. She was inducted into RTI at a young age, and was involved in several key schemes.

This is all in addition to being a noble in a society where nobles are expected to keep their inner feelings subdued.

The result is someone with seriously stunted emotional growth.


Fair enough. As I recall, she was still a teen when she and the MC met, so a degree of emotional immaturity is understandable. That is nothing a bit of seasoning can’t cure.


She was born in 589, and while I wouldn’t dare presume to speak for anyone else…

I was not emotionally mature at twenty, and I haven’t gone through anything that would make me more emotionally screwed up than the average human. I’m not surprised or entirely inclined to be critical that she isn’t all that emotionally mature.


Age of maturity for women tends to be in their late teens, while for men it is in their early twenties.

But this isn’t the case for everyone, and I’ve already laid out the reasons why I think any emotional immaturity on Kat’s part is understandable.


Yeah, I’m just saying that I’m not sure I’d call it stunted as such. That implies a level of maturity at twenty that I don’t think is necessarily normal even without those experiences.

YMMV and all that, wot?


Where is the Mara I know? What have you done to her? There is no ransom money …


What are the benefits of being a lt. Colonel I mean with the war over it seems like a waste of good money


Mara here is a woman assigned as boy at born and loves pretty clothing and being a princess. I don’t like that but her yes.


Basically being a Lt.-colonel means that you are the officer who has the highest authority over the regiment on the field, besides the colonel of course. May even be useful to you in Wars if it is required.


You asked this same question not too long ago and the answers haven’t changed since then. It’ll likely bring more influence in the military and perhaps make pushing for certain related reforms easier, but we won’t really know until Lords comes out.


How does pie taste in the east of france


@Cataphrak what kind of spirits does Aetoria produces? And how much in demand those spirits are?
Will there be an opportunity for manufacturing those spirits on our estate?
Like Vineyard
Cidery as pointed out by @homicidialfrog pointed out


Spirits!!! i though you were talking about ghosts… I was imagine Ghostbusters Takaran edition


Fun war story from when the Soviets were mopping up the Germans in the Kessel at Stalingrad.

“When he got to Rotmistrov’s quarters in Kotelnikovo, he found all the senior officers there including Army Chief of Staff Vasilevesky. They were standing about a Christmas tree with vodka glass in hand. On a candlelit table was a real feast: all kinds of cheeses from France and Holland, French wines, butter and bacon from Denmark, and tinned fish and jams from Norway. All these delicacies were in packages stamped “For Germans only.”

General Romistrov apologised. “Not all my men can read German,” he said, “So when they found this stuff they took it all. But we’ll have to give the candles back to Hitler so he can mourn his Sixth Army.””

That is an image that would delight me if it actually happened.

Also if eating this makes him cope with the fact that he lost his whole command, more power to him.