Guns of Infinity(Pt 2)



You are describing Mara the all medals knight with no idea whatsoever of war. Maybe I could even become a Princess or something


There’s this, but it’s been emphasized that Cunaris has immense expenses. I don’t think he’d be paying for that without a more than respectable income pre-expenses.

on Cunaris’s income in absolute terms.

That’s what I can actually find searching just now. Since Leoniscourt is described (in game) as making 20,000 a year in trade tariffs, I assume that’s the staggering expenses and loans we know Cunaris has at work.


Extrapolating that out it is pretty clear why the Cazarostas need to hold on the the foreign office. Any disruption to trade in the western portion of the Infinite Sea would be devastating for them.

I’m also wondering if Tierra serves as facilitator of inter-Takaran/Kian trade. The Ryukyu Kingdom was in that position between China and Japan until annexation as those powers were studiously embargoing one another but openly trading with Ryukyu.


Absolutely, and there are other ports of trade which help obfuscate any potential direct links which might raise the ire of a particularly vigilant Kian official or Takaran senator. Butean wood carved in Tierra, mated to Callindrian iron barrels and locks, to be sold in Kian, for example.


So I have a question, when Callum negotiated his tariff monopoly, what did he tie it to? Namely, the title, or the Cazarosta name?


So animosity between Kian and Takara actually works to Tierra’s advantage to a certain degree. Same is probably true of trade between other hostile entities like the various factions of the M’hidiyossi civil war and their patrons.

As historical parallels go, Ryukyu is probably not one that bodes particularly well for Tierra’s future…


Those sorts of royal privileges are tied to his status as “head of house” as a legal entity, just like his title is.
That means if you could legally finagle yourself into being “head of House Cazarosta”, then you get those monopolies too.

At least @idonotlikeusernames will be able to extract some level of satisfaction from being vindicated…


So theoretically if you married Katarina, is she the head of the House of Cazarosta? Or will you become the head by marriage?


What is house vam Kaien up to nowadays?


So, how much money do you guys think Leoniscourt would be able to pull in without the trade tariffs?


Technically, the “Head of House” comprises a legal entity which makes up of both patriarch and matriarch of the house, with its powers apportioned accordingly.

Herzyg Lamar vam Kaien is head of the Intelligence Committee.
So, you answer your question, [REDACTED].


A moderately decent barony’s worth, probably…


Leoniscourt will have a price for ships if they wanted to make a stop at the ports of Leoniscourt. My guess is that about several hundred crowns per ship for a docking port for repair and resupplying.


You could probably just buy a new ship with that kind of money.


Doing a little back of the napkin math a new outfitted merchant ship sans crew should run around 20,000 crown. The operating costs on a ship in the age of sail are relatively high since you need a large amount of skilled labor to run it and the timber and sails constantly need to be replaced. 100 crown docking fee is probably not unreasonable if it comes with service. This would be factored into the cost of transporting the cargo rather than the ship’s lifecycle I would think.

I don’t know if they copper the hulls yet. The install would be expensive but I might save the timber so I’m not sure how that would effect things overall. I’d assume higher upfront cost with lower maintenance fees.


If Katarina were to have an “accident” and die would my Mc still have those powers by himself?
Follow up question can we kill someone in LOI and get away with it, like a certain Carrectout


Remember that merchant ships tend to have much smaller crews than warships (a ratio of something like 1 per 20 tonnes instead of 3 per 4 tonnes), specifically because warships need to carry a full crew for every gun and eat combat casualties whilst merchantmen don’t.

You can also charter merchant ships just fine. Signing contracts with individual shipowners who themselves subcontract to captains that do all the work of crewing and sailing a vessel is a common practise, and it distances your august baneblooded self from any implication of being involved in a trade.

Hulls are definitely coppered.


Given that what’s your estimate of initial ship construction cost and the average operating cost for a typical merchant vessel?


A “typical” sea-going merchant ship (ship-rigged, let’s say about 500 tonnes?) would probably cost about 4-5000 crown to build and another 500-700 crown to outfit. If you planning on arming her, that’s going to add another 1500 or so crown at least (assuming you install a dozen or so relatively light guns).

With a crew of about 30 or so, you’d be looking at maybe annual costs of 1000 crown or so all told, counting food, equipment, signing bonuses and so on. Add another 200 or so for maintenance, and you’d have to make about 2000 crown or so of profit a year to make a net profit before the ship has to be refitted, which isn’t hard if you have the right contacts.


What is the current state of Tierras merchant marine fleet